Is Kenya Moore Really Dating Kordell Stewart?

    September 2, 2014
    Meaghan Ellis
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Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams aren’t exactly the best of friends. That’s no secret!

Now, a new rumor that’s circulating could definitely cause more tension between them if it turns out to be true.

Several media outlets have reported the Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star is dating Williams’ estranged ex-husband Kordell Stewart!

The rumors began circulating when Moore made an appearance at Peter Thomas’ new Bar One location in Charlotte, NC.

For those who missed it, Thomas, Cynthia Bailey’s husband, partnered with the former Pittsburg Steeler for the new venture.

When the two were reportedly seen enjoying each other’s company at the grand opening event for the new bar, the rumor mill kicked into high gear! Media Take Out initially reported the alleged love connection while revealing a few details about the upcoming season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“OK here goes. MediaTakeOut.com learned that in the upcoming season, Peter Thomas opens up a new “BAR ONE” sports bar in Charlotte, North Carolina. He goes in with a business partner, Porsha’s EX-HUSBAND Kordell Stewart,” the gossip site wrote.

“Well word on the curb is that Kordell and Kenya Moore hit it off during the launch party… and the two are DATING. Oh s–t… we wonder what Porsha’s gonna say about that one… LOL!!”

Once the news began making headlines, speculative reports immediately began circulating. So, are the rumors true? Is Kenya Moore really dating Kordell Stewart?

On Thursday, August 28, she took to Twitter to personally set the record straight. The answer is no! She made it clear that she and Stewart are not dating. Moore finds the claim so outlandish that she even accused media outlets of using her name to drive attention to their sites!

Although Moore expressed she’s not remotely interested in Stewart, she isn’t the only one addressing the claims. He’s also offered clarity in regards to the rumors about his love life.

During a recent interview with HipHollywood, he revealed he is involved with someone, but her name is not Kenya. “There is a beautiful lady who I am very interested in,” he said, “however, it is not Kenya Moore.”

  • Inyourownworld

    She needs a storyline and paying Kordell to do this for her. He needs the money for back taxes

  • craigdonahue

    Country bunkin-Beatrice poisson is only player hating on Cynthia Bailys husband!

  • morrow

    Nah, that can’t be true, these two are total opposites and if anything, i believe Kenya is right about what she says, and that is the tv folks are trying to get things to rolling.

  • OG

    I know Kenya don’t want Porsha’s left overs and he is in trouble with Uncle Sam, she aint that thirsty.

    • Faith Britton

      Yes she is. She was always trying to flirt with someone else’s husband (Phaedra). So she’s definitely just that thirsty and more.

      • Marceline Marguerite

        Who husband kenya flirt with?
        Apollo lied on Kenya,Phaedra just bitter women.

  • Charlotte DiLondon

    Does she even date men at all? No one has ever seen her with a man, with the exception of Walter, whom she paid to be her boyfriend during her first appearance on the Atlanta Housewives.

  • Total360

    I am not into this TV craziness, but for the times that I have watched, I do like Kenya. Most will disagree with me, but I think she seems more naïve than the mean person people think of her. I see this vulnerable person who tries to belong through some “fun” activates that sort of backfires. (I think most people are jealous of her.) She doesn’t seem too street smart to me as is Nene or the rest. For her to even allow Apollo to dare think he can have her annoys me. For a woman like her – even if she is unable to conceive – she is still a hot cookie. Uterus worthy or babies do not define a woman. She is articulate and seems refined to me. I think she has more heart than we give her credit.
    I just wish her two things – a nice guy to settle with and a surprise – twins – bam!

    • missbelle

      @Total360, are you sure your aren’t really Kenya typing that statement? That woman is insane, delusional, ugly, creepy, mean and just plain gross. You are either really Kenya or someone she paid to write something nice about her. Hey, we all know she’s not beneath paying someone to pretend to be something they aren’t.

      • Danceroflife

        I disagree that Kenya is insane, delusional, ugly or mean.

        Being described as “creepy” is subjective as is finding another just plain gross.

        • Faith Britton

          insane, delusional, ugly or mean she most certainly is all the above.

          • Danceroflife

            I strongly disagree. Kenya Moore is as emotionally stable as NeNe, Phaedra and more so than Porsha.

    • 2centsandmore

      Total360 the only person naive here is you!. Kenya Moore is nothing but a self centered instigator, that plays the victim when it suits her…both of you need to take a seat!

    • Danceroflife

      I agree. Kenya is never the first to attack and doesn’t appear to be malicious or vicious.

    • Faith Britton

      There’s nothing to be jealous of. It would be nice for her to settle down and move on into quiet society.

  • Robert McAdams


  • Gone With The Wind Fabulous

    Kenya is a very intelligent woman . Should you desire to see Kenya Moore you have to go back to 1990 when was Miss Detroit and you will see how intelligent poised and well spoken she really is. I have been Moore fan from the late 80s and the RHOA cast is baited by the intelligence of a psychology major kudos to you Kenya Summer Moore.

    • Donna

      That was really well written Kenya, but you are not fooling anyone.

  • cross

    she nasty and need a man any man will do even a cast members husband ladies yall better watch out.

    • Danceroflife

      Perhaps it’s time from to move on from repeating a story that has since been revealed to be false; Apollo has admitted that he made up the story because he was angry that Kenya had revealed to his wife that he had sent her a text message. He also admitted that it helped to deflect attention away from him and his philandering. It has been rumored by almost all the more credible blog sites, that Apollo publicly apologized to Kenya during the RHOA taping for next season.

      Becoming “stuck” on a false story told on reality television is literally a waste of time, emotionally and devoided of intelligent thinking.

      Besides, there is nothing “real” about Reality Television.

  • Esperita Doddi

    i like kenya i hope they get rid off nene boring and bully

  • Danceroflife

    After all this time, why hasn’t NeNe been convinced that at the minimum, she needs to take public speaking classes?!?

  • Faith Britton

    Supposedly he was dating Toni Braxton’s sister but furthermore why would Porsha care if they aren’t together. News media is always wanting to be drinking stupid.