Is eBay in Trouble?

Data Shows That Traffic isMoving Downstream

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eBay’s traffic appears to be on the way down. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise if you pay attention to the commentary on message boards and comment sections on eBay articles.

The griping usually comes from disgruntled sellers, and there is a lot of it. We’ve covered that before. Users have been frustrated for a variety of reasons.

If you look at the traffic patterns, you can see these gripes reflected. AuctionBytes looks at Nielsen data for page views, unique audience, and time per person spent on site. Here are a couple of those graphs:

Auction Bytes

Unique Audience - Nielsen / Auction Bytes

Unique visitor data from Compete paints a similar picture. This is from the last three months:

eBay data - last 3 months

The question is how far is this going to go? Will eBay’s numbers continue to plummet or will the company win back the respect it used to get. Competition certainly isn’t getting any slimmer. What do you think eBay’s future holds?

Is eBay in Trouble?
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  • http://DONSCYCLEWARE.COM eBay seller

    I can’t speak for eBay as a whole. However, the traffic to my eBay listings are roughly half of what I saw last July.

    I suppose part of this is due to the general economic down turn. Part is due to the eBay “fad” having passed it’s prime. A major part is probably related to eBay alienating sellers.

    The good news from our perspective is our Yahoo store continues to grow in traffic and sales and is leaving the eBay listings in the dust.
    Same products, lower prices due to reduced costs and the same excellent customer service: HTTP://DONSCYCLEWARE.COM

    Happy selling!


    • Guest

      Its because there are Free auctions sites poping up Like http://www.bidtunnel.com

  • Guest

    After reading about the Twitter effect and how it possibly is to blame for costing “Bruno” $20 mil in ticket sales, I was wondering if there is a way to join forces or as a group Twitter about the horrors of Ebay? I was a loyal seller and buyer, making as much as $60k a year selling antiques in my spare time…then came the fee hike, Paypal holding my funds until items “arrived” (don’t get me started on how many items I lost due to the ineptitude of the USPS) and the detailed seller rating, which buyers didn’t understand and misused. So, I am at a crux in my little business here…

    and would like to put one deep into the ebay machine

    • Roy

      I really don’t understand Twitter but some site against ebay and ebay partner network is way overdue. I’ll sign up to it on a heartbeat as well a ton of sellers/buyers. Have you noticed that every article about ebay has a ton of disgruntle sellers/buyers? Start it up! You’ll get a ton of hits.

    • Guest

      I also say – DO IT. How would one go about it and

      How would you go about this and how we we know about it. I think it is a great idea – this kind of unscrupulous behavior needs to be advertised from the rooftops.

  • http://sportsbuzzy.com Sportsbuzzy

    IF we get more ex sellers to start complaining and make blogs just to keep syaing whats happening !

    HEY ok a FEW 1000 sellers aiant goona kill em but maybe 200,000 would cut deep into FEE BAY and Pay pal enough for them to wake up !

    I Knew once the origainal founder sold out and that new jerk off took over this was going to happen !

    I have great success with other sites and craiglslist also doing well on there BUT now with twiiter system i can drop them both and get like 5000 hits to any site in one day !

    IM gonna make a blog with just forum on it and short descriton for all EX E bayers to come and rant in the forum as they plaese !

    I will not put adsense on it or anay thing cause I wanna see the hate come flaming out UNEDITED !

    • Guest

      I didn’t realize until reading in several places about PayPal practices. And to think I’ve been using it when I had other alternatives! NEVER EVER AGAIN!

  • http://www.Lose100poundsnow.com Lose 100 Pounds

    Nice topic

  • Guest

    Just saw a May 5 2008 article on arstechnica.com re eBay lawsuit against Craigslist. I DID NOT KNOW THAT EBAY OWNED HALF OF CRAIGSLIST!

  • http://www.Lose100poundsnow.com Mark

    I do not think that eBay is in trouble and even if it is then that’s a process that a company goes through every now and then. Hopefully for the good of the Internet eBay survives because if large internet companies like eBay go bankrupt it will raise a huge question mark on the future of the Internet being a stable place for businesses to survive.

