Is eBay in Trouble?

Data Shows That Traffic isMoving Downstream

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eBay’s traffic appears to be on the way down. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise if you pay attention to the commentary on message boards and comment sections on eBay articles.

The griping usually comes from disgruntled sellers, and there is a lot of it. We’ve covered that before. Users have been frustrated for a variety of reasons.

If you look at the traffic patterns, you can see these gripes reflected. AuctionBytes looks at Nielsen data for page views, unique audience, and time per person spent on site. Here are a couple of those graphs:

Auction Bytes

Unique Audience - Nielsen / Auction Bytes

Unique visitor data from Compete paints a similar picture. This is from the last three months:

eBay data - last 3 months

The question is how far is this going to go? Will eBay’s numbers continue to plummet or will the company win back the respect it used to get. Competition certainly isn’t getting any slimmer. What do you think eBay’s future holds?

Is eBay in Trouble?
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  • http://www.laokay.com Steve

    I think basically people are shopping around for the best price on something if they are shopping at all. So Ebay for me has become a tool to compare prices that are usually a lot cheaper elsewhere.

    On the seller side, there are more cost effective ways to sell products.

  • http://blogadmonkey.com/blog/ Dragan Mestrovic

    They lost many of the seller trust. Also it is in the most cases not a good deal anymore to sell on eBay.
    They change the rating system, not for the better.

    Competition in niche market is emerging strong. For example in the luxury watches niche where eBay is charging fees which are to high and not competitive. This drives these sellers way to specialized auction services which charge lesser fees!

    I think that this market share they lost will not come back to them. And they will lose more in the future.

    It goes faster to lose a market than to conquer it.

    This is a good example how the things are moving in the internet.

    That you are big player today and that you may have been the first one in this market does not matter anymore, if you do not listen to your customers you can become history very quick.

    • Guest

      Yes, ebay searches are way off. One can tell as a seller just by watching the numbers go down on the customers who look at individual auctions. There are two questions. Can ebay come back? What can ebay do to come back. Of course ebay can come back. What must it do. First it must regain the trust of everyone. Reinstate the positive neutral and negative rating system again for buyers and sellers. And add in an arbitration system for buyers and seller who think a negative or neutral is unjustified. Do it like square trade used to do it. Charge can be paid by transaction or percentage on each sale. Change the search engine. If I search on google for an item I should get to ebay in a page or two. Then ebay should show all the occurences of that item, not just one or two like it is doing now. I can search for my items on google and never find them in ebay. I will find a few others by other sellers. I have a top seller rating, by the way. Ebay management must learn to communicate with its core base, the sellers. I have yet to have ebay ever listen to anything I say. I always get back a canned answer that most of the time has nothing to do with what my comment was. Ebay needs to communicate with sellers and hold them accountable. Every seller needs to guarantee through ebay what they sell. Just the same way Amazon does. Plus, a customer should pay online through paypal but paypal needs to cost less. Paypal needs to not charge fifty cents or so per transaction. So, ebay is basically a great way to sell if ebay will make three major but not difficult changes. Thank you!!

  • http://www.smartmusafir.com Pushpa Goal


    good blog post

  • http://threads.ecrater.com Threads Vintage Woodstock Revival Wear

    Had my 11th year ebay anniversary this year, but stopped listing or even browsing (much less shopping) the site a year and a half ago.

    Ebay’s search is a mess and darn near impossible to find what you are looking for, plus the pages load soooooo slooooow now, it’s so not fun… I switched to eCrater where things are easy, clean and fast… not to mention FREE! :D

    Ecrater is huge and you can quickly find anything and everything you’re looking for there… a lot of great shops, great people and best of all, FUN!

    Ditto on the RIP ebay… it was a blast while it was a blast! lol :D

  • Patricia013

    I don’t see any reason to believe Ebay will turn around and get itself on solid ground again. John Donahoe and his team need to go – they have needed to go since January 2008! The board of directors is absolutely brainless and why anybody would buy Ebay’s failing stock is beyond me! Ebay needs a NEW managment team – one experienced in online sales and experienced in knowing who its customers really are (the sellers) and treating those customers with RESPECT! Until or unless that happens the spiral will continue on its downward course until somebody has enough brainpower to step in and put a stop to the madness or until Ebay becomes a shadow of its former self and somebody buys it up!

    One other thing. We all know Ebay counts its unique views by ID’s – I know I have 4 Ebay ID’s – most people have at least two and some have more than I do. If you were to deduct all the alternate ID’s users carryand figure in the thousands upon thousands who no longer go to the site – the total decline in actual Ebay users would be absolutely shocking! Amazon has already by-passed Ebay on page views – considering Amazon is supposedly still small compared to the mega-giant Ebay – that says an awful lot!!

  • http://www.goantiques.com/scripts/member_detail,accountNo,VQW9696.html o.c.d.collectibles

    A company usually scales itself down before it is going to be sold. Look at the history so far. Parts being sold off? Little by little. Paypal is now fused into the ebay framework so they can be sold as a package. Compact, right? Easy to transfer.The less sellers to transfer, the better. The more large independent sellers on the site, the better, no muss, no fuss.
    This company is not the the type of company Pierre wants to be fooling around with any more. he did not intend for it to become THIS, and it is NOT what he originally had in mind. What he is into now, is the Omidyar Foundation, and GINX and he is a family man a social person, and not into fighting with sellers. he will sell this company off an let Donahoe be the undertaker.

