Jason Biggs Apologizes for Offensive Malaysia Airlines Tweet

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Jason Biggs has once again apologized for a tweet he posted Thursday following the downing of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine, which killed all 298 people aboard.

Biggs made his apology while co-hosting ABC's The View on Monday.

"I made a tweet the other day, and I'd just like to say a few words on it," Biggs said to his co-hosts and the studio audience.

He explained that after he posted the tweet, he received a lot of angry feedback on Twitter, including one that hit home for the Orange Is the New Black actor.

"There was one line, an old adage: 'Never attribute to malice that which is explained by stupidity,'" he told his co-hosts.

"I certainly meant no harm; there was no malice, but I was stupid," he continued. "It was poorly timed. I've always tried to find the humor in situations … it's a knee-jerk reaction for me, it's how I cope."

The offensive tweet, which Biggs meant as an innocuous joke, read, "Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?" He later deleted the post and followed up with an apology.

When asked by The View's Jenny McCarthy why he decided to retract his tweets and issue an apology, he said, "I just knew when I put it out and the reaction from people. I also wasn't aware of the extent and magnitude of what had happened. I didn't think. … I have nothing but sympathy for the victims and their families. I've learned my lesson, and I'd like to move on."

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