    • Guest

      Mark – Totally disagree. I’m not a seller. I’m a buyer. And I can no longer find much of what I’m looking for on eBay. They have become unscrupulous. Your comment implying that if eBay goes down, so does the Internet makes me wonder who put you up to commenting. The public will eventually abandon greedy companies, which is what eBay has become. Some of us do have morals. They are pushing out up and coming entrepreneurs with their nasty practices. All it takes is a couple negative feedbacks – sometimes from competitors – to knock a seller off a search. No recourse for the seller. Many of these people have relied on eBay to make a living and now cannot makes ends meet. EBay cares not (nor you, apparently). They have instituted a ratings practice that knocks out small sellers. I no longer purchase from them and will never do so again. Dell Computers did not listen to the public, either. Too arrogant. Down they went.

    • Guest

      HEY MARK,
      You never owned your own SUCCESSFUL Ebay Business did you Buddy ?
      Do the world a favor : SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE HELL UP.
      You’re STUPID.

    • joe smith

      Boy mark you must not have done a lot of buying and selling on FeeBay in the last 2 years to make IGNORANT statements like

      1.Hopefully for the good of the Internet eBay survives

      2.If large internet companies like eBay go bankrupt it will raise a huge question mark on the future of the Internet being a stable place for businesses

      FeeBay Started as a place for an average Joe/Jane to make a few bucks while getting rid of stuff they no longer needed.However they got too big for their own good and have started to be

      1.Just Too DAMN GREEDY with their Fees/Suckpal Only Policy

      2.Changes to Feedback

      3.The so called DSR’s to “PREVENT” bad buying experiences are and absolute failure as it only takes a few”IGNORANT” buyers to sink someone’s DSR’s to the point where they can’t sell

      4.The Suckpal/FeeBay putting holds on a sellers $$$ until either feedback left/confirmation of delivery/21 days passed

      5. Suckpal/FeeBay will ALMOST ALWAYS side with the buyer in a dispute EVEN if you as a seller have jumped through EVERY HOOP in Suckpal/FeeBay’s TOS to “SUPPOSEDLY” get seller’s protection

      And i’m sure that there is more that I can’t Think of right now.

  • http://www.ADHR.com settogo2

    I too am a disgruntled seller and agree that they have alienated a lot of business (sellers). I opened an ebay store selling domains, CD’s and misc items 3 months before fee increases. Watched my minimal profits sucked up by ebay / paypal fees and I could not use my own merchant account.
    Due to corp. greed, they have rocked their foundation (sellers) and the downfall will continue as evidenced by the number of sellers shutting down their businesses and using ‘alternative’ auction and web sites.
    They need to get back to their original business model and realize where the bread and butter was coming from. – Sellers!
    Just my two cents.

  • http://www.creditcardservicestore.com Guest

    I haven’t sold on eBay since their first round of fee hikes. Their fee hikes are always at the same time as PayPal fee hikes. Coincidence?? The new rating “system” is laughable. I have often wondered if it was designed to filter out small buyers. The “big boys” are not bothered much by it because they sell in such volume. Like so many other posters here, I sincerely and DEEPLY hope ebay comes to it’s senses and goes back to being a seller friendly marketplace, OR goes out of business. Google has bought an “ebay type” of auction site, and if they decide to develop it, they will have added yet another great income stream to their already thriving business. Google has shown some greed lately too, but not even in the same league with ebay. Ebay’s destiny is bleak if they don’t admit they’ve made a huge mistake, apologize to their base, (the SELLERS) and go back to being a fun, fair, and seller friendly marketplace…

    • Guest

      that is because ebay owns paypal duh!

  • http://www.thecollectorshub.com The Collectors Hub Collectible Figurines

    We don’t sell on eBay, even for closeouts. The fees are so high it’s not worth the time and effort. And then there are the sellers that you know are using shill bidding and inflated shipping costs to make a profit. That makes it very hard to compete honestly so we stay away from eBay.