    Can you blame him?

    Find another place to sell your stuff!
    Go Antiques is great! they treat their sellers with respect, and are happy to have you there!

  • Guest

    I have been selling (or as of late – attempting to sell) on eBay since 1997. I actually Googled “ebay in trouble” tonite and came across this article. My reason for searching on that string? I can’t sell squat on eBay now where in the past I had a reasonable chance of success. Between the triple hits of fees, the cranky, buggy software that has NO fixes, and the convoluted search function, I’m basically screwed. If I was selling Chinese made flea market junk in bulk – I’d be doing well. I’ve been an active buyer and seller of traditional collectables and that marketplace has pretty much disappeared on the site. Bearing no malice – I really only give eBay another 2-3 years before it all comes crashing down. Either it gets absorbed by Microsoft or Google or it just plain does a Circuit City. The suits broke the back to make Wall St happy but forgot that it was the sellers that were giving those double digit increases over the years.
    It’s broke and no one is going to have the balls to fix it…

  • Guest

    Ebay is losing because any media books, cds, dvds are always cheaper on Amazon and you can always “buy it now” on Amazon, no wasting a week to see if you get lucky. On top of that Amazon is convenient for having always the same shipping price per item so you don’t have to choose between free shipping and high price or some low price and ripoff shipping you just buy the cheapest one and you’re done. Granted Amazon is not good for collectibles and coins etc. but for anything with ab isbn or upc number it’s far superior and that makes up a lot of sales on the internet.

  • Guest

    I’ve tried to sell things on Ebay in the last 12 months, items at 5% of their value, nobody bites any more. Things are so cheap at the stores that the only things Ebay is good for is hard to find and collectible items and the reach Ebay gives.

    Ebay has run its course. It has to settle down to mediochre traffic as it competes with other auction houses and new goods sellers.

    I still buy things from Ebay sellers, but even that is now the last option because I look elsewhere first and usually get what I want.

    Plus they always want to screw me and get a double cut using PayPal – so to hell with them.

    • maggie

      I agree, eBay is dead. I am retired and started on ebay as a hobby,getting rid of stuff that I had hoarded over the years. I got to love it and found myself buying to sell on ebay. Then I was importing 15 dozen bangles every 10 days. The post office loved me. 12months later I doubt if I can sell 5 dozen bangles a year. There are no bids only a buy at the last second. You can no longer start at 0.99cents because that is what it will sell for. The joy has gone out of turning the computer on. No matter what you put in the description, the buyers dont read. The buyers know they have the sellers over a barrel and there are more complaints. Ebay sends out surveys that are useless. You cant tell them what is wrong as the questions are: ” have you made a purchase from ebay in the past 6 months or Did you sell an item in the past six months” These type of questions they try to show as all is still OK. I dont think it can be resurected and I dont think anyone would have the same faith. I may have had 1 problem sale in a thousand now it is 8 out of 10 . Paypal has such a bad name since freezing accounts that no business outside of ebay will use it.

    • Mateosnake

      I firmly agree with you on that one! I’ve been selling on eBay for years and the main complaint I have (on top of many) is the Double Dipping they are doing by charging the sellers on ebay, then charging them AGAIN on PayPal. This is highway robbery and should be a serious crime. It may not have been considered a crime when they were separate companies. But, since they merged into one company… I think they should have changed the way they charged the sellers on eBay to cut them some breaks! I’ve slowed down considerably and have stopped selling for long periods of time here and there, anticipating the decision to STOP selling on there all together. I just like making money and when I need a little extra money like the rest of us do, I put things on eBay again. Some day… Some day I will stop selling on eBay!!

  • Guest

    EVERYTHING is down across the board. It’s not just Ebay. I’ve seen my online sales plummet in this recession. When will people wake up and realize we are in a SERIOUS recession headed to worse times. It is really getting serious. There are small spikes here and there, but by and large as a business person dealing with business persons all over the country I can tell you it’s time to brace yourselves. This is going to be a rough ride.

  • http://www.medivisas.com/ uk visa lawyer

    buyers or sellers.
    The current recession is different; previous recessions drove more people to crime – shoplifting, theft, etc – this one is pushing people towards eBay crime and eBay don’t want to do anything about it.
    I’ve reported a number of frauds I’ve encountered on eBay – I’ve not once had the courtesy of a reply.
    eBay thinks that by sticking their corporate head in the sand they can avoid their responsibility to maintain a clean and honest portal for people to do business through – they can’t.
    I hope that whoever takes their place have a better understanding of corporate responsibility.

  • Straight Up

    Ebay, as a witness against the cruel Corp and unjust platform for Sellers, will one day be neutralized buy up and coming better business online companies which all the experienced Sellers are just waiting for..Ebay, now is only for the “new” sellers which haven’t experienced the song and dance rules for the Ebay Overatures which only put money in ebay’s account and paypal’s while a diminishing of your account receivable is constantly in motion..And they can do it in the NAME OF ebay stating a better experience and caring market place>> sure, sure..I’ve read years ago about sellers stating that the ebay and paypal FEEs have cause them to go elsewhere and search for other markets..AND it is TOTALLY TRUE..It has happened now to me..Your selling time and hours will never add up to profit in the long run..But ebay and paypal keep stating that THEY are making things better for the buyers and sellers?? They are Corporate LIARS who are the ones that have choked the sellers and KARMA will visit them one day and ebay will be choked by OTHERS in the market place..JUST watch and it’s all ready has begun..

