Javier Hernandez to be on FIFA 14 Covers in North America


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EA Sports has announced that is has signed Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez to a multi-year endorsement contract. As part of the new contract, Hernandez will be featured on the cover of the upcoming FIFA 14 in Mexico and on one of two different covers in the United States version of the game. Hernandez will appear alongside Lionel Messi, who had already been announced as the main cover athlete for the game.

"For me it's a real honor to have been selected to appear on the cover of FIFA 14, first of all because I declare myself a big fan of this game, and second because I'm looking forward to sharing my passion for football and EA Sports' FIFA 14 with fans all over the world," said Hernandez.

The FIFA 14 NA cover

The 25-year-old Hernandez is a forward for Premiere League team Manchester United. He is also a member of the Mexican national team, for which he is currently the third-highest goalscorer of all-time. EA Sports has stated that Hernandez will be come an "ambassador" for EA Sports and called him "the cornerstone" of its marketing efforts in the Mexico and North America.

"We have long admired the flair and passion Chicharito brings to the sport," said David Rutter, executive producer of FIFA 14. "With Hernandez on our team we have Mexico's best and most exciting player to help EA Sports make a deeper connection with our fans."