January Jones: Not Out to Steal Liam...But Should Be

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Rumors of racy text messages between Miley's "mortified" squeeze, Liam Hemsworth and January Jones are being vehemently denied by their respective representatives, though the world would totally understand Hemsworth's desire to seek companionship elsewhere. UPI reports that Hemsworth's rep said, "The story of Liam Hemsworth and January Jones is entirely fabricated by US Weekly. There is no truth whatsoever to this tabloid fiction".

While Miley is on a daily mission to "sext" the world, her relationship with Hemsworth appears to be crumbling. Rumors started when Liam, 23, and January Jones, 35, were spotted leaving an Oscar party together, right around the time Miley ditched her engagement ring.

And more recently, sources close to the couple say Hemsworth is "just weeks from calling [their engagement] off permanently." They said he found Cyrus's raunchy performance at the MTV Video Awards "mortifying" and "he is over her." The troubled pair were last seen in public together at the Los Angeles premiere of Hemsworth's latest thriller "Paranoia."

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