Is Deleting Your Facebook Account Really a Good Idea?

Facebook Account Deletion a Popular Topic Lately

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Since Facebook announced its plans to take over the web, there has been a lot of talk about privacy concerns, and about deletion of Facebook profiles. There is also concern about the lack of openness in Facebook’s Open Graph initiative. Others are just bored with the social network. Whatever the reasons, an increasing number of people seem to be interested in deleting their Facebook profiles.

Have you considered deleting your Facebook profile? Let us know.

Matt Cutts and other Googlers de-activated their accounts soon after the Open Graph initiative was announced. Remember, you don’t have to delete the account to de-activate it. Facebook makes it very easy to stay. In fact, if you go to delete your account, they will try to guilt you into staying by telling you which of your friends will miss you.

There are apparently (as Danny Sullivan points out) so many people searching for how to delete their accounts, Google is even offering the suggestion "How do I delete my Facebook account?" as a suggestion for a query begining ‘how do I":
Google Suggests "How do I delete my Facebook Account?"
It would be interesting to know how many people that are figuring out how to delete their profiles are actually going through with it. Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb, for example, just stood on the "edge of the cliff" before backtracking (though I don’t think he intended to go through with it).

Google Insights for Search data shows a pretty big upswing in Facebook account deletion interest over the last year or two (hat tip: Huffington Post):

Seesmic founder Loic Le Meur posted the following video talking about why it’s probalby not the greatest idea to delete your Facebook account:

Loic makes a pretty good point about Facebook’s usefulness as a source of public data, and about how you should basically consider everything you do online to be public, if privacy is your concern. As he notes, even emails can be forwarded.

Still if you choose to stick with Facebook, knowing your privacy settings is a good idea. The New York Times has an interesting diagram of what it calls a "bewildering tangle of options" for managing privacy on Facebook. "To manage your privacy on Facebook, you will need to navigate through 50 settings with more than 170 options," the publication says.

It will be very interesting to see if a significant amount of people drop Facebook, but at this point, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. One guy recently started an initiative to get people to join him in leaving Facebook. It’s not working out so well so far. Josh Levy pledged, "I will delete my Facebook account but only if 10,000 other Facebook users will do the same." The deadline is May 31st. So far he has 76 people.

This isn’t like when people started abandoning their MySpace accounts for Facebook. There’s no service here drawing people away. People have a lot invested in their Facebook accounts at this point, and as Facebook becomes integrated more and more into the fabric of the web and popular culture as a whole, many will find it hard to walk away even if they have considered it. Then of course there are the many, many people who simply love Facebook.

Do you think it’s a wise decision to abandon Facebook as it becomes a greater part of the web? Share your thoughts.

Is Deleting Your Facebook Account Really a Good Idea?
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  • Guest

    I deleted my account almost two years ago after not using it for a year. I reactivated it simply because I got tired of waiting to upload and download family photos via email. I consider deleting my account pretty regularly because I am concerned about privacy, I don’t want to see what my ex-bf and his wife are up to (and my life with my husband and family is probably not of interest to them, but it is what it is when you have mutual friends), and it sucks up time. But I like being able to see photos of family and friends who are far away. I am torn and have just decided to be very careful about the photos I upload and the information I share.

  • Guest

    When you apply for a job, there are many bosses that will look your profile up in FB, why would I want to delete it now? It is part of who we are; our Gen, progress. I don’t want to take any steps backwards. Where I work, most of the people in the company, including, Sups, & Big Bosses are on FB, we are like one big happy family, we see each others pix, break each others butts, share good news, bad news, laugh & cry together. It has brought us closer, as a result we work together even better than we did before. We also can now put a face with people from other locations, wich makes us closer to them also. I Love FB for that reason!!! DELETE my account – OH HELL NO!!!

  • http://annatarkov.posterous.com Anna Tarkov

    I’m getting off Facebook shortly: http://post.ly/fOQl

  • RBR

    I deleted my account when all this privacy switch-a-roo started the first time and haven’t regretted it yet. Don’t miss it one bit. I used it for keeping up with some old friends from high school mostly but as things progressed (or de-gressed) with the privacy thing, I decided that my friends and I could keep up via other methods and do just fine.

    I had no images uploaded to be embarrassed of nor much of anything else really there to be worried about but, I’m of a generation that prefers to have the option to ‘opt-in’ myself and not be tossed in the pot with everyone else with the idea that it’s going to be good for me. That’s B.S. I’ll decide myself what I do or do not want to make public on the web.

