Jeff Gordon Fight Draws Cheers From Crowd

    November 12, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A whole lot of testosterone plus a disagreement on the track made for a tense situation on Sunday during the AdvoCare 500, when Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer got into a vehicular shoving-match before a physical fight broke out.

It started when Bowyer scraped Gordon’s car during a lap; Gordon retaliated by pushing Bowyer into the wall, causing a crash that could have been a whole lot worse. As soon as Gordon got out of his car and took his helmet off, a member of Bowyer’s crew ran up to him and all hell broke loose; cameras recorded everything, but it’s difficult to tell what’s happening in the scuffle. It took a while to break up, with several men involved, but as soon as Bowyer got his car taken care of he jumped out and sprinted around the track to find Gordon, yelling something unintelligible before being held back and pulled away.

No word yet from either camp about what happened, but fans weren’t too upset…the fight drew cheers as soon as the audience knew what was going on.

  • Edward

    I have to say that I was really glad that Jeff finally took action against Clint. This had been going on all year and for Bowyer’s team not to recognize is a true display of ignorance. Brad’s rant about a double standard and stating that the two guys were trying to kill each other was drama. This coming from the driver who sent Carl Edward’s flying through the air on a high speed track and bumping with Johnson at Texas the previous week, another high speed track, again ignorant. Jeff probably should be parked for a race but he did what had to be done to maintain the respect of other drivers, which is really the root of the problem with many of the drivers in Nascar today, including his own teammates at times. Hamlin’s tweet sounds like nothing more than sour grapes and having Gordon out of any race certainly improves his chance of winning a race, loser. Finally, Bowyer’s crew members should be penalized, fined and suspended for going after a driver, and should consider themselves fortunate if they are not charged criminally.

    • AMANDA

      Going on all year? I’m pretty sure Clint has never slammed into crybaby…I mean Jeff and he has certainly never waited for him so he could wreck him. That did not have to be done. If Jeff can’t handle getting bumped every now and then, then maybe he should retire. The Champ. drivers have all made the comments that the gloves are off, look what happened when Tony got wreck and threw his helmet, in the interview later he said he wasn’t going to be nice anymore. Brad has every right to make the comment he made when him AND Johnson were both bumping…IT’S THE CHAMPIONSHIP RACE AND THEY ALL ARE FIGHTING TO WIN! As for him having to do that to “keep the respect of the other drivers” just goes to show that you aren’t paying attention to what the other drivers have been saying because none of them support what he did! He acted immature and put all the other drivers at risk (3 other drivers that did get caught in the wreck that he INTENSIONALLY/PURPOSELY caused). Hamlin is doing perfectly fine as a driver seeing as how he made it into the Championship on his own whereas Jeff only made it bc Jr. backed off and let him lead a lap so he could get the points he needed to get in it!

    • frogmoma

      Oh! H*** to the Yes! I wish Jeff would press charges!!
      The Pit Crew had no right to go after Jeff in such an immature manner. It’s not like Clint had/has a chance in **** of winning the Championship in the first place! No way could he even come close to catching JimmieJ=only via a blown-tire wreck got him as close as it did, and then again, not a chance of catching ole mouthy Brad==who also had no chance w/out the blown tire wreck! The B/S he ranted about after the race was almost a Joke! As if he never caused a serious wreck or anything–as Carl how it felt almost going over & through the fence! Holy Cow, if every Pit Crew chased down every driver who may/may not have wrecked their driver, we’d have some doozie races to watch! And even more B/S from ‘winner by default’ Brad. Oh! the Horror just thinking about it.

  • Willard Whiteman

    Lil Jeffie has a temper.

  • dani


    • frogmoma

      Maybe you can get a Women’s Nascar Series going. With ‘Miss Patrick’s” help, it would be so nice and sweet; I’d give the winner a batch of cookies instead of a trophy and you would be so happy!

  • carl m

    Went to a Nascar race and a Hockey game broke out. Yeehaw! best of both worlds if you ask me.

  • Nola Kay Younce

    All of Bowyer’s crew that was involved in this malay should be fired. Its about time Jeff Gordon took care of the problem with SA Clint Bowyer. It was long past due.
    Go Gordon.

