Jay Z and Beyonce: Exploiting Justin Bieber?

    June 29, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Jay Z and Beyonce used a mugshot of Justin Bieber at the opening night of their ‘On the Run’ concert at Miami’s Sun Life Stadium on Wednesday night. They also used mugshots of other music artists including Jim Morrison, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, and David Bowie. Beyonce commented while the mugshots were shown in a montage, saying “even the greatest can fall.”

As most everyone knows, Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami last January on suspicion of DUI and drag racing. But was it necessary for his larger than life mugshot to be shown on huge video screens throughout the stadium? He’s in a very different league than those of Jim Morrison and Diddy. And he’s a kid, too.

Certainly Justin Bieber should do the time for his crimes, but this almost seems like exploitation on behalf of Jay Z and Beyonce. In order for Bieber–who is just 20 years old–to salvage his career and possibly even his life–he needs people to stop thinking of him as a thug. Of course mugshots are in the public domain, so no copyright infringements took place. What Jay Z and Beyonce did wasn’t illegal–just perhaps unkind.

Some concert-goers reacted to the display.

Jay Z and Beyonce moved their tour to the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati last night. It will be interesting to learn if Justin Bieber’s mugshot was shared there as well.

Justin Bieber needs to take the necessary actions to change his life on his own. No one can do that for him. And if he continues behaving in such a derogatory manner he may very well swirl down that proverbial toilet into a wasted oblivion. But seeing that he is a kid–one who got too much too fast and didn’t know how to handle it–is it right of Jay Z and Beyonce to exploit him this way? Might they have not also swirled down the loo in much the same way if circumstances were different? They certainly have access to many other mugshots of musicians in high places that they could have used instead.

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  • mrbrockpeters

    The black man has always been exploited by the white man. Time for the black man to exploit the white woman.

  • Best guest

    I agree with the author Kimberley, Beyonce has been very unkind to Justin, ungrateful too!
    Actually Justin made her famous – every time Justin was asked, who is your childhood crush? He replied “Beyoncé”
    She is disgusting disgraceful
    Yes Justin is the greatest but he did not “FALL” in the eyes of his fans! Does she really believe all that rubbish in the media and especially from TMZ?
    The fact is, Justin has never been convicted of any felony or criminal law, in fact he has never even been charged as yet but in the cruel eyes of the gladiator journalists he has been tarnished as ” bad boy Bieber”