Jeff Gordon Fight Draws Cheers From Crowd

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A whole lot of testosterone plus a disagreement on the track made for a tense situation on Sunday during the AdvoCare 500, when Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer got into a vehicular shoving-match before a physical fight broke out.

It started when Bowyer scraped Gordon’s car during a lap; Gordon retaliated by pushing Bowyer into the wall, causing a crash that could have been a whole lot worse. As soon as Gordon got out of his car and took his helmet off, a member of Bowyer’s crew ran up to him and all hell broke loose; cameras recorded everything, but it’s difficult to tell what’s happening in the scuffle. It took a while to break up, with several men involved, but as soon as Bowyer got his car taken care of he jumped out and sprinted around the track to find Gordon, yelling something unintelligible before being held back and pulled away.

No word yet from either camp about what happened, but fans weren’t too upset…the fight drew cheers as soon as the audience knew what was going on.

Jeff Gordon Fight Draws Cheers From Crowd
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  • Jo Bob

    No one cares. Go back to driving in circles.

  • lmao

    Nascar fights are always so weak and gay nowadays.

  • judes

    Gordon pretty much admitted he waited for Bowyer and then made it happen. He said he didn’t care about the consequences. He’s a major pig and should be fined heavily and kicked out of Nascar.

    • Reconnector

      SET him down for A YEAR !! We all need the break from his whining and giggling like a twinky !

      • Jim Vanderkolk

        And Sally speaks again.

    • Jim Vanderkolk

      And you eat out of the same trough.

  • Rick Congrove

    This is just what the boys in the big NASCAR house want. They may penalize Gordon, but a motor sport where the sanctioning body does everything short of building the cars for you has created a mess. There’s nothing left, but the last 3 laps. Before that it’s just an endurance contest for drivers and viewers. True racing of the Petty and Pearson era no longer exists. The sport glorifies the bashing, crashing destruction of cars in exchange for viewers waiting for “the big one.” At last they pumped up the safety requirements so nobody gets killed. Too often.

    • bfreed

      I agree with you Rick. The racing is just boring. NASCAR is no longer NASCAR. The drivers are just boring machines like the cars they drive. Finally I got excited, drivers showing some emotion, showing some spunk. Now if they are going to use the NASCAR name let’s go back to race on Sunday, buy on Monday.

  • http://yahoo gary salonisen

    First,BAN J,Gordon,Also,what happened to the time a NAS CAR had to run same basic engine type we can order,NO V8s are even available for Camrey,Focus or Malibu,DODGE is only mfg. in NASCAR with V8s at dealerships,let other mfg. run there 6 cylinders,as that is all you can get on the street.GO BRAD

    • Jim Vanderkolk

      No way Jose. Go back across the border and chop your cotton.

  • Norma

    I think Jeff got it right. When a bully like Bowyer keeps coming at you, there is a time when you must take a stand! Besides, the big guys on top said “have at it, boys”. That, to me, means that you can retaliate. Way to go Jeff!

  • Homer

    Wont be long now before Gordons shotgun ego get his BBgun ass stomped into the ass fault. Danica Patrick has no chance at ever winning a Nascar race. But put Gordon and Her in a ring. My money is on the foul mouthed, spoiled bitch…AKA Danica…

    • Jim Vanderkolk

      And that shows how intelligent your are –.

  • Whatever

    I find it funny how everyone is always calling Gordon a cry baby and a big wuss, but when he finally sticks up for himself he is an a**hole. Dale earnhart, Rusty Wallace, and A.J. Foyt would have all done the same thing. Nobody takes into account that Bowyer has been doing the same thing to Gordon for almost a year. Bowyer caused the accident (again). Jeff stood up for himself and his team. If he was to the point that he did not care about the consequiences of his actions then it is obvious Bowyer pushed him over his limit for the last time.

  • Homer

    And yes I know its spelled asphalt…just a bit of a play on words.

    • http://none don

      to bad, looks like boyers
      face got the worst of it. good going jejj

  • A Johnson

    Sorry folks. Much ado about nothing here, (pun definitely intended). Seen Dale Sr. do far worse and he’s a Saint now. Bowyer was a fool. The will be repercussions only because Gordon opened his mouth and stated he would do it. (Well done Cole, tell Bryce Harper you meant to throw the pitch at him…) Next time, JUST DO IT and STFU about it. Looking at the replay you can barely tell Gordon moved on the track let alone turned into that idiot. And now I must qualify myself. Not a Jeff Gordon fan. Never did like the pretty boy persona he puts forth.

    • Jim Vanderkolk

      Jeff was a good looking man, you fool. Just because 2/3 of the people were Sr. fans and Jeff stopped his championships at 7, they used every reason (including pretty boy) to try and make excuses for Sr. I was a Sr. fan but realized that Gordon was the thing. Oh, how much money have you given to children’s charity or any other good thing, except run your mouth.