  • Malcolm

    News flash. Two rednecks fighting.

  • linda

    sounds like the guy had it comin to him, WAY TO GO JEFF…

    • scott

      I agree, Bowyer always thinks he’s done nothing wrong. I’m glad Gordon wrecked the dumb azzzzzzzzz.

  • raymond

    It’s about time Gordon got his payback. He’s been holding it in all since martinsville, about Bowyer’s dirty tricks, Jeff knew he had no chance of winning the championship, and Bowyer had been racing dirty all year Jeff had had enough, I don’t blame him. Anyway Bowyer didn’t have a chance at the championship either. So no harm no foul. Bowyer needs fined 100,000 and Suspended for Daytona next year. Gordon should get nothing. Bowyers team needs fined 50,000.

  • MickeyB

    It’s very clear that Jeff has definitely lost his edge. could be him or the team or both, but he has no right to intentionally wait for someone and put someone into the wall what if it killed him? I saw the race at Martinsville he came down on Boyer, Gordon should take out his spotter too and when he complains about his teammate Jr and says he should have put him in the wall he needs to retire. Jr had a faster car and Gordon slipped up the track and Jr went by. Whats he supposed to do stay behind the little whine bag? Gordon should be suspended AND have to pay for the cars he wrecked. What is heck is he doing? hanging out with the bush brothers?

    • rick rousseau

      with all due respect….you are crazy! what races do you watch? i am being serious.

  • rick

    and my friends wonder why i cant stand the douche ENUFF SAID !!!!!!!!!

  • AmyD

    i think Gordon done the right thing,Clint has been asking for this for a long time in the way he has been acting on the track. Go Gordon!!!

  • Dale Blaes

    It is all on NASCAR for not taking action all thru this year when Boyer continues to wreck Jeff and they did nothing. A person can only take so much.Hate to see it but you get fed up with no action by NASCAR

  • rick rousseau

    jeff did what he had to do….wrong or right. its a shame that others got caught up in it. but i agree…enough is enough. jeff should be at least fined….parked to be consistent. but bowyer crew should be fined and charged. thats the disgrace along with clints driving!lol….. go jeff

  • JO

    Coming to your televisio soon: NASCAR combined with WWF….

  • Arlan Walters

    Waa!!!!!!!!! Waa!!!!!!!!!! Gordon got what was coming to him. Like he never bumped anyone when he was running for championships. He took out Terry Labonte when he was going for the Winston Million. He needs to be suspended for next week.

  • Rosalee Kelly

    Way to go Jeff I love the way you race and Im glad to see you stood your ground and to let you know you are my favorite race car driver ,keep up the good work.

  • laurel

    I hope Jeff is okay. He is a true professional.As for the other guy,well maybe he should get kicked out of racing for his actions.

    • ciscopack

      Payback is hell; ask Clint.



    • matt

      he didnt marty you suck

  • J Bishop

    That was so messed up. I have no idea why he would behave like that. A champion taking such risks and causing destruction and then all the men acting like children. That was just PITIFUL. Behaving like spoiled, coddled, over paid, yuppie, self absorbed, selfish malcontents.

    • http://yahoo dave hanson

      sounds like your jealous. gordon has let clint push him around on the track for awhile now. its about time he put bowyer in his place

  • Kim

    I totally support Jeff. A person can only take so much and NASCAR needs to do more so crap like this does not go on all year. Jeff has never been a driver with a temper its good to see him get mad. I still totally respect him and his driving ability. All the younger drivers needs to take a few lessons.

    • http://yahoo George Koloski

      Jeff Gordon is a punk and always has been. The man scraped his car so what does this punk do he puts him into the wall. Jeff Gordon should be suspended for the remainder of this season and all next season.

      • http://yahoo dave hanson

        wow, your the punk. get your facts straight b4 you run your mouth

      • frogmoma

        If you think that, then right beside him should be Bowyer and his entire PitCrew that chased Jeff down–certainly not to talk either! Clint has just gotten a bit too big for his britches and needs to realize that Jeff was in the Championship race too; and for the past 5-6 races shoulda respected Jeff as a driver IF he wanted respect for himself! Jeff is ‘The Man’ on any & all NASCAR tracks; he can do the “bump and go” WITHOUT wrecking the one ‘getting the bump’ or wrecking himself; How many can you count that can do that? He was taught by the best==Dale, Sr.