    Now, there are countless others who have a business page on Facebook that they consider to be a source of marketing/advertising. For them, Facebook is a medium to stay in. Seeing as it was just a way to keep up with old friends, I don’t miss it.

  • seo basics

    A business account as a rule will not list any information that is so personal you would rather not share it with anyone. Thanks for a great article – very thought provoking!

  • Guest

    Sounds like “When you apply for a job” Guest does more relating with fellow employees on FB than in real life.

    That’s one of the real problems with FB.

  • http://www.facebook.com/socialmediatrailblazers Gadeyne

    Privacy is often mentioned as a reason to consider to or leave Facebook
    Facebook offers a number of privacy tools to control how “public” or private we want to be, that’s a lot more than most large corporations trading our very personal information allows us to control. Where is the uproar there?
    There is a myth about how private our information is, but goggle yourself and you will be surprised at how much is available on line and how much more can be bought for less than $20.00… by anybody willing to shell out a few $$…all that perfectly legally.
    Facebook is a public place and should be treated as such, you can control who has access to everything you post, all it takes is a little attention, a little time and learning Facebook privacy tools.
    On the other hand, Facebook is a fantastic platform to network, meet people who have similar interests, find and stay in touch with long lost and/or faraway friends,
    It’s a place to get feedback, learn about products and services.
    Facebook is growing as a recruiting platform and another place to show of your wares, your expertise, network with recruiters, learn about new positions, trends, follow target companies and influencers in your field. A place where recruiters get a feel for who you are and answer the “fit” question.
    I have found quite a few people who became Facebook friends, them became valuable LinkedIN connections.
    Is there a risk being on FB, sure there is, is there a risk going to a networking event? Of course there is. Any public meeting place is an opportunity to shine or make a fool of yourself. Facebook is no different.
    Would you stop going to public events or networking events just because a potential employer or your boss could potentially see you make a foll of yourself? Probably not, Facebook is just another public tool.
    Philippe Gadeyne
    Social Media from strategy to implementation

  • Bo

    Aren’t you in control of who you friend and what not? You are also in control of the privacy settings on your FB. If you set it to ‘ONLY FRIENDS’, then only people you have approved of will be able to see what you have posted online.

    Use the features, amiright?

  • http://audi-car-wallpapers.blogspot.com/ Smith

    Thats is good idea.

  • http://www.lexolution.in/blog Maneet

    There are 2 sides to the story. Facebook has been experimenting with its Privacy Settings on n off now and the only victims are the users. While high power users like Matt Cutts sensed the scare and moved out completely… I think a better idea for people is to understand the possible consequence and be responsible in their online interactions.

  • A. Nemo

    Most likely going to delete it.

    Their service as a means of getting in touch is one thing. Turning everything people do and say into a bought and sold permanent marketing record is another. Info that is shared voluntarily should never be corrupted like that – it’s like sleeping with someone and then rifling their wallet.

    And I find the CEO’s attitude towards privacy disingenuous. That might wash with those on the payroll, but the public doesn’t work – or exist – for the likes of anyone. If FB wishes to transform from a service to a master, that is their prerogative; and it’s the public’s prerogative to reject “being serviced” by them.

    Some people can ruin a day at the park. And some people will refuse the mark.

  • http://www.mansibhatia.com Mansi

    I have written a blog post about why I’m doing it: http://www.mansibhatia.com/2010/05/facebook/

  • David Bromfield

    I deleted, or deactivated it a couple of days ago. It’s difficult to explain why I did in a few words. Somehow, it seems I have better things to do with my life than wondering what is being done with my private information by a bunch of faceless (pun intended) individuals who, at the end of the day, could not care less if I lived or died.

  • Constance Bartenbach

    I’m ahead of the pack. I deleted my Facebook account six months ago. I find the site silly, boring, and immature, and I hope that Facebook is only a fad, and we will look back at them historically as a failed company.

    I certainly do not want my company affiliated with any links on our sites to them or vis-versa.

    I am surprised that so many respected, legitimate companies are linking with them.

  • Guest

    Forget the cynical, thieving philosophy that facebook is built on! I hate it for giving wide-eyed innocents the impression that they can skip knowing web standards, html, common sense information management, if they can use facebook. I think it set the web’s ability to present information in comprehensible, accessible form back to zero.

    With so many organizations assigning their web master functions to people who don’t know what they’re doing, important public information can wind up on their facebook pages instead of on their websites. In order to see the information, you have to log in as a facebook member.

