Jamie Dornan Protective of 'Fifty Shades' Costar

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Jamie Dornan is reportedly very protective of his Fifty Shades of Grey costar Dakota Johnson on the film set. And despite the fact that there's a bit of tension on set between Fifty Shades author E.L. James and director Sam Taylor-Johnson (James wants Fifty Shades to perfectly mirror the book and Taylor-Johnson has not-so-gently reminded her that she is the director) things between the film's two main stars are just fine.

"Jamie Dorman is really protective over Dakota," a source explains. "She is very friendly and talks to everyone [crew, security, etc.] Jamie stays to himself and does not talk much. Jamie thinks Dakota gets really distracted, because she is so nice to people and so he will walk over to who she is talking to and try and end the conversation. He is nice about it, but he does ask them to leave her alone."

It seems Johnson is fast becoming the perfect Anastasia Steele, too.

"Dakota is nailing her role" as Anastasia Steele. "Everyone on set loves Dakota," the source shares.

Not everyone thinks the Fifty Shades of Grey filming is going along swimmingly, however. Neighbors in Vancouver near the set are a bit less than pleased.

"Neighbors at the building were upset over the noise and water flying everywhere. An older man continued to ruin scenes by opening his window and shaking a cowbell. He did not stop until they came to some sort of a resolution with producers. Another person in the building told production that if any water comes into his house, they will have to pay for the water damage. Residents are not happy with them shooting there. Eventually they met half way with the cowbell resident—they had to move the rain machine to another location."

But what's a little water and a few ruffled feathers when the end result will no doubt be some very hot and steamy scenes between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. Do you suppose he's as protective of her during those sex scenes as he is during the rest of the filming?

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