Is No Money a Reason Not to Buy?

    April 2, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

This is the tenth part in a ten part series.

Hopefully you have learned enough by this time that this will rarely happen to you, because you have already covered this base before you ever get this far.  Unfortunately, there are some people who will be slaves to their own rigid way of thinking forever: I call it poverty mentality!  But we owe it to them and oursleves at this point to give them one more chance to step up:  if they say simply that they cannot afford our prices:

  • Oh, that is too bad, and I was so sure this would help you.  (Let them suffer a moment, then continue)Sales is a transference of belief; first you must believe yourself
  • Well, you cannot squeese blood out of a turnip: if you do not have it, two dollars may as well be two million, right? (They will acknowledge, letting down their guard)
  • Just to clarify my thinking….(now go over all the positive stuff they have acknowledged, all the reasons to buy, reminding them of what they said  and making them acknowledge with an affirmation)
  • But you just can’t afford it; otherwise you would buy it, wouldn’t you?  (They will say yes)
  • Now say: I have an idea: and call your manager: repeat the whole interchange outlined here to your superior in front of the customer, and include all the reasons why the program would be good for this particular customer, then do whatever your manager says to do ;-)