Jay Z Releases New Men’s Fragrance: Gold Jay Z

    November 2, 2013
    Tobias Roth
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Just when you thought Jay Z could not possibly do anything more as a business mogul, he comes out with a new fragrance for men. He debuted his new fragrance, which he calls “Gold Jay Z” on Friday November 1st. It will be sold starting November 20th at Barneys in New York.

The new fragrance will launch at the store, as a part of his holiday collaboration with the store. After its release at Barneys, “Gold Jay Z” will hit all of the other department stores in time for the holiday shoppers on Black Friday.

The fragrance will also be accompanied by a multi-platform ad campaign.

When purchasing Jay Z’s new fragrance, customers can look for the fancy packaging as a it comes in a sleek white bottle and a black leather gift box, and has words including “power, success, courage” etched in the gold top. In case future customers are wondering, the fragrance contains hints of yellow ginger, cypress, vetiver and bourbon vanilla (among many others).

Jay Z is already well established as a business mogul, and in addition to his career as a hip hop artist, he has started a clothing line, a sports agency, and several other business ventures.

In order to create his new scent, Jay Z collaborated with Firmenich perfumer extraordinaire Ilias Ermenidis. In relation to their partnership Ermenidis said “He has a natural cool that people want a piece of. In developing Gold Jay Z, I wanted to capture both the vibrant ambitious part of Jay Z’s charismatic persona and his effortless style that he naturally embodies through a fusion of notes chosen by Jay Z.”

Eariler this year, he released his latest album titled “Holy Grail,” which also featured a documentary film that went along with it. The hit song from the album, “Holy Grail” had a music video which also debuted exclusively on Facebook, the first time that a song has ever done that.

As if he does not do enough on his own, he was also listed, along with his wife Beyonce, as Forbes’ highest paid celebrity couple.

Jay Z is arguably the most successful celebrity who has used his money and power to make moves in the world of business, and does not show any signs of quitting that yet.

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