Janet Jackson: Still Not Forgiven For ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’

    August 21, 2014
    Val Powell
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It’s been 10 years since the controversy around the performance erupted, but it seems that Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” at the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show might have put her on the National Football League’s (NFL) blacklist for a lifetime. TMZ Sports recently approached the NFL to discuss possible acts lined up to perform at the Super Bowl XLIX next year in Arizona and were reportedly told by them that Jackson was definitely not going to be invited in 2015.

“As for potential acts—we have only ruled out Janet Jackson,” stated the NFL.

Jackson became embroiled in media controversy when she performed at the halftime show for Super Bowl XXXVIII. In an incident widely known as “Nipplegate,” the pop superstar shocked fans and viewers when as part of her act, she had co-performer Justin Timberlake rip off part of her clothing, which exposed her right breast. Meanwhile, Timberlake has not been blacklisted by the NFL despite being part of the performance.

Relive ‘nipplegate’: Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake perform at 2014 Super Bowl

The NFL did not discuss potential acts for Super Bowl XLIX with TMZ Sports, but rumors are circulating that those acts include Rihanna, Katy Perry and Coldplay. The rumors concern artists that are currently raking in millions from concert sales, unlike Jackson, who last toured was in 2011.

However, the NFL is also rumored to have asked the artists they invited for Super Bowl XLIX to pay for the chance to play, although there is no information on how much the league asked for and no confirmation from the NFL itself.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the acts who were asked to pay for a spot at next year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show gave the request a “chilly” reception. One reason cited for why the NFL is asking for money from artists says that the Super Bowl bumps up their popularity and sales, but musical performances also promote the event on social media and draw viewers who aren’t regular fans of football. An NFL spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal that when they have something to announce, “we’ll announce it.”

  • Bill Durling

    How about Artists banning the NFL for the double standard of banning Janet Jackson but not Justin Timberlake?! Jeez!

    • KpomKwem

      I guess it’s because he didn’t expose his ding dong.

      • ButStill

        No, but he did expose Janet’s breast. Justin has a hand at this too. Pun intended.

  • Kevin Higgins

    Most of us forgot about this incident 2 days after it happened. May we suggest you do the same.

  • Jelly

    Sexism at its finest….

  • KpomKwem

    So they don’t believe in second chances.

  • Real

    The wardrobe “malfunctioned” when Justin Timberlake ripped her clothing off.

  • http://www.nationalshowtickets.com NatShowTix.com

    Just remember; its Ms Janet if you miss me! NFL You Have A Nerve Trying To Extort Money Out Of Your Half Time Entertainment

  • tee-y

    Hell with the NFL, That was 10 years ago. even Jesus forgive who do they think they are. The game is nothing but a big hype and most if not all are blow outs. She is married to a billionaire do you think she cares. It’s not like its her lively hood.

    • Deb Roberson

      Yeah, the writer tries to throw shade at Ms. Jackson talking about her not making millionaires like the other pop tarts…um…she’s a billionaire *MAJOR NIPPLE BARING FAIL* Anyway they are all pretty much copy cats (and BAD ones at that) of Ms. Jackson If Ya Nastay…STAY IN YOUR LANE MR. POWELL 😉

  • tee-y

    Justin gets a tong lashing, what bullshit!


    Janet Jackson doesn’t need the Super Bowls validation. She still has millions of fans. She may not have any albums or tours currently, but she’s been very successful. This was a huge deal way back then, but compared to Rhianna walking around naked for no reason or Nicki Minaj assets out for the world to see,whats the difference.?]
    #Team Janet.

    • KpomKwem

      Plus Janet is part of a musical dynasty.

  • Alkebu Barca

    The Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction, was just that….. get over it she didn’t pull the garb down it was Justin Timberlake so if anything he is the one everyone should be upset with….. time to move on people…

  • Byrd

    All the sexual explicit story-lines and sex scenes on TV then and now, exposing her nipple was not that big of a deal.. Get over it NFL.. really …

  • Mike Dancy

    Who gives a damn about Janet Jackson’s nipples or for that matter, Janet Jackson. I know I don’t!

    • maeka

      So why are you commenting then? Fuck off.


    the nfl is so corny!!! 10 years ago. janet doesn’t need anything from the nfl… she was one of the best performers they had in years lol! thank you janet for being you, we all kno it was an accident and that yu didn’t mean to expose youself. how my times do they want you to apologize? once was fine enough. the halftime shows now are garbage, and so are the commercials ! all that money the nfl brings in they need to do better. im not surprised they are still hating on j. this just shows they don’t appreciate good performers. JANET SAY FUCK NFL ON THE VINE PLEASE LOL

  • RD

    I will forgive her if she shows more skin 😉 And who cares about the NFL!!!!

