Is Google Going to Start Listening to Its Customers?

    January 8, 2007

As Karen Wickre of the Google Blog team says it’s been quite A year in Google blogging.

There are certainly a large number of achievements as she describes. However there’s an intriguing comment in the final paragraph:

But even if real-time, all-too-human goof-ups make it a bit harrowing on occasion, the fact is a company blog is the fastest way to reach out. So we hope you continue to enjoy the rich stew we aim to serve. And before long, perhaps you can begin leaving comments directly. We’re working on that. Meanwhile, our very best for a satisfying 2007 to you and yours.

You would wonder why it’s ‘before long, perhaps’. There’s certainly no technical problem.

Nathan Weinberg points to a more fundamental problem in his post, Can Google Get More Bloggers In 2007? Unlike Microsoft, which under the disruptive influence of Robert Scoble, now has a vast army of bloggers having open discussions with the outside world, Google has preferred to keep any real discussion among the Googlers within the Googleplex.

Marketing should be a real dialogue between a company and its prospects and customers. Blogging can be an efficient process for that dialogue. Perhaps 2007 will be the year that Google starts using the full power of the blog.


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