  • http://www.ubid4it.org Brian

    Now the shoe is on the other foot. ebay is hurting but remember what it did to the other small site that where around a few years after it started as echo bay then became known as ebay. I look at its graph and it looks like what I was seeing years ago. Maybe not so many people but how it was getting people to signup. They bought out site after siteand today there are sites after site redirected to ebay. I don’t feel sorry they became to big and I remember what happened here in Canada and my sites.

  • Guest

    I agree with everyones thoughts on the decline of eBay. I’d love if someone could post a link to eBay alternatives that are popular and reputable.

    • Guest

      Hi, eCrater is run by Google. It has free listing, no commission, and very user-friendly. Catch? only one sale in 4 months.
      Signed – Nameless (as I still use eBay)

  • Affiliate Marketer

    A main source of traffic for eBay is driven affiliate marketing. Early in 2008, ebay decided they would take control of their affiliate program moving it from Commission Junction, in-house. It is now called the Ebay Partner Network (EPN). It has not been a smooth transition and ebay’s communication with affiliates is poor at best. Look at the graph up top. The nosedive started around the same time as the switch.

    They terminated hundreds, if not, thousands of affiliate accounts. They have a shoot first, ask questions never mentality. If you dispute it, they may or may not respond and never offer a personal response or detailed explanation. Plus they keep the commissions earned by the affiliate.

    Statistics vary for each affiliate marketer but each affiliate marketer can send a few visitors a day to a few thousand visitors a day. They have terminated many affiliates which has caused them to lose an enormous amount of traffic. Some terminations are justified as there are always a small few that abuse the system but many were let go for no good reason.

    I am enrolled in many affiliate programs, it’s how I earn a living and pay my bills. I could go on for an hour about eBay’s affiliate program but it’s only common sense that when you fire thousand of people sending you targeted traffic from niche sites, you will suffer the consequence.

    Combine a poorly managed affiliate program with all the fees applied to the sellers and it equals disaster. It seems all this started with Donahoe.

  • http://sportsbuzzy.com BILLYZEKE

    OK yes i have a pasionate hate for FEE BAY !
    YOU would too after this scam !
    NO LISTING FEES for full month !

    That was the promo !

    Well what happened was i was selling 3rd party legit brand new merchandise where i eraned a commison on each sale !

    SO after NOT selling 155 listings E bay siad i owe them a whopping SUM of $538 !
    Was back and forth in their pass the buck system all i heard was i understand your frustration ! I gave up Then i get called twice by a collection agency after the second call I told then come to my door and pray you leave in one piece !

    Thats not exactly what i said i was very irate and hit then point blank with a massive class action law suit from the thousands who also got screwed under the same promotion !

    OK so i never paid a penny of that scam and never saw it on my credit report either LOL F$$^%%&&&& liars !

    I told them YOU are not a credit card company or Bank that gave me a loan YOUR nothing more than a market place !
    Shove that report UP your $#@ !


    BTW there are other auction sites NEW that charge NO FEES to list anything !
    Search the google and yahoo engines you’ll find em I think i have one saved in favorites hold on let me open new window !

    NO dammit i lost it I’ll find it tho and post back when i do

    DIE FEE BAY DIE i hope you have a happy funeral !


    • Guest

      Nice Mouth! Stop Whining!

      • Guest

        And why does it bother you so much? Are you really so superior?

    • Guest

      It’s nice to hear that one of the “little guys” beat those jerks at ebay! Way to go!

  • http://www.blogdesigncenter.com Holyhttp

    I listed a few items years back as an experiment to see what EBay can do for my business. I was disappointed, left and never looked back since. I made a few purchase at Ebay only using the “Buy Now” button. The bidding game might be fun for a while for those who love competing but mostly taking chances with their money, should I say gambling.

    I agree with the rest of you pointing out the “Double Dipping”. The merging with Paypal should be another opportunity to woe more sellers either by reducing listing fees or setting preferential Paypal fees for ebay sellers. Is loyalty a one way street only leading to Ebay.
    How about showing sellers some appreciation in terms of $$$?

    • http://calltones.biz Jaffaman

      At least with buy it now items you can’t be sniped at the last second. The sniping tool only helps lower the prices that sellers get for their goods. I’ve often removed items from eBay on the last day of the listing because although there were hundreds of page views and dozens of people watching the items there were no bids. I took one item off eBay because the item was to valuable to leave to last minute snipers pinching it for pennies and sold it privately for

  • Guest

    Email has made it IMPOSSIBLE for many to use their website. Through non stop repeated closure of accounts, (even thouse with 100% positive feedback), holding of paypal funds, and closure of paypal accounts and holding onto money for months, until one decides to sue for their return, and overall lack of common sense in dealing with their true customer, i.e. the sellers, they have pushed tens of thousands of them away to never return. When that happened, other sellers increased their prices due to lack of competion means that their “deals” are no longer deals. Lets not even discuss that the whole time their fees have gone up pushing profits to the point that its no longer feasible to list there.

