It Takes More Than Skills and Experience to Get a Job These Days

    August 9, 2004

A lot of people believe that an employer’s decision on hiring a candidate depends on just skills and experience. Well they couldn’t be farther from the truth because that is false.

Here is the truth

Skills and experience within your profession aren’t what gets candidates the job. The truth is that there are too many candidates with the proper skills and experience to get the job, and ONLY one usually gets the job.

Companies are looking for more than skills and experience these days. So it’s extremely important that you all your individual characteristics mirror your passion.

So what are the other factors that are usually invisible to candidates?

Self-Awareness – who are you and where are you going? What are your plans for the present and the future? How do you know what you want? How do you know that you’re right for this job? Employers want to make sure that you’re not lost.

Learning Skills – Are you willing to learn? Are you current on trends and technology? Are you a person who loves to “grow” within their profession? You want to show an employer that you’re a candidate that learns in order to progress your career.

Adaptability – With everything changing so rapidly today, it’s possible that tomorrow your skills may no longer be relevant. Are you a person who adapts well to change?

Character – Do you show passion in your industry, because when you do, it projects through your rsum, cover letter, and especially during the interview. An employer wants a dependable trustworthy employee. The more you project your positive character, the better!

You can have a huge advantage over your competition by going one step. Create a career portfolio and within it make sure that you showcase all the categories above in the proper manner. I guarantee that this will give you a major edge over your competition.

So you see that it’s not all about skills and experience. It’s really important that you consider the factors above, because them alone can get you the job.

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