Jenelle Evans Questions Twitter Haters


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Jenelle Evans may have found fame on the MTV’s Teen Mom 2, but it wasn’t the type of fame she had hoped for.

Jenelle wasn’t a very good mom and many people criticized her for her parenting skills or lack there of.

Although Jenelle is no longer a teenager and claims that she is getting her life together, there are still a lot of people who do not like her.

Many of her Twitter followers express their distaste for Jenelle on her Twitter page.

Jenelle has been sharing her life on Twitter for several years now but she says that she doesn’t understand why people who hate her so much choose to follow her at all.

In an attempt to get rid of the haters and block some of the harsh criticism she receives on Twitter, Jenelle has devoted a lot of time to blocking people who post mean or negative things on her Twitter page. She has also been retweeting the posts that offer positive messages and comments in order to motivate more of her fans to offer their support.

While it might seem like more people hate Jenelle than like her, her recent good behavior and change in attitude has caused many people to change their minds about her and give her a second chance.

Jenelle says that she is not partying as often as she once was and is now focused on raising her children, making her relationship work and finishing school. She is also trying to stay out of jail and is hoping to regain custody of her oldest son Jace soon.

Hopefully Jenelle can stay out of trouble and continue to make her life better.