    • Guest

      I thought i would educate you a little even though i hate ebay but still sell there. The sellers do not inflat the shipping to make profits. What we do is jack up the shipping a little and lower the item as low as we possibly can so that even if it was a penny taken away from ebay it is worth it so when you buy something on ebay and the shipping is a little high do not jump on the seller or their feedback and realize that the price of the item is already cheaper than anywhere else and if you use common sense and ad the price of the item and shipping together you will see that it is still cheaper than 80% of other stores. I am not saying go to ebay because i cannot wait for ebay to fail but if you do quit jumping on sellers because you think they inflat the shipping when you do not know the facts.

  • http://www.durashopping.com Guest

    I think ebay has pissed off alot of sellers that will never come back. Myself included. Ebay dont want to make the changes it needs to make. It will take alot before most people go back to ebay. I will never go back. I now have my own website where I sell my products and Amazon products, that means I also make money off other peoples auctions. Plus I can list all the products of my own that I want, (I do not have to list them with Amazon) I just put them up on my own website. I can also put all the affiliate links banners and digital products that I want on MY webpage and I get paid for it not Ebay. I have my own domain name so Iam building my own brand name and customer base. It was a turnkey website setup and ready to go when I started it, but with the online editor you get with it you dont need to know HTML or any programing to add your own products,banners, affiliate links, or digital products. I can change the site to look anyway I want its very easy to do. And I offer my costomers Free online games,news ,weather, sports and more. All for $20 a month. So why pay crazy Ebay and paypal fees when you can have all of this? And amazon will pay you to sell other peoples poducts along side yours and you dont have to list anything on amazon if you dont want to? This is an easy and fast way to quit ebay. I dont own this website service. I just want to help people find some place better than ebay to sell. If you want to do what alot of sellers are doing and get your own website just click this link…. http://www.durashopping.com/new

  • James

    I used to go on ebay often just to find and buy interesting stuff.
    I no longer go there, I do not even know why.

    I can see that lot of sellers are setting up their own websites!

    I found this website www.zygella.com, why don’t you try it out.

    They allow tons of links to my website, and lot more.

  • http://www.homemarketviews.com Guest

    I also use to sell and teach how to sell on eBay at a local college. Twice during our classes, stuff we had put on eBay was removed. One was a cigar box (made in Florida before the Cuban embargo) and we showed the logo on the back of the box. However, some stupidiot employee removed it stating it was illegal to sell

  • Ebay sucks

    Ebay keeps upping the policies for sellers,most of which are very ambigious. Ebay needs to get its own act together, and stop harrassing sellers that are doing the best that they can. If you do not make the sellers happy, they will go away, then once the sellers go away, the buyers go away, then finally Ebay will go away, which I hope it does. Ebay was great up until about 3 or 4 years ago, now it is the most dictatorial website on the net in my opinion (and i know I am not alone in this opinion) Ebay is killing itself.

  • Guest

    I had been using ebay as a buyer since it started. Then became a seller – although a small one. I used to love browsing antique and junk stores and ebay became a way to do this without leaving home. I found ‘treasures’ I had been seeking for decades. I sold small items and enjoyed doing so and made ’email’ friends with many buyers and some sellers. Then ebay changed all the rules – fees went up, feedback became difficult, the small sellers stopped listing. I can no longer find what I want at fair prices and I absolutely cannot be bothered listing, jumping through all ebay hoops, paying high fees for a few $ profit. Ebay used to be a wonderful experience, fun, the thrill of the hunt etc. Now it is boring, tired, greedy, slow loading pages. Back to getting in the car and driving around real life stores for me.

    • Guest

      http://www.Bidtunnel.com seller can leave true feedback also.

  • Guest

    Ebay is in big trouble. With the new affiliate policies not allowing links to ebay on sites you don’t own, they were banking on people not removing their links. Hubpages is doing it in bulk so that’s a lot of millions there. By the way, this is breaking news. Wish Webpronews would cover it.


