Is eBay Looking to Unload Skype?

    January 27, 2009
    Chris Crum

Rumors have been circulating that eBay may be interested in finding a suitable bidder for VoIP service Skype. eBay hasn’t exactly come out and said this, but people love to chitter chatter. Times Online reports:

Industry insiders believe that eBay signaled its intent last week after John Donahoe, its chief executive, described Skype as a “great stand-alone business”. This has led to suggestions that eBay would find it relatively easy to part with Skype, if a substantial bid was made.

Mr Donahoe was speaking to analysts about eBay’s disappointing fourth-quarter profits, which had been hit by slowing consumer spending.

John DonahoeDonahoe told the Wall Street Journal that Skype is "getting more valuable by the day," and is already "a $550 million business with excellent operating margins."

Well, this certainly seems like Donahoe’s way of making the service sound more appealing to potential suitors, but there is a good possibility Skype use will rise as mobile phone apps become more popular. A Skype application allows people to make calls for free.

Analysts seem to think that a sale is imminent but a ways off. Maybe a couple more years, giving Skype a chance to accumulate even more value. In the meantime, they’ve still got StumbleUpon to think about too.