Java Gains, .NET Holds In The Asia Pacific

    June 14, 2006

Asian developers are steadily adopting Java EE 5, according to the first volume of Evans Data Corp’s APAC Development Survey. .NET is also doing well in the Asian market, with a heavy majority of developers using it in addition other products.

The firm surveyed individuals in China, India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and East Asia, and found that 36 percent of these developers are using Java EE 5. While that may not sound like an especially strong figure, it represents a 200 percent increase from 6 months ago, and is twice the adoption rate in North America. And about two-thirds of developers in the Asian Pacific expect to be using the product within two years.

Microsoft .NET, meanwhile, has maintained a steady hold on its market. 75 percent of Asian developers reported using the architecture, and 13 percent claimed they use it exclusively. Over half of those who took the survey believe interactions between Java EE 5 and .NET are an important matter.

“These results speak to the superior technical strength of both managed code languages,” said John Andrews, the president of Evans Data. “It’s a tribute to both communities given that the bar for feature rich and high performance applications continues to rise, and both are meeting the challenge.”

The survey, which was filled out by over 400 developers in the Asian Pacific, also found that 35 percent of developers who target Java technologies also write Web services that are used outside company firewalls.

One disturbing bit of information surfaced when two-thirds of the developers reported that their companies had at least one breach of security in the last year – double the number disclosed by their American counterparts. But 26 percent of the respondents believed this was due more to “social engineering” than anything else.

Regardless of these security issues, it looks like Java EE 5 is quickly gaining ground, and .NET is holding its own, as well.

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