Jenna von Oy Welcomes Second Baby Girl

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Jenna von Oy and her husband, Brad Bratcher, welcomed a new baby girl on Saturday.

Marlowe Monroe Bratcher, seven lbs., four oz. and measuring 18.25 inches, came into the world at 12:35 pm to join her big sister, two-year-old Gray Audrey.

The name is definitely unique, and it wasn't just the parents who decided on Marlowe Monroe.

“We began mulling over names at the beginning of my pregnancy, and came up with a few we were fond of,” von Oy, 37, says.

She added, “When we mentioned them aloud in front of Gray, Marlowe was the name that resonated most with her. She started referring to her future baby sister by name from that point on, and it stuck!”

There's some seriously sweet bonding happening over here... Introducing Marlowe Monroe!

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So exciting! The couple made their announcement via People, where Jenna von Oy has a popular blog.

“We are so blessed to welcome another healthy, beautiful, profoundly enchanting baby girl into our family! Little Miss Marlowe is already very loved and adored, and we are savoring this special bonding time we have with her.”

Jenna von Oy described the sweet first moments when Gray met Marlowe for the first time.

Thank you @Baublebar for my gorgeous monogram necklace! Gray is already threatening to steal it! #baublebar

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“Gray was wonderfully sweet and affectionate when she met Marlowe for the first time, immediately asking to sit and hold her,” von Oy said.

She added, “She gently caressed Marlowe’s cheek, smiled down at her and carefully gave her a kiss. It was an incredibly moving moment to witness.”


A belly selfie: 8 months and counting!!

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Von Oy will be taking some time off from her blog, but won't be out for long.

She said, “I’ll be taking a brief hiatus from my blogs for a bit, as my family and I spend some much-needed time with our new arrival.”

Von Oy added, “Not to worry, however, I’m in the process of writing my book, Situation Momedy, which will be released in 2015 through Medallion Press, so this isn’t the last you’ve heard of me!”

Congratulations to Jenna von Oy on her new addition and new book!

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