  • http://nymarts.com NYM Arts

    I left Ebay in November 2008, when they would no longer “Allow” me to collect money orders and checks.
    I discovered BONANZLE and I’ve been there ever since.
    “Everything BUT the Ordinary” is their slogan, and the selection of old and kool stuff is growing at a HUGE pace. They’re gaining an Astounding 2000 members every 6 – 10 days now.
    I invented, produce, and show my Mica Shades for Antique Lamp Bases on BONANZLE now. No fee to list and a WAY REASONABLE final value fee. MONEY ORDERS AND CHECKS RULE THE DAY. I imported my Excellent Feedback from Ebay and I’m all setup for the Coming Season.
    The selection of SIGNED Antique L.C. TIFFANY glass ( 1- leaded window) OUTNUMBERS Ebay’s.
    Please check it out. Your Own chatroom in your Very Own Booth.
    If Ebay was so great , it would be Bonanzle.
    Bonanzle’s Owners tell me they are modifying the platform FOR AUCTIONS as I write this.
    Bonanzle is just a Baby, as ventures go.
    They just started last year (Fall 2008). They reached over 2 million listings in just 6 months.
    It took Ebay 3 years to accomplish that.
    Bonanzle must crawl before it walks before it RUNS.
    I’ll definately be there When it overtakes Ebay.
    That will be a Proud Event in Online Selling History :o)

  • Guest

    Ebay is now defined by THE COURT as a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE.
    I could not say it if it wasn’t true.
    View this video for your Complete edification.

  • Guest

    View “Court defines Ebay as Criminal Enterprise”
    This link Works.

  • http://WWWpartyfavorsforall.COM Guest

    Ebay is failing due to stupid and ill thought out policies that John Donahoe claims is diruptive innovations. This man has chased away thousands upon thousands of sellers, who were also buyers on this site. His final value fee increase has made it possible to sell items elsewhere and cheaper. How can anyone justify this pitiful and sorry management. The page views are way down, sales are way down and this man thinks he is doing a great job. Wrong, we have sales growing elsewhere and other venues are growing taking away ebay’s business. If it was not for paypal profits it would be bye bye ebay and bye bye John Donahoe. His policies have hurt a lot of small businesses, bad search, and bad bad micromanaging. He forced free shipping on the site by promising a higher search ranking, did you really get a higher search ranking?guess what you did not. Your final value fees got higher though because almost all sellers rolled that shipping cost into the price of the item and JD got final value fees on that it reaped millions. If weveryone would go back to chargingshipping right now ebay would fail, that is how much they received in thiose increased final value fees. It would wake up the ultra wealthy, politician wanna be board of ebay who are asleep at the wheel. Your items on ebay are generally buried in the search if you sell a popular item. Diamond power sellers who sell the most, importers who sell low quality cheap products that sell the most get first shot on the search, it does not matter if they are giving the buyer a good experience or not, like JD says. He is stupid and has other motives, he is ridding ebay of small business and going for the big huge retailers who are lining his packets. He took away the ability for sellers to tell others about the bad buyers, he took away the ability to accept check or money orders, but yet his ebay accepts cjeck or money orders from you to pay your ebay fees, he said checks and money orders were risky and caused fraudulent transactions. HMMMMM The real truth is JD cannot recover the money from a money order or check transaction and he would not be able to guarantee that 100% buyer money back policy unless it came out of ebay’s pocket, so he made it you must pay by paypal so he had access to yopur money. The lawsuit that will eventually come out of this will change everything, it may take years but JD will be gone and Paypal will be severely hurt, ebay will fail too many sellers have been bludgeoned by this hitler, organized crime chief. His Geatapo trust and safety will no doubt be jailed for their harqassment of sellers who complain, if you complain too much they will get you, ever wonder what trust and safety is? they JD’s army of attorneys who wuill retaliate againt you if you say anything about ebay and there water brained ceo. STOP FREE SHIPPING ON EBAY LIST A FEW ITEMS ELSEWHERE DAIILY AND EVENTUALLY WE WILL WIN PASS THIS ALONG PLEASE.