  • Troyal

    What? That was a Beautiful Black Titty! Janet don’t need the F***ing “NFL”

  • Troyal

    Get over it already! Damn! Ya’ll just mad cause it was a Black Titty that got exposure, had it been a white titty, the Bull SHit would have been swept under the f***ing rug. Really!

  • yanni54

    I don’t think any artist has ever performed more than once at the Superbowl, so I believe Janet Jackson has done hers. Justin Timerlake was never called out by the NFL for his part in this BS. Janet is now married to a billionaire and happy, so I assume she really could care less about what Roger Goodell and those holier than thou judgmental jerks in the NFL thinks!!

    • Illwritealready

      yanni54, I believe he’s been a guest twice, but never a headliner. Once was with Nysnc. He’ll be there headlining though. Believe it.

  • Illwritealready

    Now that they may want artists to pay, I doubt she’d perform anyway. Of course Justin is welcome. I’m sure he will back, sooner than you think. He seems like the type that would pay too. Gladly.

  • stevie j

    why can’t the NFL just let it go? these children have seen more explicit things, a nipple isn’t anything to them. i was in the 7th grade when nipplegate happened and i was already having sex and watching pornography. beyonce, rihanna and nicki minaj promote porn everyday and it isn’t a problem, they don’t seem to get banned. janet jackson is one of the best selling recording artist in history selling over 140 million records worldwide and she is married to a billionaire. do you really think she cares what these sexist, racist pigs think? i think not.

  • Rob Nero

    Really? not forgiven?…. this coming from the nation that made Kim Kardashian a millionaire because of an ‘accidentally found’ sex tape and this nation is still giving her money (as it continues to spawn the same behaviors as we make them rich)? Maybe we should hold the mirror to our OWN faces of hypocrisy before we continue to damn Janet Jacksons mild exposure (accident or not) it was harmless. And the human breast is still the same as they ever were. What a dumb society we can be. FIX YOURSELVES before trying to correct someone else

  • joshuasweet

    I do not see it as an accident as she had jewelry ready to show.


    who the fuck cares it was a 40 year boob theNFL WITCH IS THE NO FUN LEAGUE THEY CAN GO FUCK THEM SELVES

  • scott strother

    this crock’s larger than the Grand Canyon. had it happened to anyone else, it would have been celebrated. That the n F l attempts to present itself as some kind of paragon of high-minded piousness amid all it’s sexual mayhem, and tom-foolery is a complete, stupid joke. no ones fooled by this nonsense.
    get over yourselves.

  • Mark

    Are you kidding? I wish she had more wardrobe malfunctions!! 😉

  • shade

    I am not as interested in the NFL Superbowl games as i used to. Since they made such a big deal about this incident.

  • Bob

    Tis issue has become tired and no longer newsworthy either by the NFL or anyone else. The NFL needs to focus on physical & sexual abuse issues frequently occurring with their multi-million dollar players, they are paying. Knowing that his was apart of the half-time act with J. Timberlake, why then didn’t the wardrobe department insure that this part of her attire was secure enough for this action?

  • Carlise

    Perhaps Janet would not have performed anyway since I read on the Internet that she has converted to Islam and is now a Muslim.

  • Alan

    Pond Scum like Michael Vick can torture and kill animals for sport but god forbid Janet Jackson be forgiven for showing a BREAST! Geeze, how many were scarred for life for those that actually caught the blink and you missed it nipple. I guess if she could throw a ball around and win a few games anything is forgivable. Justin was just as guilty but oh no he’s not banned either. Guess he has the wrong anatomy. Uptight idiots were the only ones who were upset about her breast. Anyone who was upset over her bare breasts should make a quick stop at their local Adult Bookstore and buy a big one to relive some of that tension. Baring a breast in the USA is worse than hanging animals by their neck, smashing their teeth out and using them to kill each other. Yet, he was welcomed back and even propped up. Sickening. What about all the other players who have gotten DUI’s, raped, etc. But yes, ya gotta ban the Breast. If the NFL really cared about doing something who not zero tolerance for wife beaters, drunk drivers, rapists. Even in Steubenville one if not more of the boys charged with Rape of a young girl are back in the game after 10 months. Guess if you can throw a ball around really really good your can get away with almost anything. They talk about forgiveness when it fits their agenda. Ten years later their still talking about Janet’s breast but what about Vick and some of the other NFL players and their criminal behavior. Hypocritical idiots!!!

  • Alan