      He was and is for real and he isn’t done.

  • adam


    • jotalot91@crawler.com

      I ahve to agree w/that !!!

  • barb fitzgerald

    Clint Bowyer, whats matter, dont like taking what youve been dishing out ALL frigging year to that team!????? I watched that thing unfold and wanted to jump through my tv and beat the crap out of Clint myself!!!!!!!! Jeff IS a former champion unlike Bowyer who doesnt have what it takes to ever be one!! NASCAR needs to stop being the referee and let the boys play !! Or step in BEFORE it escalates to the point it got to on Sunday!! Bowyer should have been on probation a long time ago for his assinine idiocy with team #24 all season! Jeff fan forever!! Bowyer quit thinking You are Somebody, cause guess what, you have HOW MANY championships? Oh right, that would be NONE!! LOSER!

    • Paula

      AMEN, I know Jeff is the most class act out there and he really has to be pushed before reacting like he did and anyone with any kind of balls can only be pushed so much and this crude red neck has been playing very unfair all season and is a joke for he has no morals, principals, or ethics that he lives his life by and that is one of the reason why he will never be Champion material! To compare the two is like comparing Heaven & Hell.Anyone who has watched over the last weeks know without a doubt who was at fault here and it is people like Bowyer who will sacrifice all to get to the top or I should say a shot at the top which he will never achieve for he does not have what it takes. Jeff has always been a class act and should be given the recognition he deserves instead of being criticized by people who are ignorant and can’t see the truth. I have know Jeff personally since his early years and he has never done anything to hurt anyone and as a matter of fact look at all the good he has done in this world such as his charities and helping others enter into a sport that needs all the class it can get. JEFF GORDON IS THE EPITOME OF A CLASS ACT!

  • jotalot91@crawler.com

    Cheered?????????????????????????????R U serious???????If not 4 the children,at lEAST,RESPCTFULNess requires dignity!Esp.ly in front of KIDS!

  • Jim

    Let them fight Clint will clean Jeff’s clock.

    • bonnie

      go gordon !!!!!!!!!!!

  • upswept

    I’ll side with anyone who wrecks a toyota. Jeff should have sent that litter box back to japan.

  • Mitch

    Could it be that nascars’ dwindling attendance.. would use this as a way to get ticket sales back up.. stage a few fights… wouldn’t put it past them !!!

  • ANN


  • Matt

    I have been a Gordon fan all of my life. He works just as hard as everyone else on the track. Jeff does have a point about Clint pushing him around for about five races this year. Jeff could have wrecked Clint earlier in the year after the first, second, third, or fourth races when Clint messed up Jeff’s day. But Jeff didn’t because he’s a good driver. I’m sure he was pissed but you can only say “it’s just racing” after bad days a number of times. But when you keep doing that to Jeff it just builds up and you got to do something about it. Jeff stood his ground and took care of business. And if anyone is against doing what Jeff did, how would you deal with it if someone messed up your day for five races and just “let it go” after each race. I feel bad for the other drivers who were involved in the wreck though.

  • Bruce

    Have to agree that you can only get away with so much for so long before it comes back and bites you in the butt. I personally have been a Jeff Gordon fan ever since he entered NASCAR in the days of Dale Earnhardt, Rusty Wallace, Waltrip and others. After all the bad “racing luck” he’s had the past two years I’m sure he feels Bowyer pushed him around enough and took action. Felt sorry for Logano and others involved in the crash but had to laugh at the #11 and #2 comments since they have been crying for years! Maybe not the right place to retaliate but it was definately a statement!!

  • furyrider

    can’t believe nascar is still alive…waste of time n energy.

    • booker t

      Bowyer had it commin he cost jeff a race win at Martinsville banged into him several races enough is enough WAY TZO GO JEFF Take out Carp mouth Keslowski nexy shut that punk up!!

  • http://yahoo E D Whitt

    Why to go jeff. I am in my sixty’s and this old man was glad to see you take him out. I have watched Bowyer try to wreck you several times. In my opinion the fined was unnecessary. I am not as excited about racing as in the past and this may help me make up my mind on what to watch.

  • NEIL

    Too much big business and politics associated with NASCAR. Bowyer should have had sanctions against him long ago treating Gordon the way he did. Jeff was frustrated. I would have done the same thing. Too bad Clint……..You play rough, you get treated rough…the end..

  • Gordonfan97

    I have been a Gordon fan since I started watchin NASCAR. Clint should have known who he was messin with! Don’t rattle a big dogs cage cuz you’re gonna eventually get bit! Go Gordon!

  • judy moreau


  • marilyn

    Maybe clint is high on caffeine against the rules no but maybe should b

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