Israeli Military Putting Gaza Clips On YouTube

Twitter part of "another war zone," too

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Israel is well known for both developing and buying some of the most advanced military tech in existence.  Now, arms of the nation’s government have begun using two of the tech community’s favorite social media sites in order to explain and defend its recent actions.

These developments are slightly mind-boggling.  First, check out a day-old channel on YouTube featuring (among other things) videos of missile strikes.  The profile states, "The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit is the Israel Defense Forces’ professional body responsible for media and public relations in Israel and around the world.  This is our new site that will help us bring our message to the world."

YouTube Israel
 Israeli Army Using YouTube

Then there’s the Israeli Consulate’s new Twitter account to consider.  A two-hour question and answer session just finished, with Consul David Saranga taking questions from a large crowd.  He concluded, "the point of this was to hear what ppl say and to share our POV with fellow twitters."

Neither outreach effort is likely to hurt Israel’s reputation; openness is hard to criticize.  IDF Foreign Press Branch head Major Avital Leibovich also explained the moves to the Jerusalem Post by saying, "The blogosphere and new media are another war zone.  We have to be relevant there."

Still, whether a country’s intentions can be successfully communicated by short, grainy videos and 140-character messages remains to be seen.  And it’s possible that even these attempts will be limited; presumably due to their violent content, YouTube has already pulled at least two videos the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit posted.

Israeli Military Putting Gaza Clips On YouTube
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  • Hilary Smith

    You defend the weak and the poor. You do not crush them in a vulgar display of power. For the sake of our world, the US must realize that it is not in our self interest to support Israel any longer.

    • Matt

      The weak and poor. Year sure they may be that but thats because they voted for a party that sees value in keeping them that way. Besides this these people have such hatred for Israel and fire missile continuously into Israeli suburbs killing innocent victims. Israel try to warn them to stop before they do anything but the arabs just have to keep stoking the fire. Israel has a right to exist peacfully and the muslim arabs, all of them want Israel driven into the sea. Israel is happy to co-exist but the arabs are not. Jews have occupied Israel for thousands of years according to archeology and the arabs, Palistinians, have been there for less than 200 but claim Israel as their land. The Arabs were not forced to move from Israels and live in refugee camps as is commonly thought, they willingly moved out when they were warned to move by Jordan and Syria and Egypt when they said they were going to annihilate the Jews and give all the possessions to the palistinians. Israel won that unprovoked war and the Arabs have been crying about it ever since. The palistinians got what they asked for and continue to do so.

      • ari

        Having relatives who were bullied to get out of Palestine. These people were driven out and told if they didn’t leave by the jews they would be killed. They didn’t leave because they wanted to leave. Get your facts straight. I don’t expect you to know the truth, because the US press which is run by the jews in this country don’t publish the truth about what is going on in the middle east. If they did, this country would not be so simpathetic to the original terroist which is Israel.

    • Ron

      Is this the same weak and the poor that have been sending missiles into Israel while Israel stands by and does nothing?

      Sorry but I don’t see weak and the poor in those videos, I see missiles being loaded up in a truck to be fired indiscriminately at Israel. I see Israel taking steps to protect themselves.

      I also don’t see the weak and the poor hiding out in mosque I see secondary explosions because they are being used as shelters to protect the weapons not the people.

      I do however see the weak and the poor you are talking about firing the missiles from residential apartment buildings and the same weak and poor then trying to tell the world that Israel targets them.

      I think it is amazing that we are able to see such videos. The videos don’t lie and I suppose that is why it is not acceptable to some. I’m thankful there is the ability to see this for myself and make up my own opinion.

    • John

      “For the sake of our world, the US must realize that it is not in our self interest to support Israel any longer.”

      You got to be kidding us…. The USA should then support terrorist organizations instead?

      Israel is the ONLY democratic civilized county in that region of the world.

    • Guest

      Weak and poor? Huh?… How about terrorists?

  • http://randomplaza.com Richard Mongler

    That’s always cool they do that. Usually most militaries try to keep their stuff off youtube.

  • Guest

    The Palestine-Israel conflict continues to provoke fear and anger in the world like no other yet we, in the west, seem to have no stomach to seek a proper and just resolution. In many ways this is surprising, especially at street level where one would expect ordinary people, who give to good causes and humanitarian needs like no others on the planet, would demand more from their governments. On the other hand it is clear when one reads comments made by the general public that the vast majority of people in the west know very little of the history of the region which leads to them stating opinions which are ill-judged, ill-founded and often blatently influenced by the official government line and by the media who are invariably manipulated by lobbyists and vested interests. They would do well to make the effort to do some independent research before they comment. With the benefit of the knowledge they would glean I suspect there would be a sea-change in attitudes and a real desire for peace among ordinary people which might just be enough to knock heads in government and thereby contribute towards a decent settlement and, at last, provide hope for the future.

