iVillage Show Canceled

    February 19, 2008

If you have anything to do with iVillage, now might be a good time to back away.  Last week, we received word that 13 employees had been laid off.  Fresh reports indicate that the "In the Loop With iVillage" show has been canceled.

"In the Loop" won’t immediately vanish – some NBC stations should still show it through Friday, March 28th.  Low ratings seem to have doomed the television/Web production, however, and this development appears to be part of a pattern.

iVillage Show Canceled

Michele Greppi recounts the way in which "[t]he show originated from Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla., when it debuted as ‘iVillage Live’ in December."  But, "In an attempt to boost the show’s anemic ratings, NBC News’ in-house production arm, Peacock Productions, took over the hour.  Peacock moved the show to Chicago in search of more celebrity guests; hired executive producer Marlaine Selip . . . and recast it with three co-hosts . . ."

So much for the attempt.  Still, even as a lot of the things associated with the iVillage name implode, Greppi adds, "station group executives are said to continue to believe in the concept behind the show."  There may, then, be yet another cycle of all this at some point in time.

We’d once again advise users, viewers, and/or potential employees to view such occurrences with a healthy sense of caution.