Is Your Site Too Vampy?

    September 4, 2003

I took a look at and had a few thoughts to share. My first thought, even when I first saw the thumbnail link on webpro was that it was a porn site. The women are in such “vampy” moods and so intimate with each other, it definitely does not say clothes to me. It is OK, but I think it might make some people feel like the site is not for them. Even when I went to the home page it took me a bit to grock that the site was for womens clothes.

I went to the boutiques page and found myself looking at a big map of the US with a large blank space under it. I wasn’t sure what to do with the map at first because it doesn’t say click on your area or anything (of course I figured it out but I like to “idiot proof my sites”). I think the space below the map could be made smaller so we get right to the listing by state. I would like the state listings to be alphabetical and not by time zone. After all, what does time zone have to do with it? Alphabetical is more efficient and folks want to be quick on the web.

I like the overall look and colors work well, elegant. I liked the layout on the news page but I found the print a bit small to read. I noticed other pages with the same size print and wished it was a bigger. I really liked the rollover thumbnails in the press section.

Margueritte Ogle

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