    In conclusion, the Palestine-Israel conflict should not be seen as a contest in which to take sides, but an opportunity for the world to show it really is capable of being fair, honest and decent to all people, no matter what their colour, race or creed. And the same might also be said of some other parts of the world which come to mind.

  • http://www.endgame.org.uk/ dismantle civilisation

    thus giving you some justification to escalate that persecution.

    the USA is to blame – without US funding israel would not have the power to oppress the palestnians or the fire power to indiscriminantly bombard the little land that has not been stolen from them by israel with americas backing.

    the usa and its fascist friends need war to maintan their economies, enslaving and oppressing the worlds poor into the globalised system that sees a few people owning and controlling vast amounts while the masses see their lot get smaller and smaller.

    walk away from this system of death – oppose it in all ways you can – wake up!

    • Guest

      You guys are a bunch of anti-Semites. Imagine the town you live in would come under constant bombardment, how would you expect the US government to react?

    • George Ewart

      And Israel and the United States are to blame. Hamas sends hundreds of rockets into Israel and Israel is to blame. There is an easy solution to the problem, send all the bastards to Egypt and Iran and let them live there. Oh, that’s right, no other Country wants the sand niggers.

  • http://islaam.ca/ Guest

    I can’t believe it, but reality obligates me too. The Jews, Christians and Muslims all lived in peace in Jerusalem and its surroundings as long as the Muslims ruled as Islamic law allowed the Jewish and Christian minorities ‘internal autonomy’ in return for the ‘jizyah’ which was a tax that they payed instead of the Muslim ‘Zakat’ or poor due. In return their poor and elderly were given of the poor due if they requested it or the responsible saw them to be in need when they didn’t ask and their youth were exempt from military conscription.

    Anti-Semite is a misnomer and the promise of God to Abraham went for all his children and was long fulfilled by the Arabs and Jews living in the same region, peaceably as neighbors under Muslim rule. It is only after the advent of the racist Zionist ideology with it usurpation of rights of non-Jews, the massacres of Palestinian villages like that of Dir Yasin which were done by the Zionists to force the rest of the Palestinians to flee in mass as the only survivors were the healthy young males that were told by the Zionists to go to the rest of Palestine and let them know what was their fate if they didn’t abandon their property to the Zionists.

    Then you have a years plus long blockade of the Gaza area by the Zionists and the Egyptian government supporting it on the other side because the people of Gaza ‘democratically chose Hamas’ to govern them. So now they send ‘rockets’ into the Zionist occupied regions of Palestine that function basically as a nuisance instead of hitting military targets (yes I don’t favor that stupidity either) and we blame Hamas for ‘barking’ while its people are being starved out with US and world approval because they democratically ‘chose Hamas’. As I understand it, until the Zionists air bombardment commenced, no lives had been lost on the Zionist side; only after it commenced did four get killed. So the Zionists have a right to kill 400 for every four killed?

    I must admit, I don’t appreciate Hamas by the least as it is a ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ organization that- from my understanding does not care about those that don’t believe as they do and finds their ‘blood permissible’ even if they say they are Muslim, but in the same breath, I find Zionism reprehensible and its choke hold on the American political system- if not the world’s political systems- despicable as it keeps us Americans working against our best interests and keeps us ‘giving it weapons’ to further its oppressive ideology.

    Check this out if you want to have a better grasp of what Islam really is and what the Muslim Brotherhood and related organizations including ‘Al Qaeda’ are: http://thewahhabimyth.com/

    • David

      Everyone should understand that Hamas is a terrorist organization like al-Qaeda. They are responsible for the murder of Israeli men, women and children. More than 1,100 Israelis have been killed in terrorist attacks since 2000. As well they devoted the last three years to shooting more than 6,000 rockets into Israeli towns that are not in disputed territory. It’s important to support Israel in this war

      • Abe Bird

        By sending them to suicide bombing mission or forcing them to practice as security shelters for their “brave” terrorists!
        Here it’s coming out from a little Gazan girl: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoi0TGyx_uA .

  • L.N

    WHO IS THE TERRORIST? Israel is saying she’s fighting terrorism by destroying a whole town and using forbidden weapons WHO IS THE TERRORIST?
    they say that arabs hate Israel. how can we expect arabs to love Israel while she is performing continous massacres where ever she is? why there is a lot of things not shown on the media in western countries? Why they say Israel is protecting her self and Palestine cannot do that? how come we ask Palestine to love Israel while they are humiliated, deprived of their rights and they should be satisfied and pleased. who didn’t taste the pain of humiliation cannot understand this.
    these are only SOME of the massacres commited by Israel, and the list can go on for pages, who wants to findout the truth,will find it


  • Guest

    See this link “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yKNIQg4JfA”

  • Guest

    The link has been removed from youtube, but you can watch it on this link “http://www.wntube.net/play.php?vid=1981″ nothing can express the truth of what happened in Gaza more than this

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