Javalobby Deploys Resin Application Server

    December 17, 2004

Caucho Technology announced that Javalobby has deployed their site on Resin application server.

Started nearly a decade ago, Javalobby is a major online resource that represents the Java developer and user community. Javalobby is known as “the heart of the Java community” and led by engineers who share a common interest in Java software development and the advancement of Java standards and software. The main purpose of Javalobby is to represent the needs and concerns of the Java developer and user community to the companies and organizations who have influence in the evolution of Java.

Caucho Technology produces Resin, a leading application server used by thousands of corporate, education and government clients. With customers that have large and demanding sites including EBay’s, CNet, Evite, the American Red Cross, the Toronto Stock Exchange and, Resin delivers fast and stable performance under heavy load situations.

“We have been delighted with the performance and scalability of Resin in the Javalobby Network applications,” said Rick Ross, founder and president of the 150,000-member developer group. “We have always had great respect for the way Resin delivers outstanding speed while adhering closely to key Java standards. The switch to Resin was easy, and the pages fly from the server.”

Steve Montal, Director of Sales and Strategic Partnerships said, “Javalobby is a great resource for developers in the Java community.” Montal added, “Based on our performance and features, Javalobby chose Resin as their application server. We look forward to working with them to continue to develop a strong and valuable resource for the Java community.”

Caucho Technology recently released an open source version of its Resin application server. Resin Open Source provides JSP, Servlet, and EJB functionality under the GPL license.

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