Japan's First PS4 Commercial Is Kind Of Mean


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Traditionally, Sony has launched its previous PlayStation consoles in Japan first. You could chalk it up to how Japanese companies tend to the needs of the home market first. That all changed with the PS4 as it launched in the U.S. and Europe in November while Japanese gamers have to wait until February 22. Now Sony is using that three month gap between the U.S. and Japanese launch of the PS4 in its first PS4 ad for Japan.

In the first TV commercial for the PS4 in Japan, Sony teases Japanese gamers with imagery from PS4 launches all around the world. Obviously, the intention was to show Japanese gamers just how excited we in the West were when the PS4 launched in November. The intention is entirely lost, however, when you realize that it looks like the ad is just rubbing in the fact that Japan didn't get the latest Sony hardware first this time. Even worse, they had to wait three months for Sony to launch the console in its home territory.

But hey, at least Japan is getting the PS4. Microsoft still hasn't revealed its Xbox One plans for the region, and has even delayed the console's launch in a number of Eastern European countries. Granted, the Xbox One isn't expected to perform well in Asia, but the Xbox 360 did have its fans in Japan. It must have been even worse for them to see the Xbox One launching in almost every major country around the world except for their own on November 22.

As we approach the PS4's Japanese launch, you can expect Sony Japan to ramp up its marketing efforts. If you're feeling a little sadistic, you might want to see more ads like this. It's certainly a little funny, especially when compared to the ads we got in the U.S. and UK.

Image via playstationjp