Jelly Wants To Trade Twitter Handles With This Guy

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The jury is still out on whether Jelly, the new app from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, will gain significant traction. Personally, I'm cautiously skeptical.

For the time being, Jelly faces a smaller, but more immediate issue. It doesn't have the @Jelly Twitter handle. Instead, it has @JellyHQ, but that's not for lack of trying.

Currently, @jelly belongs to some guy from Long Island with a picture of Canadian cartoon character Caillou bending over, looking between his legs, as his profile picture (we assume that's his real picture on the left).

Jelly is trying to get the Twitter handle, as evidenced by this exchange between the two accounts:

Assuming Stone doesn't simply pull some Twitter strings to get his way and possibly bring some bad PR Jelly's way, it might be @Jelly's lucky day. I wonder how much it's worth to the company.

The @Jelly guy doesn't appear to even know what the hell Jelly is (probably like most people).

@Jelly (the Caillou one) is ranking on Google for a "jelly on twitter" search, as is JBeansAUS (Jelly Beans). The corporate Jelly account is not on the first page of results at all.

Jelly is already having visibility issues in the app store (though I'm sure this won't last for long).

Looks like they're having some visibility concerns on Facebook as well:


The whole thing begs the question: why did they call this thing Jelly anyway?

It will be interesting to see if a Qwikster-like scenario plays out on Twitter over the @Jelly handle. It's a strange coincidence that in both cases, the account holders featured images of characters from kids shows. @Qwikster had Elmo.

In other Jelly news, a user apparently caught Mark Zuckerberg texting and driving.

Update: Looks like negotiations are underway:

Update 2: @Jelly tells us no offer has been made so far.

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