Is There Too Much Marketing in Social Media?

Real social interactions appear to be trending downward

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Although social media is supposed to be about real social interactions, it seems that they are getting harder and harder to come by. This trend is really ironic given the basis for what social networking even is.

According to C.C. Chapman of Digital Dads, the reason this is happening to social media is largely due to the growth of the industry. As the industry has grown and advanced, it has gotten much more commercialized and even has an increasing number of tools and regulations associated with it.

In what ways have you noticed the commercialization of social media? Please share your thoughts.

While some of the changes are useful, it’s definitely clear that the original meaning of social networking has gotten blurred. Chapman told us that “common sense gets forgotten” in social media today.

“Basic manners [and] basic talking to people seems to get lost in the megaphone of the Internet,” he said.

Chapman explained that this same type of trend occurred in the early days of the Internet as well when businesses discovered it as an opportunity to make money. Even though there are money-making opportunities in social media that businesses can and should utilize, they do need to be careful as they execute their strategy.

“Let’s face it – businesses have to exist,” said Chapman. “As someone who consults with companies of all sizes, online marketing and social media marketing are amazing tools that, with the right strategy and the right budget and everything, can do amazing things for a company.”

The key in this is that businesses need to have a goal for using social media that consists of more than just creating a Facebook or Twitter page. Chapman said that businesses should think about why they are online and create a goal from the answer. Once this is determined, businesses can develop a strategy by figuring out which tools will help them meet their goal.

However, this doesn’t give businesses the right to neglect the natural interactions in their social strategy. Chapman told us that it still takes relationships to get business done, no matter how big or how small a business is.

“At the end of the day, at least in my opinion, people still buy from people,” he said.

“The company that has basic common sense, basic manners, and still has a good product… I’m gonna connect, and I’m gonna buy from them a lot more,” he added.

In your opinion, are too many businesses forgetting about natural social interactions?

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Is There Too Much Marketing in Social Media?
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  • http://www.brusroom.com Barbara

    I solve this by making my company Twitter and Facebook pages SOCIAL. We operate a small chain of sports grills and the majority of content I post is about topics that people want to talk about; sports, politics, etc. I post polls, questions, links to articles, anything that gets my fans engaged in conversation. And then I sprinkle in a food or drink special here and there. I’m not going to get a lot of replies about my 2-4-1 burgers, but if I ask if Tony Sparano should be fired and my page lights up!

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/social-seo-solutions Nick Stamoulis

    “people still buy from people”

    Couldn’t agree more! I think we get so caught up in the “hype” of social media (or whatever the latest marketing gotta have is) that we lose the forest for the trees. We start focusing on how many friends/fans/followers we have and spend less time actually communicating with them.

  • http://dallasmarketingservices.com/ Chad

    As long as there are still products to market, marketers will continue to chase after the latest media trends to access as many marketing channels as possible. I have seen social media marketing both under and overutilized but it can vary effective in the right hands.

  • http://inkfruitreviews.com/ Inkfruit

    I am totally agree with article. For example, you can take twitter account in that you will not find single tweet which don’t have any link.

  • http://www.q3tech.com Software Product Development

    Its true! Now-a-days there is a lot of marketing in most social media sites. But to what degree the marketing or advertisement is interfering with the user is what makes a site popular or unpopular !

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