Jackson Suicide E-mail Hides Trojan Horse

    June 10, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

A malicious e-mail purporting to announce a suicide attempt by pop star Michael Jackson contains a link to a malware site.

Sophos Labs have reported numerous instances of the spam message, which attempts to take advantage of intense public interest in the pop performer’s criminal proceedings.

The misspelled subject line of the message reads Re: Suicidal aatempt, and the text of the message looks like this:

Last night, while in his Neverland Ranch, Michael Jackson has made a suicidal attempt.

They suggest this attempt follows the last claim was made against the king of pop. 46 years old Michael has left pre-suicid note which describes and interpretes some of his sins.


The Read More text is a hyperlink to the malware site, which will download the malicious code to a computer. “If you click on the link the website displays a message saying it is too busy, which may not surprise people who think it might contain genuine breaking news about Michael Jackson,” said Carole Theriault, security consultant at Sophos.

“However, this is a diversionary tactic – because behind the scenes the website is downloading malware onto the user’s computer without their knowledge.”

The Trojan has been identified as Troj/Borobt-Gen. Users and administrators, as always, should ensure their antivirus programs are up to date.

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