Janelle Monae Has Secret Video Of Obama Dancing


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Janelle Monae has some serious blackmail on President Barack Obama!

While at the Democratic National Committee fundraiser on Wednesday, July 23, Obama revealed that Monae has a "secret" video of him dancing with R&B singer Usher. The event took place at Shonda Rimes', the creator of the hit show Scandal and ABC's Grey's Anatomy, home where Monae and Obama were just a few of the many guests in attendance.

Obama had the opportunity to speak at the event, and had nothing but nice things to say about the 28-year-old singer. He sang Janelle's praises and said that he and his wife Michelle both love her and live having her perform at the White House. "Janelle has performed at the White House, like, 15 times," Obama told the crowd. "There's going to be an official Janelle Monae room in the White House. We love her. Michelle and I love Janelle. We love her energy. We love her talent. But we most of all love her character. And anybody who gets a chance to talk to her, this is just a remarkable, strong, smart young lady."

He then jokingly admitted that Janelle was the only person in possession of a secret video of him breaking it down on the dance floor. "And I have to say nice things about her because she may be the only person in possession of a video in which I try to keep up with her and Usher on the dance floor," he added. "Now, this is top secret. She has promised that this will never be released. But she can blackmail me at any time."

Janelle admitted that she still had the video, and was asked by Obama to testify to his dancing skills.

"Now, tell the truth now, though, Janelle -- I wasn't bad, though, was I?" he asked. "I'm just saying. Go ahead, testify just a little bit ... Let me say I did not drop in splits. But I did bust a move. That I did."

Image via Wikimedia Commons