Is Miley Cyrus Dead? Nope Just A Hoax


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Miley Cyrus fans were shocked to hear that their favorite performer was rumored to be dead. According to Softpedia, a Facebook post showed a video of Miley allegedly dead on a bed, surrounded by pills and a pill bottle. It implied that Miley had died from a drug overdose.

While the post may have looked legit, it was just a hoax and most true Miley fans were aware of it a short time after viewing the video.

The video is actually a clip from the music video Blonde Super Freak Steals the Magic Brain featuring Miley Cyrus and the Flaming Lips.

Not only was the video a hoax, it was created to get shares and page views. Anyone interested in seeing the video of a dead Miley Cyrus, had to click on it, share it and complete a survey in order to watch it. This caused the video to spread over social networks quickly by those who didn't quickly identify the video as a hoax.

This isn't the first Miley Cyrus death hoax to hit the Internet. Earlier this year a hoax claimed that Miley was found dead in her apartment.

Many celebrities have been the victims of death hoaxes, and these hoaxes can sometimes seem very believable.

Miley hasn't made a statement about the hoax, but it is likely she is just joking and laughing about it.

Did you fall for the hoax?