Jaywalker Tasered Repeatedly by Florida Police

By: WebProNews Staff - July 12, 2012

Let’s face it: Most of us have jaywalked at some point in our lives. You can try to lie about it all you want, but the vast majority of able-bodied individuals have unlawfully darted across the street because they were simply in too much of a rush to wait for the light at the crosswalk. Although jaywalking should not be taken lightly — it has, after all, contributed to a number of accidents — the last thing you’d expect is to be tasered by police for your crimes against humanity.

Such is the case with Zikomo Peurifoy, a man who was stopped for jaywalking by Florida police. When he refused to present his identification, officers attempted to arrest Peurifoy, who was understandably irritated by the whole exchange. As tempers flared and the situation escalated, the two cops eventually tasered the jaywalker. Not once, not twice, but three separate times. If you’re curious to see the whole thing unfold, take a look at the video embedded below.

Peurifoy is facing charges of resisting with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer.

According to FindLaw, the penalties for jaywalking vary by area. However, “depending on the jurisdiction, jaywalking is either an infraction or a misdemeanor. Police enforce jaywalking laws by issuing citations. The penalty for violating jaywalking laws typically includes a fine similar to a parking ticket. In many jurisdictions, fines increase with repeat jaywalking offenses.”

I’d say the officers’ response was a little extreme.

That being said, the description on Taser’s Wikipedia page describes the devices as “weapons to be used by police to subdue fleeing, belligerent, or potentially dangerous people, who would have otherwise been subjected to what they consider more lethal weapons (such as a firearm)”.

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  • Jack Trilbert

    Let’s be realistic here: The officers didn’t apply the Taser to the individual FOR the act of jaywalking. I’m sure they fully intended to issue him a citation. However, as most people are aware, police officers are invested with a wide array of option when it comes to enforcing laws. If the individual refused to identify himself then who are they going to make the ticket out to? They can’t, therefore HE has elected to take it to the level of a custodial arrest. You can’t legally resist a lawful arrest (which this obviously was). He was Tasered for resisting arrest. Riding the electric lasso is an obvious and well-known risk of resisting arrest. End of story.

  • KC

    I agree with Jack all the way. This guy was not tasered for jaywalking but for continuing to resist arrest. If he would have giving the officers his I.D. like he was asked then this whole situation wouldn’t have happen. His other option was to go peacefully and get identified at the station. Oh and there is no such thing as attempting to make a false arrest.

    • Ashy

      KC, you are incorrect. Arresting someone for failing to show ID while not being detained is a false arrest. There is no statute that says you have to present ID to an officer upon command, unless you are being detained for suspicion or probably cause. If the officers said that he was not being detained than they have violated his civil rights and his right to privacy.

      • billy

        well he did say if you dont show i.d you will be arrested.. duhhhh

        • Ashy

          Right, but if he is not being detained, he lawfully does not have to show ID. If the cop simply said, “yes you are being detained for a traffic violation”, he would have to show ID.

  • cgs

    The officers did not do anything wrong. You are required to identify yourself when you are stopped for a traffic infraction. He didn’t identify himself, so he was arrested. What are the cops supposed to do, say “ok, you don’t want to id yourself I guess we’ll just leave then”. The guy is an idiot and the girl is worse! what an annoying voice. Like the cops are going to stop in the middle of a confrontation to call a supervisor. went from possible citation to felony arrests because of the idiots

    • Ashy

      cgs, The issue is that he asked if he was being detained and the officers say no. If you are not being detained, you do not have to show anyone ID. This is not Nazi Germany where you have to show your papers because you were asked for them. This is the USA, and if you are not being detained you have a right to privacy.

  • 46u35jwtyje3wj

    kill all the pigs

  • GrKow

    This clown is anxious to hit the ghetto lotto but did not realize FLORIDA has a stop-and-identify law. Rufus and his noisy companion invited scrutiny when they jaywalked.

  • cgs

    Ashy. The officer told him he was being stopped for the traffic infraction and then told him he that he needed to identify himself. The idiots were just making a show to try to make the cops look bad… or they got bad legal advice from some idiot lawyer. I guess either way it backfired this time. Ashy why don’t you go out, commit a traffic/pedestrian infraction, get stopped, tell the cops you are not going to identify yourself and see if you get arrested. This is just people making drama.

    • Ashy

      He asked if he was being detained and the cops said no? So if they were going to give him a citation they should have said “yes, you are being detained.” And when I look at what he is being charged with (“Peurifoy is facing charges of resisting with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer.”), there is no mention of the J-walking violation.

  • http://www.webpronews.com Lancer69

    Due to the traffic infraction the police DO have the right to ask for identification. Yelling “I am not resisting” but failing to obey police officer commands is noncompliance and will be treated as such. The more the gentleman refuses to listen the more the cops will insist that he complies. The police officers here did a fantastic job of maintaining their composure and maintaining control of the situation. Miss Price is lucky she was not arrested too for impeding a police officer. “You will be charged for failure to provide a statute.” Now that statement is funny.

  • http://all karl

    cop was worng=no violence except on part of the cop/no id required if not under arrest or being detained/sue the cops for unlawfull taszering and hasrasment.cops thing they are gods and can do what ever they want which is wrong.=no actions against the cops it is wrong to use force .

  • shaun

    Lets all be truthful, this only on YAHOO because he is a White Cop and he is a Black Pedestrian. Why would anyone would be a cop these days is beyond me. Good luck to the police, keep up the good work.

  • Robert J Smith

    The two should be arrested for being stupid, show ID and be done.