  • patrick

    what is all the fuss about, nascar said “they were takin the gloves off the drivers”. the drivers can settle thier differences on the track just like the old times, dale sr. never got suspended or fined for wrecking somebody. richard petty, bobby allison, and all the great drivers of the past never had any consequences like that because of wrecking somebody. its what made nascar famous and quite frankly if you dont like to see it then dont watch it. trust me your not hurting their ratings, ratings are up way more than years past because the “tradin paint” there allowed to do now. these little cry baby drivers of today would never win a race if dale sr. was gettin them a lil loose in turn 4, all the real fans of nascar will know what that means. bacically its racing and not driving that wins nowadays, part of racing is somebody is gonna get thier feelings hurt from time to time. bowyer needs to get over it, its racing, this is why we watch, this why he does it, and above its the tradition that is left to us from the great ones of the past that got us loving a southern tradition thats called “NASCAR”

  • Ray Green

    Jeff is using old school methods, just like dirt track races. I approve what he did and stand behind his thinking. Bowyer had it coming from previous races.

  • James Anderson

    Finally we see some racing reaction from when racing was racing. This is what we need instead of this INDY racing that we have come accustom to in Nascar today. Every mile and a half track sucks because all you got to do is get out front. Hopefully this will wake up those sleeping in the organization.

  • Ken

    It don’t matter what sport it is, they always fight, i haven’t watched NFL in years becausing of the fighting they do…..

    • zar

      Thats because you have a vagina.Maybe the oven is free for you to try baking that new batch of cookies for your wife.

  • http://yahoo michel

    way to go jeff gordon, you done the right thing, jeff thinks hes right all the time but hes not even a good driver. im gald you stood up and did something about it. hope things turn out for you, just dont worry about what others think , your the best driver out there, an always will be in my book.

    • Renee

      Hey Michael, make up your mind. There wasn’t two drivers named Jeff. Gordon was wrong for what he did. NASCAR said specially do not interfere with the Championship drivers and that’s exactly what Jeff did. Now he will be punished for it. Hope he’s happy

      • frogmoma

        Dahhhhh….Jeff Gordon was a Championship Driver as well. Bowyer was just a bit closer to the leader in points is all. So….Clint should not have started the entire mess to begin with. It’s been going on for weeks. Do you even watch the races? Bowyer is just a bit too cocky for his own good! What was he planning on doing when he went running through the garage area trying to ‘get to Jeff’? It was quite a bit worse than what Jeff did ON THE TRACK; he in no way attempted to do anything OFF THE TRACK–I’m sure Bowyer wasn’t running over to talk to Jeff! If any punishment is handed down, it needs to be towards the Bowyer Pit Crew who chased Jeff down and literally attacked him! THAT is what is so UnCalledFor!

    • http://yahoo George Koloski

      Bull—- Jeff Gordon is a disgrace to NASCAR and your an idot

      • http://yahoo dave hanson

        dale sr trained jeff. jeff is nascar. its these young punks that think they can get away with everything that are a disgrace. and sorry sir, but your the idiot. i have my facts straight.

        • frogmoma

          I so totally agree! Dale Sr., taught Gordon everything about NASCAR. Why do ya think he was an on-going champ until NASCAR came up w/this ‘dumb’ new Championship Race thing; having to make it into the top 12, then racing 10 races to decide a winner is so dumb. And I’m beginning to think that they did it because Jeff was winning every year–until ‘The Change’ took place. Even ole mighty ‘JimmieJ’ owes his career to Gordon-he’s the one who got JimmieJ hired; but ya sure couldn’t tell by the way even JimmieJ wrecks Jeff when it comes down to the 2 of them going for the win; then acts ‘dumb’ giving Jeff the dumbest excuses for why he wrecked him. I say lets go back to the good ole days of racing for a Championship, and see who can hang!

  • Les

    I say get rid of Nascar altogether and we won’t have to put up with this bullshit.

    • frogmoma

      with a response such as yours, sounds like you don’t even need to be watching NASCAR. Don’t like it, turn the channel dude!

