Jamie-Lynn Sigler Gives Birth To Baby Boy

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Jamie-Lynn Sigler gave birth to a baby boy on Wednesday, her first child with fiance Cutter Dykstra.

Early reports say the boy's name is Beau, but no further details have been released. Sigler and Dykstra have said that the baby was a "surprise", but a very happy one.

"We definitely thought it was going to be a slow relationship process, and possibly engagement - I felt like it was coming - so the baby definitely threw us for a loop but a really exciting surprise," Sigler told SheKnows. "Cutter is everything I've ever wanted, he's my best friend, for sure. When we met I knew he was going to be in my life forever."

Sigler said earlier this year that the symptoms of pregnancy hit her hard in the early months.

“The first few months were not fun,” she said in an Us Weekly interview. “I got hit pretty hard, but I feel fantastic now. It’s the most natural thing your body can do. I have no part in anything that’s happening with the baby. I’m just kind of a vessel, so it really is a miracle and it really is an exciting time. If I feel like eating something I will. I haven’t read a single pregnancy book or anything. I’m just letting it happen.”

The former "Sopranos" actress also said that having a child to care for would be a totally different experience than anything she's ever done and compared motherhood to showbusiness.

I'm excited to sort of have me come second," she said. "I'm really ready for that. I'm ready to have that experience. ... It's such a beautiful process of life to grow your family. Especially with what I do, we get pampered and catered to so much and it's so lovely, but I'm ready for someone to be dependent on me."

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