Jarboe & Zawodny/RSS & Podcasting

    November 16, 2005

Our publisher and CEO, Rich Ord, is spending quality time at the tables in Vegas, but he’s nowhere near the casinos. He’s listening to industry gurus Greg Jarboe and Jeremy Zawodny talk about making the most out of RSS and podcasts.

The big push was the relevance of RSS feeds in the future. Jarboe stressed, “You should take the RSS story to heart.” He went on to say all organizations should pay attention to this because you could think of RSS feeds as a text broadcast of the site’s content.

He pointed out some interesting statistics too. He pointed out a much larger population is unaware of RSS feeds. Citing statistics from Yahoo, Jarboe said most people don’t use RSS many don’t even know it exists. Those that do use RSS feeds subscribe to world and U.S. news feeds. Then, on average, RSS users on have about 6.6 feeds.

He emphasized getting your feed out there. “Don’t create feeds, create ones consumers can’t live without.” Like so many others, he also said focus on the content, not the technology. At the end of the day, that’s what most readers are looking for.

Zawodny continued on the same track. He called RSS the ultimate opt-in. It generates traffic and readers fetch content frequently. You can syndicate summaries and send clicks back to your site and more and more people are subscribing to RSS feeds.

He suggested adding to “My Yahoo” (surprise) because the button will increase the subscriber base. He pointed out bloggers love RSS feeds and there are more and more active bloggers.

He also discussed RSS will soon be baked into everything. It will be in all the browsers and email software. It’s already in some of them and it’ll be in the rest in the next year or so.

He said what we can do today is:

-create good, relevant content

– provide feeds and ping

-add them to directories

-use the add to my yahoo! button

-read the publishters guide to

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.