Is Facebook Considering Offline Version?

    July 20, 2007

Facebook has acquired Sequoia Capital-back Parakey and everyone’s speculating what they plan to do with the new company. Om Malik suspects Facebook might be interested in providing an offline version of the social networking site.

While it hasn?t disclosed exactly what Parakey is doing, previously published reports hint that the company was working on technologies that would allow offline access to web applications. It wouldn?t be a surprise if Facebook made an off-line version of its social service.

Meanwhile both Robert Scoble and Jeremiah Owyang are concerned that Facebook is a black hole of data – it all goes in, but doesn’t come out. Is it a surprise?

If you take a look around at the top internet companies and they’re all black holes. Can you think of a company as successful as Facebook that has a two-way street of data? The only reason we should expect something different from Facebook is that they’re a social network, so you’d expect the “social” would also apply to the sharing of data.