IsiPhone The Holy Grail of Podcasting?

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Reports this week of a deal between Apple Computer and Cingular, coupled with Apple’s new speech-recognition patent, have rekindled rumors of the company developing the much talked about iPhone. Would the advent of such a device herald a subsequent launch of wireless podcasting?

An iPhone would come with the obvious advantage of Apple’s established dominance in the sphere of portable music and video.

The question mark in iPhone’s development, however, lies in the realm of podcasting.

Traditional methods of information dissemination are dwindling by the nanosecond. Technology enthusiasts and consumers alike are spending more and more of their time gathering information via the blogosphere as well as through podcasts.

The industry is taking note of this, and the hot trend as of late has been the notion of “corporate podcasts” in an effort to take advantage of the ever-growing podcasting audience.

Jason Calacanis, producer of recently launched CalacanisCast, shares with me his ponderings on the potential of podcasting with the iPhone.

“The Holy Grail is wireless downloading of podcasts. If I could have the daily source code of ScobleShow downloaded to my phone while I’m on the treadmill or walking through an airport, I would be in heaven.”

Robert Scoble gives me his take as well, “iPhone will be popular, but just how good it’ll be for music and podcasting depends on a lot of factors.”

But just what are the factors that will contribute to the success (or failure) of wireless podcasting on the iPhone?

Calacanis touches on two major hurdles in our conversation — “In order to do this you need a) disk space and b) bandwidth, so I think the first person to solve this will have a hit on their hands.”

The major obstacle for Apple thus far has been the issue of storage. Its past attempts to merge iTunes with cellular telephones has been plagued by storage capacity limits in the devices, usually only allowed for 50-100 songs on any given telephone.

The iPod, by comparison, is capable of storing thousands of songs, not to mention video content and podcasts.

If, however, Apple and Cingular can devise a method of overcoming these pitfalls, podcasting could potentially become one of the most viral phenomena that the tech world has seen in quite some time.

Why? Simple mathematics. The iPod is popular, to be sure. The cellular phone, however, has become a near necessity in the 21st century.

Those leery of purchasing yet another techno-gadget to carry around will be drawn to an iPhone, as it provides all the entertainment value of the iPod while also serving the essential communication function of a cell phone.

Consequently, more people will have access to podcasting technology than ever before, expanding the potential audience for show producers such as Scoble and Calacanis –perhaps at an exponential rate.

This is all conjecture, however, but the premise is still conceivable. Nonetheless, one has to believe that podcasters the world over are drooling over the prospect of their shows being made available to such an audience all without the hassle of a single wire.

I know I’ll be one of the first ones to buy an iPhone when/if it hits the street.

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IsiPhone The Holy Grail of Podcasting?
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