It’s Not Google Maps, But Google Has A New Search App For iOS (With Enhanced Voice Search)

    October 30, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google has launched a new Google Search app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, complete with enhanced voice search, leading many to draw comparisons to Apple’s own Siri.

“When you have a question, finding the answer should be effortless—wherever you are and whatever device you’re using,” says Google Search engineer Kenneth Bongort. “The new Google Search app for iPhone and iPad helps you to do just that with enhanced voice search that answers any question with the comprehensive Google search results you know and love.”

Take a look:

“Fast and accurate voice recognition technology enables Google to understand exactly what you’re saying,” says Bongort. “Getting an answer is as simple as tapping on the microphone icon and asking a question like, ‘Is United Airlines flight 318 on time?’ Your words appear as you speak, you get your answer immediately and—if it’s short and quick, like the status and departure time of your flight—Google tells you the answer aloud.”

The app makes use of Google’s Knowledge Graph, which continues to expand in breadth. Because of this, you can ask it questions about sports stadiums, trailers for movies, time changes, and television casts, to name a few.

iOS users are still waiting for a new Google Maps app.

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