Is Your Site Ready for IE 7?

    September 15, 2006

Microsoft has already released Internet Explorer 7 for voluntary’ download from their website.

There is discussion on the web that before the year comes to an end, IE 7 will be pushed out as a forced Window XP update rather than a gradual migration process. Literally you could go to bed one night with 6.0 and wake up having IE 7 installed on your machine.

What does this mean for you?

Well from a user perspective, there are increased security features, RSS feed integration, tabbed browser and many more add-ons meant to compete with the ever-growing popular Firefox browser.

For your website, there could be a shift in design layout. For those with more detailed database driven and ecommerce sites, there is a security change in SSL that disables Active X controls by default. This could change the way your visitors browse your products and even purchase them drastically.

Don’t Panic!

Now is the time to carefully review your site. Make sure it works in this new browser before you are taken off-guard (especially if it does occur automatically around the holidays). A good suggestion is to download IE 7 to another computer (other than what you use) and begin testing your website. Changes may be very minimal, but at least you know and everything will be seamless.

Check out IE’s Blog on this subject for further updates and information:

Or downlaod a copy of IE 7 here:

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