    • http://yahoo dave hanson

      i think les would rather watch dancing with the stars.

  • DPaul

    racin is wreckin- normal events in any race can seem dirty or intentional- went back and watched the Martinville race and after several views, came to the conclusion that Yes Gordon has taken what seems like pleasure with “Bumping” someone out of the way.The martinsville race does show Jeff turning into Bowyer. And in yesterday’s race, side by side,off turn 4 they both slid up the track. Gordon appeared to drift right to keep from making contact with Bowyer. Unfortunately he had nowhere to drift and scraped the wall. While I agree that racing should go back to the way it was in the 80’s and let the guys settle it amongst themselves, I realized that to do so would be dangerous. Bet if Gordon watched the video, even he would see that it was just hard racing between 2 competitors on a slick track.

  • http://yahoo dave hanson

    about time clint got what was coming to him. drive dirty and get what you got coming. way to go jeff. i support you

  • Denver Fan

    What premadonna crybaby little bitch,he wouldn’t have got away with that with Dale Sr.Not everyone bows to wonderpunk, he’ll get his. hopefully its at daytona or talledega next year

    • http://yahoo dave hanson

      hope your talking about clint bowyer. he finally got what he deserved.

  • Delilah

    Jeff, you have my approval…Clint Boyer had it coming….Hats off to you Jeff Gordon…


    I have been a fan of gordon for many years I liston to his radio every race i,ve seen him back off and let them go jeff is a ture sports man i know what brower has been doing not just this year but last year now if jeff decides to go after one win after lookout here comes jeff.nascar that crew needs fired and fined crew chief band for life

  • Michael

    Nothin like a woman to blame a fight on TESTOSTERONE. Amanda, maybe you should look at what Testosterone really does before you open your ignorant mouth. Testosterone is a hormone that BALANCES mood, and the reason WOMEN are so emotional is because of their LACK of TESTOSTERONE. LOW T levels increase MOOD SWINGS…ANGER…ETC…moron.

    • GUEST2012

      You are a jerk as well. Testosterone has NOTHING to do with acting like an ADULT instead of some TEENAGER. BOTH DRIVERS ARE IDIOTS! He sideswiped Gordon’s car which is NO reason to DELIBERATELY push the guy’s car into the wall. What if he had seriously injured the other driver by his deliberate action.

      They BOTH need to be fined HEAVILY, have points taken away from them AND be suspended from driving in future races until they can ACT like ADULTS instead of SPOILED BRATS.

      • http://yahoo dave hanson

        guest 2012 and micheal. your both idiots. go watch ballet if you want a nice neat little safe sport to watch. the car sponsors love that action. there sales go up. it is part of racing. if u dont like it, dont f#cking watch it. plain and simple.

        • frogmoma

          You go Dave! I previously suggested to a comment that wanted to have ‘nice’ races, that she and “miss patrick” should organize a woman’s racing series. the winner could be honored at a tea party and the winner could be given a batch of homemade cookies or a cake; and they’d all be one happy bunch. [i am female, i grew up watching NASCAR w/ my daddy–we only had one tv; back with the Bodines, and the Petty’s and all the good ‘ole timers who raced a race, and then after it was over==it was over]. Fight to win, then get over it.

      • Robert

        You called the other commenter “a jerk as well”, but gave no reason for YOUR childish name-calling. Why don’t YOU start acting like an adult?

    • dominca

      First, the testosterone comment has been used for years and years and years as an answer to why men must show their feathers and fight.
      Surprisingly, the male brain is masculinized by testosterone being aromatized into estrogen, which crosses the blood–brain barrier and enters the male brain, whereas female fetuses have alpha-fetoprotein which binds up the estrogen so that female brains are not affected.
      And lastly…
      The administration of testosterone makes men selfish and more likely to punish others for being selfish towards them.


      • frogmoma

        Whoa! Go play doctor. You sure don’t need to be watching any NASCAR.

    • AMANDA

      I’m pretty sure I never once blamed it on testosterone, and I’m a nurse so I do know what it does. Maybe you should go back and reread your comment because you are calling me a moron for supposedly blaming it on that and turn and and make it sound like that’s what caused Jeff’s overdramatic and reckless move.

