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    April 27, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The JavaOne Conference organizers have posted their recommended destinations for developers who code away on an enterprise level.

Sun Developer Network writer Ed Ort contributed a top ten list of where enterprise developers may want to go at the JavaOne Conference in San Francisco this year. Ort sees 2006 as an important one for Java technology:

With the upcoming finalization of the Java EE 5 platform specification and the near-term release of the Java EE 5 SDK — a preview release is already available — enterprise developers have access to technologies such as Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 3.0 that make development of enterprise applications easier than ever before.

He also noted open source and interoperability are important themes for 2006, and acknowledged the growing importance of the GlassFish open source Java EE 5 application server project.

With Ajax, JavaServer Faces, and the new Persistence API among the hottest topics of interest at the conference, Ort recommended ten “must-see” destinations, which we’ll list and very briefly summarize here. More details may be found in the conference catalog.

EJB 3.0, Java Persistence API, and the Web Tier (TS-1887) – The Java Persistence API is a new standard API for data persistence and object/relational mapping.

What’s Happening With SOA in Open Source? (TS-2002) – This panel discussion features technical representatives of companies such as IBM, Sonic Software, LogicBlaze, and Sun Microsystems as well as representatives of open-source communities such as ObjectWeb and JBoss.

Project GlassFish: Developing the Java EE SDK (TS-3274) – As noted earlier, this focuses on the Java EE 5 platform-compliant application server, what it can do, and where it is headed.

Java Technology Techniques for Developing AJAX Applications (TS-3376) – AJAX is just as much a hot issue for Java developers as for any others; this discussion features Bruce Johnson, who participated in a major AJAX effort at Google and will discuss what he learned about AJAX.

Evolving JavaServer Faces Technology: AJAX Done Right (TS-1161) – More AJAX here, in this case the combination of AJAX and JavaServer Faces technology as a way of creating highly interactive and fast web applications.

Java API for XML Web Services (JAX-WS) 2.0 (TS-1194) – Learn how to simplify the task of developing web services through the use of JAX-WS 2.0.

Composable Web Services Using Interoperable Technologies From Sun’s “Project Tango” (TS-4661) – Sun and Microsoft’s work on Project Tango focuses on better interoperability between the Java EE platform and Microsoft .Net and the Windows Communication Foundation.

Spring Framework Update (TS-3744) – In this session, Spring’s cofounder Rod Johnson covers what’s new and cool in Spring.

Developing a Commercial Web Site, Using the PHP Scripting Language and J2EE Platform Web-Tier Technologies: Challenges, Benefits, and Drawbacks (TS-5672) – Aside from having a lengthy title, the session draws on case studies that compare and contrast website development in PHP and J2EE.

Twelve Reasons to Use NetBeans Software: Episode 2 (TS-1387) – New features in the open-source NetBeans IDE, including those for web application development, will be discussed.

JavaOne takes place May 16-19, 2006.


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