Is There a Digg Auto-bury Feature?

    March 29, 2007

After doing some extensive testing and empirical data gathering over the past two weeks I am 99% convinced there is a digg auto-bury feature. Certain domains are flagged to be automatically buried and removed from the normal voting system with as little as one vote and within few as few hours of getting in the queue.

These aren’t just SEO content domains, they aren’t anti digg domains or content. There’s simply no way enough people could have seen the digg submission to actually legitimately bury the story.

The Digg administration will continue to hide behind the guise of user moderated democracy, however with lack of voting transparency (yes buries are votes and need to be transparent) what we really have is an oligarchy ochlocracy of web 2.0 knoblemen.

Update: Hat tip to Matt for his most excellent vocabulary skills!!!