  • michael

    im sorry, but how much does a car cost its sponsers??? jeff gordon is a huge d*ck and i hope he pulls one of these moves one day and gets his ass hard core beat! or gets punished somehow!

  • lily fox

    It is about time that Jeff Gordon got some XXXXX.

  • GUEST2012

    How would he have felt if he had KILLED the other driver by pushing his car into the wall. What a bunch of 6 year olds. These are SUPPOSED to be ADULTS????

    • http://yahoo dave hanson

      hey guest, go back to watching your cooking shows. death is a part of racing. they all know it and accept it .

  • lily fox

    Well the other drivers have not cared if they killed Jeff over the last few years.

    • SANDY


  • lily fox

    The viewership will be up next race…….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • http://Yahoo Patty

    For Clint Bowyer to call someone or even say the word “retarded”, well it’s just a shame. Let us hope that he some day will have a child who is handicapped and maybe learn that it is a totally unacceptable word to use in these times. And both of them, Jeff and Clint, need to grow up!

    • Neil

      Patty grow up and stop being so sensitive. Its people like you who are making an ass out of our free speech. Im sure you are perfect though. You have never made any mistakes. He was heated and said something. YOU grow up.

  • http://Google Rob

    It goes to prove., A Redneck is a Redneck is a Redneck… No matter how much money you make., or whether youre in a car or in the stands…

    • Zach

      Your comment just proves that you are ignorant and hateful all in one idiotic post. If you think they’re all just a bunch of dumb rednecks then why are you commenting in the first place? Moron

    • Tim

      Who are you talking about? Jeff? Clint? Is this some self revelation?

      I am not a race fan at all. However, I have been to a few (Brickyard, Bristol, a few Kroger races) and while just like any sport there are nuts, the large majority of the people I met were nice, friendly, very willing to answer my probably silly questions, and above all very respectful. I never felt talked down to.

      There are fights in ever other sport. So is the entire sporting world and their fans rednecks? And what if they are? While the connotation is derogatory, the fact is this country was built on the hard work and determined spirit of “rednecks”.

      Do yourself a favor, the next time you have a thought, let it go. We will all be better off for it.

  • Ellen Brown

    I really do not think that gordon went down to make contact with bowyer,, If you look at it really good if Gordon was Black flaged he was in line with the pit road,, I truley think that if Bowyer went on top to pass it would have been ok,, and to set record straight I do not like gordon at all …. Just take time to look

  • Leah

    I understand that tensions can run high during a NASCAR race especially being this close to the last race of the season. My husband and I were talking last night where all of the sudden there have been numerous fights and tension in a lot of sports, I understand that they just go with a rush of adreline, but one thing that all of the sports stars and older adults need to really remember and think about is the millions of kids and young adults that are watching and paying a lot of attention to. They really look up to these guys and when they pick someone out that they like and look up too, when they see a fight break out like this one did, that is going to register on their minds and if something does not go the way they want to they will remember the time when there was a moment that they saw they’re hero start a brawl because of what someone did or caused. I am sure that parents will talk to their kids about the right and wrong thing to do, but come on how many of us always payed attention to everything or remember everything our parents told us. I think that all sports organizations and adults have to remember that kids are watching and like a sponge they soak up every thing they see and hear!!

    • frogmoma

      So what you are actually saying is that if you are ‘picked on’ [like Jeff was by Clint], you want your kids to simply “let it go” and do nothing. Have you read anything about ‘bullies’ and how kids need to Stand Their Ground against such jerks? You need to re=evaluate your standards!

    • Pete O.

      Best race I’ve seen this season! Got to see J.J. put it into the wall and the and his teammate, the awesome Gordon put Bowyer into the wall. It’s just too bad Jeff took himself out of the race. Bowyer’s gotta learn not to wreck folks, especially on purpose.

    • Robin

      First of all,Gordon didn’t START ANYTHING. Bowyer started the conflict when he drove into and cut Gordon’s tire, pushing him into Logano..and then, Bowyer’s CREW turned it into a mini-riot when they went on the attack against Gordon and HIS crew….
      You’re right about the way young minds “soak up” what they see their “Heros” do, and given the situation, I thought it was appropriate for Gordon to not let that punk,Bowyer, get away with what he had done to him.
      This is NOT a “sport” that I would EVER encourage a kid to get into. This is purely a GROWN-UP sport ONLY !