    • Guest

      Absolutely right. I was one of those sellers.

    • ron

      I agree, …

    • Tom Smith

      Going down the pan – and that is good as they are the biggest rip off company in the world – Yes try Busy UK – www.busyuk.co.uk they are free.

      • Guest

        It’s Common knowledge no matter who you speak to that Ebay is a badly run site with NO customer service, that perpetuates fraud.

        The we are just a Venue Tag is an outright lie.

        Ebay do NOT stop fraud even when it is shown to them in cold hard facts, fraud is rife on the site, buyers and sellers alike.

        Ebay Commit fraud everyday and yet seems accountable to no one.

        Ebay hold members funds to use on the short term money market for ridiculous periods of time.

        Try putting in an item not recieved dispute and see how long it takes Ebay/Paypal to return your money.. anything up to 3 months +.

        The dispute function is laughable, a fraudulent buyer does a charge back with NO proof and ebay simply freeze the sellers acount and hands the buyer his money back AND he gets to keep the item.

        Ebay is so out of touch it’s ridiculous.

        NOW in Ebay AU we have Hidden bidders, LOL welcome to Shill hell, and do not bother to report it, they wont do anything.

        In fact no matter what you report to Ebay in cold hard fact according to THEIR Tos they will ignore it.

        The customer service is Zero and non existant and IF.. IF you get through the Asian call service has no clue what your talking about and in fact in many cases do NOT even know the rules period.

        Ebay you have forgotten who made you what you are, Ebay AU has so few listings now it’s almost pointless even bothering to search, gone are most of the quirky unique collectables, gone are the good deals, gone are the sellers and buyers alike, well done Greedbay.

    • http://calltones.biz Jaffaman

      I contacted Paypal and told them to cancel and close my account as I no longer used eBay and they told me that my account couldn’t be closed in case any previous buyers wanted a refund and they would need access to my bank. I had to instruct my bank to close any contact with Paypal. All takes time and effort.

  • Dave

    I’ve been trading on ebay for over 4 years.

    The first 2 years were phenomenal, we turned over 500,000+ GBP each year just through ebay alone. the last two years however were a completely different story. yes people blame the recession but ever since the stupid new changes came to play we have now closed down our shop and have turned over to amazon and SEM with Google and Yahoo which is doing incredible (A LOT CHEAPER TOO!).

    I just couldnt be bothered with the amount of crap feedback we got for doing positive things, the amount of chargebacks and the number of times that the paypal accounts get frozen.

    my ebay account manager was crap at her job and does not care the less and my paypal account manager states that the freezing of the account will be lifted within 24 hours. now the 51st day, no replies to emails, no calls back from him absolute crap. my money is frozen and i recommend everyone who has money left to really reconsider leaving it in there as i really dont know why they are avoiding my calls/emails as i have over 30k left in the account and tbh i dont think im going to get it back.

    i hope ebay and paypal dies!

  • Guest

    I am always interested in stats, but this article didn’t give the full facts. Ebay’s sales and traffic ALWAYS drops off in the summer. Most long term sellers know it. They’ve often said on the boards in years past, “It’ll pick up in the fall”.

    If you want the some facts, it is helpful to compare the stats year to year to see if there are differences in the traffic for the month.

    I checked with Alexa dot com, and noticed that they no longer cover a 5 year period. What a loss! Their Max length of time appears to be about 8 quarters, or about two years.

    When I check Ebay’s daily page views, it has indeed dropped over the two years shown. It appears to have dropped about .2% . Hm, I don’t think that has hurt Ebay very much. In fact, those numbers just tend to support Ebay’s assertion that their drop is due to the recession.

    There’s a lot of reasons to be upset with Ebay, but I don’t think .2% is much of an upset. It needs to be much, much higher if you want to see Ebay destroyed.

    • Affiliate Marketer

      The stats above are 2005 – 2009. They were steady with drops in the summer months until early 2008 when the slide began.

      DONAHOE, rising seller fees, PayPal and managing their own affiliate program all happened, coincidentally, when the slide began.

      It’s not a coincidence!

    • http://calltones.biz Jaffaman

      Why aren’t eBay being investigated by the Monopolies Commission, both for their auction website and their payment policies relating to Paypal. Try listing without offering Paypal as an option or include the word Stormpay anywhere in your ad and see what happens. If any website becomes a threat to eBay or Paypal then they’ll simply be bought by either eBay or Paypal. Monopoly.

    • Guest

      Sales did not begin dropping every summer until 2002… immediately following ebay’s asinine implementation of the “watch list”… one of the very first in a blizzard of stupid ideas compliments of Meg Whitman… plus it was the first summer following 9/11 and life changed for how people spent their summers. Summers from 1997 through 2001 we kicked ass.

  • http://www.coffeedrinker.org Guest

    I agree the search not bring up a true reflection of results is a right put off as a buyer searching for items.

    As a seller I think they need to slash the fees, give sellers a break.

    But it maybe the case that they are too big to make a change in time – like Yahoo, Lycos and AOL they are big white elephants – rather than pink poodles these days (boom tish)

  • Saf

    I gave up using them ages ago after getting ripped off – got no help form their team and still had to pay the charge – will never use them again – If you are in the UK and want to sell something go to www.busyuk.co.uk they are free!

