Jake “The Snake” Roberts Diagnosed With Cancer

    February 23, 2014
    Ann Casano
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Aurelian Smith Jr., you may know him better by his professional wrestling name, Jake “The Snake” Roberts is in for a different kind of fight. A fight for his life. The semi-retired WWE super star was diagnosed with cancer on Friday after the 58-year-old found a growth behind his knee. Roberts told TMZ that he went to the doctor, had the growth tested, and it came back positive for cancer.

But the show must go on, and Roberts is not ready to give up quite yet. He will have the growth surgically removed on Tuesday and plans to return to the ring as early as March 14th for Jersey Championship Wrestling. Roberts seemed more than optimistic about his prognosis. “If the devil can’t defeat me, cancer doesn’t stand a chance in hell! Pray for sick children who face this horrible disease ’cause The Snake will be just fine.”

Roberts also has a big upcoming appearance in New Orleans, where the legendary scrapper will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Roberts got his nickname “The Snake” because he would bring snakes into the ring during matches. He used many different snakes throughout his career, however, two of his favorites were named Damien and Lucifer. His salad days in the sport came in the mid-1980s to the early 1990s. However, he has stayed active in different wrestling leagues for three decades.

Robert’s trademark move was the “DDT,” which The Snake is often given credit for inventing. Today, the move is considered standard and used by many professional wrestlers. Fans used to cheer for Roberts to use the legendary move to finish up his opponents in the ring, “DDT, DDT, DDT!”

Image via Wikimedia

  • Bob

    Wish him the best

  • Charles Adams

    Not a wrestling fan, but diagnosed with melanoma, already metastasized, 45 years ago, and obviously have survived! Figured out, after five years, and my advice to you and all cancer patients…stop worrying! If you worry about every little bump and widget that appears as being a recurrence, you may as well go ahead and die…because you’re not living!

    Don’t get me wrong, if an odd bump, spot or widget suddenly appears, tell your doctor, but don’t go ballistic over it! Let them do the worrying! That’s what they’re paid for!

    • Ray Ray

      I’m having a “growth” removed from my bladder next week. My family acts like it’s the end of the world and I’m all “Big Deal. Let’s get it over with cause fishing season is soon gonna be here and I still have venison in the freezer that needs to be fixed”.

  • work_a_holic

    Bummer Dude, Keep the Faith Bro we’re with you all the Way, Your Fans

  • Chuck

    He’ll be fine, just know it.

  • Getbusyliving

    Praying for you brother.

    • tbonesays

      Me too. He had quite a life struggle, with a lot of self-inflicted problems. Wish him the best.

  • bluemax1966

    Prayers to the Snake in this fight, as he has overcome so much over the past 3 years, may he come back as he has done. One Strong Dude. May his friend DDP give him the power of the Diamond Cutter, so that the Snake can DDT this cancer…

  • JahDev

    may the almighty bless him with a speedy recovery. amen,and amen.

  • referee kenneth christman

    make a speedy recovery buddy it was great to meet you in person for to meet you again soon

  • Jimmy Beasley Sr

    praying for you jake God will be with you, keep the faith and keep up all the good work you hve done thus far!!

  • Billizer

    Jake “The Snake” was one of the most entertaining wrestlers in the business. Like the time he was supposed to be the “bad” guy in New Orleans. The worse Jake would act…the more he was cheered. Jake got really angry the crowd would not “play along”. As a skycap in New Orleans…I got to take Jakes snake downstairs for many VIP treatments. Good luck, Jake…for your fight against cancer.

  • Cathy

    Make cancer tap out!

  • 49er

    Jake you came to Cincinnati back in the 80’s along with Junk Yard dog, Ricky Steamboat, Macho man Randy savage and Elizabeth
    h and Jimmy Snuka, my daughter was just seven years old, wonderful memories. thank you! Get well dude!

  • royalfuzziness

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Jake.

  • Kimberly

    I loved watching wrestling when I was little. We would watch it with my mom and then we would sneak in the living room to see that my dad was watching it to. Then one who said it’s was crazy to watch it. SO I WISH HIM WELL FROM ONE CANCER PATIENT TO ANOTHER, I made it through Breast Cancer so I know that you can do this to. Much love to you and I wish you well, and I pray for your family as well.

  • william crisler

    looking 4 you to make a speedy recovery,God bless you.

  • Steve Prohut

    Still remember the match where the Earthquake “squashed” Damien. In retrospect, the snake was probably fine, but it still worried the heck out of me. Hope the Snake beats this thing, no problem.

  • http://www.cheesecakesncharmbracelets.com/ Lissa Cakes

    Praying for him. I had the pleasure of meeting him in person and having my photo taken with him. I lost my mama to cancer so I know how difficult it can be.

  • Ana Garnica

    Jake, My prayers are here for you and your family. I know had some bad times during your career. You will beat this just like you did your demons. Don’t forget the Lord is with you at all times and watches over you.

  • Mino Santiesteban

    Well Jake Roberts I hope so tobe alright beside we are going parying for you and get well buddie :-)

  • dennis mondock

    Jake your my favert wwf star hope you pull throught .
    I have had 5big back an neck ops it a fight an you are a fighter so kick cancers ass brother you can do it
    20years ago I called my python Damien to because I wanted to be like you , get better man im pulling for you
    Dennis Mondock