Is Google Pulling the Deskbar in favor of the Toolbar?

    March 23, 2005

One of my readers asked me why the Google Deskbar page ( was down so I checked it out.

For the most part, people are only familiar with the main search areas such as the web, news and images. And even in these areas, their knowledge of all the options that would allow them to better harness the power of Google is limited.

When I’ve told others of the vast features and formidable power of Google tools, they are quite frankly astonished. Compounding the problem of this unfamiliarity is the fact the Google does not make much of an effort to even tell us what’s new and what’s in public beta. You’ve usually got to hear about it somewhere else or just stumble upon it.

And Google is just getting started! They are extremely profitable, with thousands of the smartest and most creative people on the planet working for them. You can bet that the rate at which they release more tools will accelerate. How can one keep up?

This is why I decided to create Not only will I be able to help readers to understand more about Google, but in the process I’ll learn more about it myself. Is that my only motive? Yes. I honestly just love Google!

I’ve just started this site in early March 2005, so the content will accumulate as time goes on. Within months, we’ll have a nice database of information from which you can draw. Keep reading, submit any tips you might have, and feel free to comment on each blog entry through the comments form.

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Happy Googling!

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