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In this greedy world we live in, we always take advantage of anything that’s free. Everyone loves free stuff. It’s just the way we are. So, what better way to track your site than with the free SEO tracking software available?

According to Aaron Wall, the Author of SEOBook, there are many useful software programs for tracking SEO results that are either free or relatively inexpensive.

These include:

* Google Analytics

* Mint Site Tracking Software

* Digital Point Forums

* SEO for Firefox

* Compete.com

* SEO Digger

Before accepting every free offer that comes your way, you need to research the software first. Each software program should contain a means with which track analytics, page rankings, your back links as well as your competition’s, the number of indexed pages, keyword density within pages, and all historical data.

Email scams are another matter that need to be carefully examined. These scams make unobtainable promises and then take your money and run! Aaron Wall describes this type of marketing as “the marketer is never above the medium.”

He explains that these spammers cannot comprehend what true marketing is if they think they have to use email spam to sell their product or service.

For more information, tune into the WebProNews video “Advice from Aaron Wall on SEO Tracking Software” and see which tracking programs he recommends.

SEO Software Tips
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  • http://www.gtopala.com Gabriel Topala

    Is it possible to add links to these SEO programs?
    I did a Google search for “Mint Site Tracking Software” (http://www.google.com/search?q=Mint+Site+Tracking+Software&rls=com.microsoft:*&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&startIndex=&startPage=1) and found 1,260,000 “results”, but I didn’t find the software.
    Gabriel Topala

    • Jeremy Davis

      The site for Mint is http://www.haveamint.com/

  • http://www.10acne.com Guest

    Google analytics is a great tool. You can’t do SEO without it.

  • http://www.acneskinguide.com/ Acne

    Other very helpful SEO Tools:

    SEO Quake
    Xenu Site Checker

    I find that a combination of all these tools allows most people the ability to cost-effectively run most small SEO campaigns, however you need higher level project management tool and ranking report programs to deal with corporate level SEO.

  • http://www.seovisions.com/ SEO Company

    Good list, but you should include:

    Google Adwords Tool
    KWmap for semantic relationships.

  • http://www.hemroidshelp.com/ Hemroids

    Thanks very much guys for the excellent resources, these will help me alot for my health website on hemorrhoids.

  • http://www.crbuses.com used buses

    Very good list, a few that I can add off the top of my head are Social Marker, MCDar, SEOMoz free tools and Iwebtool.com

    Use these tools quite often in the kinds of work that I do for my websites. SEOMoz in particular is very high quality and very helpful for analytical study.

  • http://www.tickethelp.com/ Speeding Ticket








    Hope this helps!  All great tools.  Particularly Xenu and SEO Quake.

  • http://www.acne-support-group.com/clearpores.php clearpores

     I can vouche for google analytics.. it’s free, and there are hardly any softwares that has more features than google analytics

  • http://www.n2news.com FTA Keys

    I dont think Google Analytics needs vouching!!   :)

    This is similar to another WPN article i just read.  The tools mentioned here are mentioned there as well with the exception of Mint, which I have not tried.

    Xenu is great too – there are other tools that do the same thing but the reports from Xenu are easy to use.  *Make sure you let your client know when you are using Xenu if their site is big!!!!!  You can cause crashes.  Usually, if the site is massive, they will give you a window to use the tool.


  • http://www.discountdressesonline.com/ Plus Size Formal Dresses

    Great Tools – Im not sure that MCDAR works anymore though?  Is there another tool similar?  MCDAR was suggested by a poster, not the article.  Great article btw

  • http://www.ftareceiverforum.com/ FTA Forums

    Great advice re: the spam marketing of some SEO software products.  It’s a really good idea as well to get references from companies who use certain software packages.  A recent SEO software package I bought (which has a yearly subscription) recently stopped giving me any SE info from any SE but Google.  Multiple helpdesk tickets later, i have still not received a response. 

    Take this list as a good starting point, then ask people in your network what they think of the software before you buy!



  • http://www.animaroo.com puppies for sale

    Excellent resource list. Most of these are pretty standard SEO and tracking tools.

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