Is Plaxo getting bought or what?

    January 15, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

The consensus seems to be the company is for sale. The latest question concerns Facebook possibly buying them.

Who to believe? Valleywag and Venture Beat seem convinced that Facebook will buy Plaxo:

Facebook is “one hundred percent” buying Plaxo, we’ve just heard from a source.

Others like TechCrunch aren’t convinced:

Why would Facebook part with the rumored $200 million for a service that is so relatively small? Crazier deals have been done, but this one isn’t happening (yet).

Why indeed. Plug-ins, to bring contact information from multiple sources into one place, may be the new plastics. Venture Beat says Plaxo has that solved.

Recent news about Plaxo and Facebook centered on Robert Scoble prying data out of Facebook using an alpha build of a Plaxo tool. Perhaps the gregarious blogger stumbled upon something people weren’t meant to see?