It's A Long Way Down

    January 10, 2007

I thought I’d pass on this nifty little site (actually, it’s huge) that I stumbled upon over at Phil Lenssen’s Google Blogoscoped site (he credited David Hetfield) called the World’s Highest Site.

What the developers have done is – through the use of CSS – create a site that measures 18.939 kilometers high (that’s 11.769 miles in American) in order to show, well, the fact that it can be done, I guess. The idea is executed quite well and if you are adventurous enough and scroll all the way to the bottom (instead of taking the elevator), you find a note explaining why they conducted this little CSS experiment.

Over at Google Blogoscoped, Lenssen revealed the CSS code used to accomplish such a tall feat:

div#whws { font-size: 100cm; height: 18939em; line-height: 1.0; }

While some of us here aren’t as impressed as others (I can’t even print Jason Miller’s reaction) I think this is a cool concept that was executed quite well. Besides, seeing yet another way the power of CSS can be exploited is always a bonus.

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