Jan. 30th Dubbed Intl Delete Your MySpace Account Day

Mark Zuckerberg not behind the bullhorn

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  • Guest

    Cool!  MySpace is run amuck anyway. Teenagers can find better things to do than goof-of on the internet at MySpace.

  • Guest

    WOW 25 people are behind this movement? I guess the millions of other people are just seconds behind. I could get 25 people to say we’re going to the moon on a cat-shaped balloon too, if this is what passes for news at WPN, I think this will be my last trip here.

    • Doug Caverly

      Sheesh, you try to cover a story at any early stage of development . . . . It

  • http://www.myspace.com/gouldengirl Guest

    I’ll leave my Myspace pagES alone. =) I use both everyday and I help run a 3rd page.

    Tom’s put up the CAPTCHA thingy, so if you’re too lazy to turn it on in your settings, then by all means, delete your Myspace. That means it’ll run a lot better on my end. The CAPTCHA stops spam and porn bots from messaging/adding you. That’s why Tom created it.

    And I do agree with you on the bleeding eyes while looking at some profiles, but that’s because those idiots think it’s awesome to include every blinding color under the sun on their profile. I mean, you can send them a message and let them think you’re psycho for yelling at them because your eyes can no longer see normal colors anymore, but that’s not going to help anything. You can’t control other people’s profiles.

    I use Myspace for networking. I work for a promotions company, and all our business is done on Myspace. I’m branching from that company to do photography, and I upload my pictures on my new page. Myspace is great networking. If you use it properly.

    So go ahead, delete your page! It’s not really going to affect anything. There’s so many people on that site that it’s not going to affect the creator(s). Depending on how many people delete their page along with you, Myspace may run a tad bit quicker. =D

  • Guest

    Please castrate yourself.

  • Guest from fark

    Simon does not list any alternatives to MySpace, nor does he give "ten reasons to leave for" any other site.

    He merely states ten pet peeves of his and says that people should delete their MySpace accounts.

    In the future please read an article before misquoting it. At eight paragraphs, a picture a list it would doubtlessly have taken you all night.

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