  • Guest

    Like a lot of us small fish who use Ebay for buying and selling used house hold or hobby goods etc, was a great way to open up to a huge marketplace and once the spirit of Ebay. Not any more, with EBay

  • http://www.lacmorency.com Auberge Laurentides


  • Guest

    the long term plan of ebay is to make it like a high street shopping mall with only big traders on there,as seen by the new daily deals feature which promotes big sellers like littlewoods and argos and next, and advertising this elsewhere online it seems to me they are looking to push small sellers away and draw in the big boys so ebay will become like a high street where the independent retailers cant afford to carry on and all you have is the same brands everywhere

  • http://www.piercedandmodified.co.uk Belly Bars

    We started our business on eBay and at car boot sales, several years ago. Like we quickly out-grew the car boot sales, we out-grew our eBay shop and got fed up of the attitude of eBay buyers, the like of which we have yet to encounter anywhere else – only on eBay do people expect to pay pennies for a product, exact shipping cost only (ie stamps – not a penny for packaging!) and still have it arrive the day after they buy it, in perfect condition and if the smallest thing goes wrong, or the mail is delayed by a day, it’s a neg or neutral feedback without any communication. We were already listing less and less, and the changes to the feedback policy last year were the final nail in the coffin. If I have to deal with an idiot customer, I think I should be allowed to tell the world that the customer is an idiot.

    We now spend about half the sum on Adwords per month that we used to spend on eBay fees, and have completely stopped listing on eBay. If I ever check back, our category is completely flooded with either people from Thailand, or ‘back-bedroom’ sellers selling things with a 10p mark-up so they can say ‘I run my own business!’, not declare any tax and ruin it for all those trying to make an honest living and pay their dues.

    I informed our eBay account manager exactly why we were stopping listings after seven years and 100,000+ positive feedbacks, and she did not even bother to grace my e-mail with a reply.

    Back in the old days, eBay was a lovely, friendly place to trade where people talked to each other and you could even end up making friends with your buyer/seller. Now it’s cut-throat competition and bargain basement cheap-skate buyers who want everything for nothing, and eBay meddling with things that don’t need fixing and hiking up fees constantly. We may have lost the trade from eBay (were still making a profit from it even to the end) but my stress levels have also decreased dramatically!

    • http://calltones.biz Jaffaman

      You forgot to include the fact that if your buyers complain to Paypal and ask for a refund, Paypal usuaully refund them and then you have no goods and no money. You then have a fight on your hands to have either of them returned. Also, I had negative feedback left because I didn’t reply to three emails that were sent to me by the successful bidder. The feedback was left four hours after the auction ended, while I was still at work and nowhere near my computer.

      • switchback

        Well i sure won’t have hard feeling if they fall…I have had so many problems with paypal takeing money from me after weeks after end of action and custumers broke what i had sold them 3 weeks latter they return item broken.So i ended up with a broken item that wan not and was in great shape.So i got the shaft broke unsaleable and los of all money i sure like to know how a bank can take money from you anyhow.But i just wont deal with eather paypal or ebay they both like to rob you and now i know im not the only one there robbing,i Hope they go belly up…I just can not beleave how horible they both are and the saler has no protection at all.All buyers have 45 days to return it in any shape and will get there money back this means you can buy anything on ebay use it for say 3 weeks and return it to saler for any reson and you will get your money back.So please don’t use paypal or ebay all they do is rob you all over…

        X Ebayer…..

    • http://www.xoteria.com Administrator Xoteria.com

      From the getgo, eBay management had an ego problem. They knew everything, their sellers knew nothing. As a seller, I had nothing but trouble with eBay service reps. As a buyer, and I might add a careful buyer, I was ripped off by slicksters who sold electronic equipment with missing components no longer available from the manufacturer. In short, eBay had too many wise guys, including the management. It does not surprise me, as with most posters here, the eBay is plummeting down. I am not a vindictive person. I rarely make vindictive remarks. This is the exception. eBay, good riddance.

      • Guest

        Absolutely agree. Our “service rep” is by far the most inept woman I have yet come across. She demanded a full business plan (seriously!), and actually said that she would help us, “only if our sales stayed consistent.” She set up two conference calls with out managing members, and failed to appear both times. This rep was unfortunately superior to our last service rep, who I believe was simply a figment of my imagination.

    • Louise Lang

      Well all i can say is that you have taken all the words out of my mouth, the exact same circumstances here with the same feeling, Good luck to you :-)

  • http://www.giobikes.com John

    Well folks, ebay is going down and it’s a good thing. We quickly realisied that there is no future growing business on ebay but rather decent place to liquidate some overstock. So, we built our own auction site because over the course of 7 years selling on ebay people perceive us an auction powerhouse offering all sorts of powersports for cheap. Now, with our auctions we have full control over anything.

    Early next year we will introduce seller module and will start inviting sellers from ebay join sell on our site (relevant content only) and I dont think that’s going to be very difficult.

    To put some numbers in perspective, we usually spent with ebay close to 1M in on year. Now, we spend with ebay just pennies.

