IT Managers Stressed By Employees

    October 30, 2007

IT managers are more worried about end users creating a problem for their IT Systems than about attacks from hackers, according to the, "2007 State of Security Report", sponsored by Websense.

More than half of the IT managers in the study said that managing employee’s behavior was the most challenging part of their job.

Forty-eight percent said budget constraints were the most frustrating part of their job, 25 percent said not having time for security, 23 percent said IT security was a low priority and 18 percent cite frustration with ease of deployment.

 The report found that employees estimate they spend 45 minutes per day on personal Internet use and 85 minutes a day on business Internet use.

The IT mangers believe the number is higher and estimate employees spend 89 minutes or 1.5 hours of every working day on personal Internet use.

"People are spending an enormous amount of personal time online at work, much of which raises security concerns for both the user and the IT department," said Joel Camissar, ANZ Country Manager, Websense.

Forty-six percent of employees visit banking and finance sites, 39 percent read the news and sports, 29 percent read their personal email and 18 percent visit job sites.

"It makes a lot of sense for organizations to ensure their external defenses are secure, but we also urge managers to consider threats from within and particularly the way sensitive information can easily slip outside the walls," said Camissar.