iTunes Activation Server Was Down for Hours

    June 17, 2009

UPDATE: It appears that iTunes is back up and running…we’ll let you know if anything changes.

The iTunes Activation server is currently down as a result of the iPhone OS 3.0 update.

Is the iPhone OS 3.0 worth all of this headache? Tell us.

iTunes is down

We first heard rumblings of the possible server downtime in the comments of my iPhone OS 3.0 article. You can read a few of the comments below…

Yes, no downloads happening right now. My friend was mid – process and his phones is completely locked. It can be undone, but he was on his way to a meeting and was just waiting for the sync to complete. He’s not incommunicado… very bad.

Just installed the 3.0 update and the phone will no longer connect to the iTunes store. I am not even getting a network connection. all I am able to do is make a 911 emergency call. When I plug my phone in iTunes says that it cannot connect to the iTunes store… connection timedout.

I’m seeing everywhere where people took 2-3 hours to get it to work. I am approaching right at 3 hours. Think it would be wise to shut down my iTunes and try to install it again?

Most users are currently being left iPhone-less. The inopportune downtime essentially "bricked" some iPhones that were in mid-update.

Twitter users aren’t particularly happy either. "iTunes" quickly became a trending topic as a result of Twitterers venting their frustrations…

iTune Twitter Frustration

iTune Twitter Frustration

iTune Twitter Frustration

iTune Twitter Frustration

Are any of you experiencing issues with the iPhone OS 3.0 update?
Tell us.