    • http://calltones.biz Jaffaman

      If you’ve set up your own auction site, specifically for sports goods, why don’t you make your ebsite script available at an affordable cost for other people to do the same for other categories, such as clothing or mailing products for example.

    • http://www.rjud-people-search.com/tissa.html Ron Judy

      Hi: I’ve been trying to join the ebay affiliate program, but for some reason they keep declining my application. If you have an affiliate program and are taking applications, please let me know. Thank you, Ron

  • http://usold.net Guest

    Usold is like the old ebay, its fun to list and you don’t go broke doing so. The site is new as far as being an auction site but its got all the features anyone could use for selling online. No more getting ripped off by ebay or paypal for me.

    • http://www.lanceaward.com Lance

      USold? please, what is their traffic? there is nearly NOTHING on their site. Who did the logo? you? this post is a straight up plug for a site that is nearly a straight clone of ebay, without the SEO. Couldn’t even come up with an original design? I don’t like ebay much either, but try to get the same exposure elsewhere. I need a travel/timeshare auction site that works well. any ideas that aren’t plugging something put together by a highschooler with limited knowledge? something SEO friendly maybe?

  • http://www.Warm-Mouse-Heated-Keyboard.com Guest

    eBay is in the same boat we’re all in right now…. why shouldn’t they be affected by the economic problems? Everyone else is….

  • http://treefrogtoys.com.au Sara’s Wooden Toys

    I agree with all he above, ebay got too greedy and just too hard. I think the listing fees are outrageous, especially once you add in the fee to add a photo. And the buyers are only after cut price, super cheap goods. Ebay has really done the dirty on their smaller sellers and it is no wonder they are jumping ship. I wouldn’t touch ebay any more. Too much hassle, ridiculous expectations from buyers, no spport from ebay. In australia try OZTION, no lisitng fees and low fees on sales, with reasonable traffic. The customers are still after a bargin but they are a lot friendlier.

  • http://positive-forex.blogspot.com Guest

    Yes, Ebay down by themself. They don’t have mind service for care seller. They abandon the seller and kick out of the systems same football. This is one reason that seller don’t return to ebay after suspended.

  • Kristoffer

    You would think with a bad economy people would be flocking to a place where deals could be had. Problem is they aren’t – at least they are not coming to ebay. Ebay has no one to blame but their own greedy management for slower traffic and sales. They allowed bad sellers and thieves to rip buyers off for years while taking a “we are only a venue” approach to it all. When ebay finally got smart and realized that the buyers that got ripped off never came back and also told their friends (who told their friends and so on) about the bad buying experience, it was too late.

    In addition, instead of dealing with the known bad sellers ebay just decided that all sellers were bad and enforced the same rules for everyone. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth when you have been selling on ebay for 10 years and all the sudden you can be at risk for losing your entire business based on ‘one size fits all rules’. All it takes is a few buyers to rate your shipping time and shipping costs as too high (both which are for the most part out of your control – that would be the post office) and you can be banned from ebay.

    Ebay has totally forgotten who their real customer is – the seller. With no seller there is no product, with no product there is no buyer. With no buyer there is no listing fee, final value fee or paypal fee. If there is no buyer I am only going to list an item so many times before I give up and list it on one of the other free sites and just let it sit there until it does sell.

    Ebay is the only company that I have even seen where the community of sellers voiced their complaints and actively left the site in droves each time they changed things. Yet ebay continued to say we are right and we don’t care what you think. Why would you not listen to your sellers and find a way to compromise on things? If thousands upon thousands of sellers are telling you the new search isn’t working right – would you not at least address those concerns? When sellers are asking why am I being rated on the shipping time of the post office, why not explain how you came up with reason to allow a buyer to rate you in that area? The problem is ebay no longer cares about the sellers. They have taken this stance that it is their site and they will do whatever they want and if you don’t like it leave. Sad but true.

    I personally have tried other sites and as much as I hope one of them becomes the new ebay so far I haven’t had any luck. I have the exact same things listed on 2 other sites and I have had one sale within the last 6 months on bonanzle. Bad thing is all the sellers from ebay can leave and list on one of these new sites – but it’s the buyers that have to make the transition. Hopefully that will happen soon.

  • http://thegreateststoopsaleever.ecrater.com/ James Carter

    I left eBay last year. The real trouble started when my ‘SOLD’ items started outperforming and outnumbering my ‘UNSOLD’ items. Then all of the sudden-I start getting restrictions on my account on what I could sell, and some power sellers started complaining about me-I was outselling them. The reason for this is because I know how to sell in an auction environment. I started ALL of my auctions at $9.99, and the items would sky rocket!!! Bidding wars galore!!, and I made money every week. Perfect pictures, detailed descriptions, and detailed TOC page in all my item descriptions. Ebay makes a ton of money off you when you RELIST items often. They even tried to hide my listings, but I knew how to use keywords as well. Soon after that I got booted. Well, I’m on eCrater, Atomic Mall, and Bonanzle now. All stores are doing great at the moment. I sell my items for what I want to sell them for, and my customers don’t expect to pay pennies for my quality items. eBay can ROT for all I care. When it comes to online market venues, you get out of them what you put into them. Good luck everyone!!