  • http://yahoo Paul

    This is the most notoriety Clint Bowyer will ever get. Compared to the infinitely famous and iconic Jeff Gordon, Bowyer is but(t) a pimple on Gordon’s arse.

    • BILLY


    • Reconnector

      Gordon is a sissy ! Gets in a “fight” runs and hides, Bowyer will tear his Pencil Neck Geek Head OFF !!

      • Robin

        Gordon didn’t “run and hide”, Reconnector. The fight was broken up soon after the melee broke out. Bowyer was in the wrong with his poor driving skills that led to him cutting Gordon’s tire and pushing him into Logano, in the FIRST place.
        Bowyer just got a taste of instant karma…..

        • kathy

          amen robin!! i have followed jeff since he started and i really get sick and tired of all the b.s. that is thrown around about him.


    I saw Clint Bowyer make a point of driving under Jeff Gordon,ON THE APRON, and then driving straight into Jeff’s fender, pushing Gordon into Joey Logano, causing a huge wreck. What was everybody else watching? Bowyer admitted he didn’t even need to pass Gordon. So why did he do it? The fingers are wagging in the wrong direction, and at the very least, there is enough guilt to go around for everybody

    • Robert

      That’s what I saw. After hearing the announcers, thought I was nuts. Thanks

    • Allen Smith

      Maybe Bowyer was mad. Haven’t heard his name mentioned as having won too many races, not even as many as Gordon, who hasn’t won all that many lately. A case of jealousy, perhaps?

    • BILLY


    • Robin


    • Neil

      Jeff g. is a baby. he proved it because hes not even close to winning anything.

      • Jim Vanderkolk

        Can you count to 4? I doubt it.

  • eric

    jeff gordon handled it fine thats all a punk like clint understands

    • Robin

      Amen to that,eric…

    • Neil

      You both are idiots. Crawl in a hole!

  • Bob

    Clint who ? Oh the guy that drives with five thumbs on each hand, he could not be using his brains to drive with for obvious reasons. As an old time successful racer I have often wondered how he got his job as I cannot commend his job of driving for the last 2 years. Third in points, suprises me. Seems befor you get hit by another on the track you are supposed to check a racers points position & if high enough you allow him to take you out with a cut tire & again after checking if he is high enough give all kinds of room, do not retaliate, after looking at standings he is 3rd. Oh Jeff, he is supposed to one of the untouchables being third.

  • http://yahoo gary salonisen

    Put Gordon in jail,could have killed many,would Gordon then say I got CLINT back real good,Guys,dont be mad because DODGE wins BIG with only 2 CARS,Ha Ha Ha,G.S.Chino

    • Reconnector

      HEAR HEAR ..

  • http://camino409@yahoo.com ROBERT


    • Jim Vanderkolk

      Keep talkin’ Cat sh–, somebody will cover you up.

  • sara

    AAAH white trash at it’s finest!! Only in America!

  • dianna

    well did jeff gordon wife get in a fight with blake shelton at the track

  • Ron

    Look very carefully at the video. When Boyer moved down under Gordon to pass, Boyer’s car got loose. Boyer’s right rear at 4:26 drifted into Gordon’s left rear. Then Boyer trying to correct turned into Gordon. From what I see Gordon didn’t cause the wreck …. BOYER DID.

    • Reconnector

      Gordon is a whiner and getting to be a cranky old man !! Time to Retire there Goober, go join Tom Cruise in the Gay Man Sports club !!

      • Jim Vanderkolk

        And you need to reconnect with reality.

    • bill horvath

      Sweetie said even though he was black flagged he stayed out and waited for Boyer so check in with your eye doctor.

    • Robin

      I saw it the same way that you did, Ron. If Boyer had been a better driver, perhaps this could have been avoided. I don’t blame Gordon for giving him some payback….Boyer EARNED it !

  • Jo Bob

    No one cares. Go back to driving in circles.

  • lmao

    Nascar fights are always so weak and gay nowadays.