  • http://www.twitter.com/akshaykanitkar Akshay

    Who is this Pushpa Goal…who is using our website url to do all these spamming activities…www.smartmusafir.com is our website and how dare you can use our website url for any post or submission……

  • http://www.surveymoney.x10hosting.com Guest

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    This has saved my house from foreclosure and I wanted to share this story so that others with the same plight might do the same thing.You can work from home and make a living it does take a while to get up to $2000 a month. I made about $500 my first month and this is month 3.

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  • Edmoondoh

    Its no wonder ebay find themselves losing sellers, and so they are losing numbers of auctions, their fees & rules are a joke now.

    There is a good list here:

    They are all the best alternative selling sites to ebay, and most of them are free. If you combine them all, you will be able to get as much sales, as a busy day on ebay, and keep your profit!

  • Oleg

    I was the bronze Power-seller. Soon I should become Silver Poewr-seller. I had ideal reputation (100%, DSR-all 5.0!!!). I deceived nobody. But auction has suspended my account without explanations. It has made nonsense! I have left on the other site now. In some days my 5 steady customers there were registered. In the autumn I will begin an advertising campaign. I am assured, that many my buyers will leave this auction as they are familiar with my high-quality products and my service.
    Also now I pay the minimum commission fee:) I have lost interest to this concourse of nonprofessionals!

  • Guest

    I buy and sell on Ebay, or i did… In the past I have used the website often as definately you could find great prices there with the competition high, although, you can find even better prices on craigslist if your willing to do meet ups. In fact, I made a living for a little while by buying from craigslist and selling on Ebay and it worked well. I had problems from sellers myself. One claims he never got the item and a refund was made even though I honestly sent it and offered shipping insurance which the buyer did not buy. So I forced everyone to pay for insurance, but what good is that? People will determine total price no matter what you put on there ( I do).

    This last week I’ve been searching for a UMPC… Ebay used to be the best place to go to learn a lot about PCs as I could spec them out with the search options. NOW, there is not nearly enough of them to make a useful collection of ideas. I have to search out what I’m looking for somewhere else, and I will buy from somewhere else. I miss Ebay a lot.

    Paypal? their sister company? closed out my debit card account because I used a green dot money transfer through my dad to get cash. It was a simple way for him to send me cash. He goes to wal-mart, buys a green dot card, I deposit it in my account, then go to the atm, when we are far apart and he cannot easily, and quickly send me my money. It doesn’t seam like something bad that I was doing, but it was beyond their guidelines.

    Somethings horribly wrong here, doesn’t smell right, and is out of control. If people reley on something as much as they did Ebay then it should be well maintained for maximum business. I wonder if government regs have forced them to a lot of these policies. Why would they screw themselves? Craigslist is heading the same direction. Since they put all the pawn shops out of business where am I gonna find cheap used products? Modern Economics sucks. They are trying to fix things but they have no clue the right way to do that.

  • Vin D

    With eBay scrambling to try and win back business and the steady decline in membership… it demonstrates the problems they are having and will continue to have. For years there have been upstart sites aimed at luring members away from eBay. Most have not been real successful, but there are a few that are doing a rather brisk business and are definitely taking a chunk out of eBay. That is further demonstrated by eBay’s sudden tinkering with listing fees. The guy that runs the Sellers department is one of those people who find it painful to give concessions, discounts, etc. And, their over-pandering to buyers has become a major factor in their decline. It does make sense to give favor to the big seller members who sell millions of dollars worth of merchandise… but the small seller is the member who got eBay up and running and famous, as well. This guy is coming from a different place and will be considered the major factor in eBay’s downfall. You may not be talking about the effects of all this on eBay’s stock price… but, I think it is about to move towards a steady decline. Get to the speculation boards, quick! v

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