    • www.txdashcovers.com

      I Agree with all of these comments 100% and have taken a different approach to the remedy my issues with ebay and if many more sellers would do the same thing, we would all be better off. Ebay has gotten to big to fast and doesn’t care about you as a seller. Their bottom line is the almighty dollar and not a seller. The feedback changes in the past several months put the nail in my coffen. I started my own site through yahoo and have been very successful. It only cost me $30.00 a month. Google does a good job of picking up the keywords and I have made it to the first three pages when buyers search for my dodge pickup dash cover or camaro dash cover in most cases. Visit our new site at www.txdashcovers.com We really appreciate the customer service with yahoo small business and they have been very helpful. Thanks to Google also



  • http://www.shoprivertown.com RivertownGuest

    I used to sell on eBay until they started raising fees and changing all the rules until it became impossible to grow my business there. I started my own website and now keep more of my money and far less stress.

  • Guest

    They lost my traffic. But they did manage to screw me out of over $2000 first.
    Payback sleezebay… payback time is coming and it won’t be pretty.

  • http://nymarts.com NYM Arts

    Ebay wasted my $1200 in preparing for the 2008 Christmas season.
    I invented and sell SPECIAL Mica Shades for Antique Lamp Bases.
    Ebay is in DIRECT VIOLATION of the Sherman Act which guarantees my Right to collect payments by MONEY ORDERS OR CHECKS or any way OTHER than PayPal.
    BONANZLE is THE place to sell. It’s Sherman Act friendly, a MUST for lucrative commerce.
    At present, I can say with Complete certainty, I will NEVER go back to Ebay EVER.

    • cormac

      Your random capitalisation has me convinced.

  • http://www.laokay.com Steve

    What Ebay needs to do is not charge for a paypal payment on top of the auction fees.

    That’s like charging for a hamburger and then asking if you wanted to eat it and you say yes, so they tax you more. Of course we’re going to eat it. Just like it’s probably likely they’re going to use paypal to make the payment. I mean wouldn’t people use paypal more often if it was not costing them any more to do so, even when there are other options? Not to mention that they can use that same money to buy other stuff on Ebay, which nets Ebay more income. Or maybe they send money to another paypal user directly, so they take a percentage off that?

    It’s just getting crazy with all the fees.

    Fee to sell.
    Fee to get paid.
    Fee to have a check sent to you as payment if you don’t trust their “secure” system with your bank account information.

    Don’t even get my started with the “I sold it on Ebay stores”. That’s a rip off on top of the Ebay Fees. Brokers are for large items, not the $20 ones where you are lucky if you get $5 after all the fees.

    How about they change the name from Ebay to FeeBay!

  • Guest

    Chris, how come you guys never cover EPN? Ebay Partner Network.
    Ebay’s tracking system is a joke. Most bids/buy it nows are not getting tracked, ebay is canceling accounts left and right for nothing; affiliates are scared s…less of them. Mass suspensions. stupid policies. That affiliate program is a joke. No wonder ebay’s traffic is declining.

  • http://www.effutio.com Neil

    Good is all I can say, I hope ebay crash and burn and I hope everyone stops using Paypal too!

    Just the worse kind of company…….the Microsoft of the 80’s online!

  • http://thefairtradeshop.co.uk/ Guest

    I built an ebay shop in 2006, quite an interesting venture & a generally good experience until they hiked fees massively.

    I tried to say on their boards that alienating sellers was a bad move, when they did a fee doubling stint (which was repeated the following years)

    Funnily enough, my shop listings were targetted and removed, for such ‘crimes’ as urging my customers that if they insisted on sending cash, make sure it goess registered mail

    Since then I’ve seen ebay as a corp so greedy it’s just plain grubby. Every innovation is to benefit ebaycorp’s profits and not the users. I really dont see what it would have to offer littlewoods & co, I dont see the multiples touching them with a barge pole

  • bainzy

    There cometh one that is breed to kill this beast, far more advanced and far more user friendly, as for fees….What fees?????

  • http://www.wte-ltd.co.uk Septic tanks

    WTE used to sell Certified sewage treatment plants and cesspools on Ebay in the good old days when you were not shackled to Paypal as a payment option.
    Unfortunately, the PayPal fees for selling high value items is just too prohibitive, and our items were removed and our account suspended for simply REQUESTING that buyers paid by card or cheque in preference to Paypal.

  • martin

    I suppose you could think of it as the end of the fad, or just the fact that ebay have chipped away at their own venue so badly that it no longer works the way it should.

    Personally I think ebay is causing its own problems, as it still has the old ebay buyers, and seems to be doing little to draw in the new buyers that it will require for its future.

    The old buyers are not finding what they are looking for, as those sellers that used to cater to them are being forced to adjust their fees to make up for their losses, are unable to sell a lot of the goods they used to sell, or have gone, so the buyers are searching for new venues, and ebay have done so much to keep their attacks on the old sellers secret from the masses with their spin, the new buyers that they want, know nothing of the changes. They do not know ebay has changed.

    Years ago we used to go round the charity shops, and one of them used to have a great supply of everything in vintage clothing.
    Then it turned itself into a boutique style store, and marked up the prices, after a refurb.
    The old buyers stopped going, and the new buyers that it wanted just walked past, as it was still just a charity shop.
    Eventually it went back to what it was supposed to be, and the charity lost a fortune of two years of sales from one of its biggest stores, and then had to try bring in the original buyers, which took another year.