  • judes

    Gordon pretty much admitted he waited for Bowyer and then made it happen. He said he didn’t care about the consequences. He’s a major pig and should be fined heavily and kicked out of Nascar.

    • Reconnector

      SET him down for A YEAR !! We all need the break from his whining and giggling like a twinky !

      • Jim Vanderkolk

        And Sally speaks again.

    • Jim Vanderkolk

      And you eat out of the same trough.

  • Rick Congrove

    This is just what the boys in the big NASCAR house want. They may penalize Gordon, but a motor sport where the sanctioning body does everything short of building the cars for you has created a mess. There’s nothing left, but the last 3 laps. Before that it’s just an endurance contest for drivers and viewers. True racing of the Petty and Pearson era no longer exists. The sport glorifies the bashing, crashing destruction of cars in exchange for viewers waiting for “the big one.” At last they pumped up the safety requirements so nobody gets killed. Too often.

    • bfreed

      I agree with you Rick. The racing is just boring. NASCAR is no longer NASCAR. The drivers are just boring machines like the cars they drive. Finally I got excited, drivers showing some emotion, showing some spunk. Now if they are going to use the NASCAR name let’s go back to race on Sunday, buy on Monday.

  • http://yahoo gary salonisen

    First,BAN J,Gordon,Also,what happened to the time a NAS CAR had to run same basic engine type we can order,NO V8s are even available for Camrey,Focus or Malibu,DODGE is only mfg. in NASCAR with V8s at dealerships,let other mfg. run there 6 cylinders,as that is all you can get on the street.GO BRAD

    • Jim Vanderkolk

      No way Jose. Go back across the border and chop your cotton.

  • Norma

    I think Jeff got it right. When a bully like Bowyer keeps coming at you, there is a time when you must take a stand! Besides, the big guys on top said “have at it, boys”. That, to me, means that you can retaliate. Way to go Jeff!

  • Homer

    Wont be long now before Gordons shotgun ego get his BBgun ass stomped into the ass fault. Danica Patrick has no chance at ever winning a Nascar race. But put Gordon and Her in a ring. My money is on the foul mouthed, spoiled bitch…AKA Danica…

    • Jim Vanderkolk

      And that shows how intelligent your are –.

  • Whatever

    I find it funny how everyone is always calling Gordon a cry baby and a big wuss, but when he finally sticks up for himself he is an a**hole. Dale earnhart, Rusty Wallace, and A.J. Foyt would have all done the same thing. Nobody takes into account that Bowyer has been doing the same thing to Gordon for almost a year. Bowyer caused the accident (again). Jeff stood up for himself and his team. If he was to the point that he did not care about the consequiences of his actions then it is obvious Bowyer pushed him over his limit for the last time.

  • Homer

    And yes I know its spelled asphalt…just a bit of a play on words.

    • http://none don

      to bad, looks like boyers
      face got the worst of it. good going jejj

  • A Johnson

    Sorry folks. Much ado about nothing here, (pun definitely intended). Seen Dale Sr. do far worse and he’s a Saint now. Bowyer was a fool. The will be repercussions only because Gordon opened his mouth and stated he would do it. (Well done Cole, tell Bryce Harper you meant to throw the pitch at him…) Next time, JUST DO IT and STFU about it. Looking at the replay you can barely tell Gordon moved on the track let alone turned into that idiot. And now I must qualify myself. Not a Jeff Gordon fan. Never did like the pretty boy persona he puts forth.

    • Jim Vanderkolk

      Jeff was a good looking man, you fool. Just because 2/3 of the people were Sr. fans and Jeff stopped his championships at 7, they used every reason (including pretty boy) to try and make excuses for Sr. I was a Sr. fan but realized that Gordon was the thing. Oh, how much money have you given to children’s charity or any other good thing, except run your mouth.

      He was and is for real and he isn’t done.

  • adam


    • jotalot91@crawler.com

      I ahve to agree w/that !!!

