Is Google Indexing Your Content Faster with Caffeine?

Bruce Clay Talks Caffeine and Search Trends

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During SMX Advanced recently, Google announced that Caffeine, its big overhaul to its indexing system, was completely rolled out.

At the event, WebProNews talked to Google’s Matt Cutts about it. Talking about how Caffeine affects webmasters, he compared it to having a limo waiting to pick you up at the airport, as opposed to having to catch a bus (the system before Caffeine). As much as Matt’s commentary is generally valued throughout the industry, it’s always good to hear commentary from people outside the company as well.

WebProNews has interviewed Bruce Clay of Internet Marketing firm Bruce Clay, Inc. a number of times at various conferences, and he always has a lot of interesting things to say about the search industry. Hear what he has to say about Caffeine among other plenty of other things in the following interview:

It’s been over a week since the Caffeine announcement was made. Have you noticed your content getting indexed faster? Comment here.

Is Google Indexing Your Content Faster with Caffeine?
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  • Guest

    No, Caffeine is a joke and is wiping out a lot of businesses and useful websites. Search results are irrelevant. Content is not being indexed faster and Google indexing has decreased not increased. Yahoo serves better results; therefore, I am not using Google anymore.

  • http://www.LasVegasOkay.com Adsense Publisher

    I have a site with over 13,000 pages and one day I’ll see over 4,800 pages in Google’s index, then it’ll drop to about 3,200. Those pages didn’t just disappear, and even Google’s Webmaster Tools has no errors in crawling to report.

    We launched a new design for that one site in comparison to our old design which is on all our other sites just to see how it would do with the caffeine updates. We went from 800+ pages to over 13,000, and Google still won’t index us fast enough and keeps on dropping pages.

  • http://cijo.i.ph Cijo Abraham Mani

    Google must been using a supplementary index rather than the main index . I can’t see any significant change in indexing new content . If the same speed is applied to all format of web content like blogs,updates,news,video,website etc then the big gainer will be website owners and webmasters.

    • http://www.LasVegasOkay.com Adsense Publisher

      The only real thing I see starting to happen is more emphasis is put on location, so when I search for location specific searches, such as just the word “zoos”, since I’m in Los Angeles, California, I’m going to get the local zoos as a 1st result. So somebody in Las Vegas, Nevada searching for “zoos” would get zoos around Las Vegas, Nevada, while my search of the same word pulls up my area zoos.

  • http://freenintendopointscards.weebly.com/ Guest

    “No, Caffeine is a joke and is wiping out a lot of businesses and useful websites. Search results are irrelevant. Content is not being indexed faster and Google indexing has decreased not increased. Yahoo serves better results; therefore, I am not using Google anymore.”

    D= bummer…
    google is the best in my opinion :)

  • Robert

    Google is all over the place with the number of pages we have in their index. Sometimes we can do a site search, see the number of pages indexed (5800), then click refresh and see this number drop to 2200 five seconds later. This mystical crap needs to stop. Matt Cutts and Google should get over themselves and just tell web publishers what is expected. Does BMW tells its part suppliers, “Just guess at what parts we need for next years model?” We’re not mind readers! The tragic part is, its well known that Google has a couple buildings of humans who are making serp decisions and that even if you figure out their mystical formula, it still might not matter because they’re making subjective decisions.

  • http://www.guarantorloansonline.co.uk Guarantor Loans

    We have had a problem with indexing for a while – takes too long and certainly hasn’t improved since the release of caffiene…Hope it gets fixed, business rely on google too much these days…

  • http://www.searchengineoptimisation.com Phil

    I am positive about new algo and i assume we need to give some time to google to stable with new algo

  • http://www.diamantesdecompromiso.com Guest

    There are many changing in the position of website, for me every day is more difficult. Logically google always go one step befere us.

  • http://www.searchengineoptimisation.com Phil

    Content indexing is fasting but ranking algo and filters seems to change which has make many webmasters concerned that google seems to be confused with how own algo

  • Guest

    Caffeine is bullshit. I had 1600 pages in google index. 700-800 were in main index. Now only 310 left in main index. Though the content on my site is 101% original and useful. Google is throwing away pages out of index unnecessirly. My site traffic gone down badly.

  • http://www.thebookabyss.com.au buybooksonline

    caffeine has had a big impact on our site. We have gone from 4 or 5 on the serps for one particular keyword to 10 or even 12 without changing a thing.
    the serps are less relevant and not location specific.

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