    Just seems to me that ebay have the same problem, the old ebay buyer just wants everything at the cheapest possible price, but the service ebay is demanding from its sellers costs money, so although the sellers are being giving discounts at the moment to appease the old buyers, once those discounts stop, the new buyers will still not be around.

  • http://www.nickparks.org Nick Parks

    I was a power seller on eBay for over 2 years, but was very discouraged with how much of a percentage eBay and PayPal took from the little amount I was making off of sales. I could bet of the $20,000 or so I made selling items on eBay that around $5,000 or $6,000 went towards fees.

    I haven’t found any other alternatives though, which is the worst part. I’ve had better luck using craigslist or piling up all of my stuff I want to sell and selling it all in one go at a garage sale. Sure I make less, but at least eBay and PayPal aren’t stealing my money and the people that buy from me get a hell of a better deal.

  • Guest

    I used to buy quite a bit on eBay, but in the past few years I’ve lost interest. It’s become my site of last resort.

    I’m a music fan… I find Amazon to now be a better place to buy music. The prices are often cheaper and the selection greater. It was just the opposite a few years ago.

    The time it takes for ebay pages to load now is frustrating. Too many “gee whiz” applications. Most are things I neither need or want. (One of their newer things, “Best Match”, can be amusing. I recently clicked on “Other Makes” in eBay Motors, looking for a new car. According to eBay, the “Best Match” for me was a Yugo! Damn. I had no idea they held me in such little regard!)

    Sadly, I agree with the other posts that say eBay is on the way out. It’s not fun anymore. The person to person sale is almost gone. If I want to buy from a big corporation, I’ll go directly to their webiste.

    When I first discovered eBay (mid nineties?) it was the best place to shop. As weird as this is to say, it was fun. Now, if I do buy something on eBay I just get what I need and leave the site. The fun of looking around is gone. I

  • http://www.alienbids.com alienbidsdotcom

    I used to buy and sell on ebay myself and then they changed all the fees. I am currently running my own auction site. I am not charging any fees for atleast the rest of the year as I am trying to buy traffic. Eventually I will start charging but it will never be more than $1.00 to sell anything even if its $100,000. I’m through with ebay and I will host alienbids.com till the end of time just to beat they’re prices. Thanks for looking.

    • http://www.controldatainc.com/collection-info Agency collection

      Fee-bay just got greedy. People dont mind some costs going up but when it started costing me 150$ to list a car for auction thats just crazy.

  • http://www.deadbeatlist.com Guest

    Management has screwed up an icon in their quest for more buyers. Their actions to protect buyers was pitiful at best. They forgot their customer was the seller – the one that paid the fees.

    I lost so much from deadbeat “buyers” that I bought and developed Deadbeatlist.com

    Thy it for free. Get rid of the deadbeats!!!

  • Guest

    Sellers pay their fees, not buyers. WTF did they think was going to happen when they gauge sellers for fees and then pretty much strip all their rights?

    I also think that their salvation requires one major move: limit sellers to listing no more than 100 items per month.

    This will allow the ‘little guy’ sellers to return to the site and be competitive, restoring the spirit that made ebay the behemoth that it is today.

  • Guest

    Well, I am not speaking a lie here. I have seen many of the sellers, all honest guys, going virtually mad trying to make the Ebay TNS understand that the buyer is at fault and they are not doing anything wrong to deserve the bans.

    The best person to tell would be me.

    I used to sell on Ebay till they suspended the ids due to some negative feedbacks being left by a bunch of new Zero feedback rating buyers, who did not even pay for the product.

    Imagine, selling a product for 2 dollars and suddenly the negative pops up in minutes saying bad seller, not good, never deal again.

    Explain this to Ebay support and pat comes the reply mail saying that we understand that the ratings given might be unjustified, but according to our “dumb” policies we cannot do anything to remove them.

    This way I lost my established ebay business.

    Try to talk to their Country manager etc in Ebay India and you wonder if those staff are really interviewed before being hired. They are so dumb to understand and support the sellers.

    I finally gave up…and decided never to deal with the bunch of unqualified, undeserving luckboxes who came up with Ebay when net was just evolving.







  • http://www.worldwatching.co.uk Tony

    I’m afraid ebay have been the architects of their own downfall in every way.

    They started off selectivly penilising small sellers for mistakes while allowing the big boys to get away with the same things..

    Then they implemented the ‘Detailed Seller Ratings’ in such a way that no buyers knew what they were and what ratings ‘actually’ meant what, while merrily sanctioning sellers and their listings who fell foul of the new system (all too frequently innocently) while having the bare faced cheek to describe them as ‘dolphins’ caught in the net.

    They then forced paypal on everybody and took away sellers ability to leaved ‘deserved feedback’.

    I no longer sell on ebay, and very soon i will stop buying too… why? because their are more dodgy sellers on ebay now than there ever were in my opinion, and to top the lot with all the new rules it’s harder for even experienced buyers to spot them.

    The prices on ebay are no longer appealing and many of the all too many new products can be found cheaper elsewhere, and the atic sellers who are selling interesting stuff are being continually forced out by endless multiple listings from those importing ‘cheap and too often shoddy’ goods from china and taiwan.

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