  • barb fitzgerald

    Clint Bowyer, whats matter, dont like taking what youve been dishing out ALL frigging year to that team!????? I watched that thing unfold and wanted to jump through my tv and beat the crap out of Clint myself!!!!!!!! Jeff IS a former champion unlike Bowyer who doesnt have what it takes to ever be one!! NASCAR needs to stop being the referee and let the boys play !! Or step in BEFORE it escalates to the point it got to on Sunday!! Bowyer should have been on probation a long time ago for his assinine idiocy with team #24 all season! Jeff fan forever!! Bowyer quit thinking You are Somebody, cause guess what, you have HOW MANY championships? Oh right, that would be NONE!! LOSER!

    • Paula

      AMEN, I know Jeff is the most class act out there and he really has to be pushed before reacting like he did and anyone with any kind of balls can only be pushed so much and this crude red neck has been playing very unfair all season and is a joke for he has no morals, principals, or ethics that he lives his life by and that is one of the reason why he will never be Champion material! To compare the two is like comparing Heaven & Hell.Anyone who has watched over the last weeks know without a doubt who was at fault here and it is people like Bowyer who will sacrifice all to get to the top or I should say a shot at the top which he will never achieve for he does not have what it takes. Jeff has always been a class act and should be given the recognition he deserves instead of being criticized by people who are ignorant and can’t see the truth. I have know Jeff personally since his early years and he has never done anything to hurt anyone and as a matter of fact look at all the good he has done in this world such as his charities and helping others enter into a sport that needs all the class it can get. JEFF GORDON IS THE EPITOME OF A CLASS ACT!

  • jotalot91@crawler.com

    Cheered?????????????????????????????R U serious???????If not 4 the children,at lEAST,RESPCTFULNess requires dignity!Esp.ly in front of KIDS!

  • Jim

    Let them fight Clint will clean Jeff’s clock.

    • bonnie

      go gordon !!!!!!!!!!!

  • upswept

    I’ll side with anyone who wrecks a toyota. Jeff should have sent that litter box back to japan.

  • Mitch

    Could it be that nascars’ dwindling attendance.. would use this as a way to get ticket sales back up.. stage a few fights… wouldn’t put it past them !!!

  • ANN


  • Matt

    I have been a Gordon fan all of my life. He works just as hard as everyone else on the track. Jeff does have a point about Clint pushing him around for about five races this year. Jeff could have wrecked Clint earlier in the year after the first, second, third, or fourth races when Clint messed up Jeff’s day. But Jeff didn’t because he’s a good driver. I’m sure he was pissed but you can only say “it’s just racing” after bad days a number of times. But when you keep doing that to Jeff it just builds up and you got to do something about it. Jeff stood his ground and took care of business. And if anyone is against doing what Jeff did, how would you deal with it if someone messed up your day for five races and just “let it go” after each race. I feel bad for the other drivers who were involved in the wreck though.

  • Bruce

    Have to agree that you can only get away with so much for so long before it comes back and bites you in the butt. I personally have been a Jeff Gordon fan ever since he entered NASCAR in the days of Dale Earnhardt, Rusty Wallace, Waltrip and others. After all the bad “racing luck” he’s had the past two years I’m sure he feels Bowyer pushed him around enough and took action. Felt sorry for Logano and others involved in the crash but had to laugh at the #11 and #2 comments since they have been crying for years! Maybe not the right place to retaliate but it was definately a statement!!

  • furyrider

    can’t believe nascar is still alive…waste of time n energy.

    • booker t

      Bowyer had it commin he cost jeff a race win at Martinsville banged into him several races enough is enough WAY TZO GO JEFF Take out Carp mouth Keslowski nexy shut that punk up!!

  • http://yahoo E D Whitt

    Why to go jeff. I am in my sixty’s and this old man was glad to see you take him out. I have watched Bowyer try to wreck you several times. In my opinion the fined was unnecessary. I am not as excited about racing as in the past and this may help me make up my mind on what to watch.

  • NEIL

    Too much big business and politics associated with NASCAR. Bowyer should have had sanctions against him long ago treating Gordon the way he did. Jeff was frustrated. I would have done the same thing. Too bad Clint……..You play rough, you get treated rough…the end..

  • Gordonfan97

    I have been a Gordon fan since I started watchin NASCAR. Clint should have known who he was messin with! Don’t rattle a big dogs cage cuz you’re gonna eventually get bit! Go Gordon!

  • judy moreau


  • marilyn

    Maybe clint is high on caffeine against the rules no but maybe should b