Jenelle Evans Blasts Former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham

    September 2, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Jenelle Evans agrees with MTV’s decision not to include Farrah Abraham on this season’s Teen Mom. Evans thinks the show is better off without the scandal-ridden sex tape star.

Some might agree, but Abraham thinks the show will suffer without her, and doesn’t seem all that concerned about it.

“No one ever said they wished I would not be back,” she said. She then added, “Some of the moms on the show still need that. Fortunately for me, I have other ways of making money. I can’t keep doing the same things year after year.”

Jenelle Evans’ former co-star is definitely not short on other ways to make money. The teen mom has dabbled in written erotica, the sex tape business, sex toys, and now a new stripping gig, which began “as research”, that pays over half a million per year.

However, Evans isn’t impressed.

She seems to think that Abraham just isn’t that great of a fit on the show and of course, like all teen moms, she is super worried about being a good role model for her kids and keeping wholesome company.


While Farrah Abraham must be fully aware of Janelle Evans’ disdain for her, she doesn’t seem to be too perturbed.

Hopefully, these teen moms will find what they are looking for in life and their stories might help other young girls who may be on the verge of falling into a similar situation.

  • Ty Gibson

    Like Janelle has ANY room to talk. I FORGOT how great of a role model she was to Jayce.

    • DisneyDreamer

      She may not be the one to talk but at least Jennelly seems to be learning from her mistakes.Unlike Farrah who has this misconceived notion that everything sets and rises when she says so.

      • Anthony Millsaps

        Yeah, Farrah has always been narcassistic and rude as well. She won’t be missed.

    • Anthony Millsaps

      Very true, but she’s right that MTV made the right decision to not bring Farrah back. I never liked her anyways. She was rude, stuck up, disrespectful toward her parents and was just in general a very unlikable person. Of course Janelle isn’t exactly the poster board Teen Mom, but she not a complete and total bitch

  • K.S.

    The only teen mom I hate worse that Farrah is, Janelle. She’s one to judge.

    • Anthony Millsaps

      I would have to go with Amber on that one. Although Janelle is a very close 2nd

  • EL

    At least Farrah took responsibility for her child. Janelle has no right to judge after she was not there for Jayce and thinking only of her self and her boyfriend, drugs, etc.. She even smoked pot while pregnant with her second. Jenelle is the one that makes me cringe.

  • JET

    As if Janelle has any reason to talk.. Her trashy behavior and lack of motherhood for her own darn kid makes me sick! GROW UP JANELLE!!

  • Bridget Kimble

    She has 0 room to talk. I’m not saying Farrah is a winner, but she at least takes care of her kid. While they are not ideal choices, Farrah has never endangered her child by her bad decision-making. If anything, she has given her child a better life by providing the money to take care of her.

    What has Janelle accomplished, outside of ditching her son to go out on drug-filled adventures with a plethora of dumpster boyfriends? She is a moron and I hope that her children somehow turn out okay.

  • TattedMom

    In my opinion neither one of them have room to talk… neither are any kind of role models

  • Anthony Millsaps

    While Janelle Evans isn’t exactly in a position to be judging others lifestyles do to her sordid past of constant run in’s with the law, I agree with her 100% that MTV made a wise decision to not bring Farrah Abraham back. The whole Teen Mom series is about promoting the dangers of teen sex and pregnancy at a young age and how it can ruin your life. Some kids could likely get the wrong message that this show is a stepping stone to celebrity status or branching out into the adult world using their bodies to make a lot of money off of their celebrity status from being on the show. While Abraham’s situation is an isolated one, her life post Teen Mom shouldn’t be glamorized by MTV toward young women at a young impressionable age and it’s nice that all the original Teen Mom cast came together and said “We won’t return if Farrah Abraham is involved in any way” I’m not saying what Farrah Abraham is doing is wrong, she’s an adult and is intitled to make a living using her celebrity status anyway she chooses, but MTV doesn’t need to be there to support it. Especially when you’re trying to promote a show about the pitfalls and consequences of unprotected teen sex