    My town of Irondequoit, NY, for instance, has a facebook account where it listed membership openings in the town committees (instead of listing on the town website where people would expect to find that info). So, in this town, if you don’t have a facebook account of your own and check the town’s facebook page, you can forget about having access to some public information.

  • http://www.flashuploaded.com Carl Zenmaier

    I did it 5 months ago, I think all these kind of “social networks” are completly wrong used.
    the word “friend”, “social” and “share” are spoiled.
    How a society can pretend to offer virtual friendlyness and social relations while in real life
    social in politic is so poor ?
    don’t be a fool, these “social network” websites have only ONE GOAL, MAKE MONEY SOON OR LATE !

  • The Captain of your Heart

    With nearly everyone applauding Social Networking, Facebook really needs to step up the content for a mature audience who don’t want to be exposed to the endless silly applications, invites from horrible bands and other useless garbage that would entertain a pre-schooler.

    Over 100 Million users now? A group of five could never agree on the same thing so with the population of Facebook there will never be a perfect solution to an endless problem. And why is is so difficult to sign-up for a Facebook profile, other than keeping in touch with friends, while the content is so weak?

    If you can’t say something in 148 characters or less, back to school for you!

  • Joons

    I deleted 4 months ago and then for family reasons came back in a limited way but am now so fed up with what I perceive to be a total lack of concern by the Facebook people about the serious security issues that I’m going to bug out again.
    People really have to wake up to how open facebook and frankly dangerous it is.

  • http://www.SEO-writer.com David @ seo-writer.com

    No need to delete. No need to deactivate. Just remove anything you don’t want the world to know. In fact, if you don’t want the world to know, what are you posting there in the first place. If there is something so private, such a dark secret that you really want to keep it private, there is a handy new invention called the telephone. There is also email. And there is the far corner of your favorite watering hole. Anybody who comes to the Web for privacy is starting off riding their horse backwards.

  • http://www.pvteyes.com Liz

    Not going to lie, I have considered deleting my account. This is such a great tool (facebook) for private investigators to find people, i cannot even imagine how other industries are utilizing all this information people are giving away – for free !

  • http://www.jumbocdinvestments.com/iracdrates.htm IRA CDs

    First the CEO is wrong in saying you shouldn’t expect privacy. To the fullest extent possible a service should work towards protecting you, not exploiting you.

    As soon as a new service comes along that promises such, people will drop Facebook in mass. People are quite fickle even with free services. After all, even though it is free for people, the company makes money from ads, etc.

    Facebook’s only goal at this point seems to be to exploit people as much as possible.

    I should be able to share “private” stuff with friends that are half-way across the US or world. It doesn’t have to be sexual or salacious. It can be as simple as sharing pictures of a dance recital. I just don’t feel the need to share those with the world.

    For now, I haven’t deleted. But am hoping a different service comes along that understands that we care about our privacy and we should “control our story” as others have pointed out.

    cd :O)

    • Guest

      outstanding comment!

  • Guest

    I deleted my Facebook account for a few months, and reactivated it about 2 weeks ago.

    I reactivated it because it seems necessary to have a Facebook account for business reasons. I’m a real estate agent, I plan to put my listings up there, and maybe pay for some ads.

    It’s fun to be back, to see the photos of the family.

    Facebook has become a potent search engine, right up there with Google, and its ads recently outpaced Yahoo!’s.

    I find it bewildering to try to set my privacy settings. Also, Facebook changes almost daily.

    When I post to Facebook, I assume the whole world is listening. I delete or hide “Friends” as soon as they tag something too racy.

    The service I’m in love with right now, though, is Twitter.

  • Will

    I hate to break it to you social networkers, but facebook is NOT secure. If you know exactly where to go on the Internet (I won’t mention where) there is even a web based application that will let you hack someone’s facebook acount. All you need is the web address of their facebook page, and their email address (usually provided on the ffacebook page) and voila! Now your ex girlfriend’s profile says she likes to hump German Shepard’s for fun!

    AstaLaVista Baby!

  • Guest

    I have considered deleting it many times over as a matter of fact I deleted one once and started over assuming maybe just maybe this time I would get it right. Their support…. actually what support.?… they make it harder and harder to understand what you need to do. They keep changing things and its just getting rediculous.
    You must have a personal profile in order to do a business fan/like page I dont’ like the like page, and I dont’ want a personal profile – my customers dont’ need to know about my family, my kids etc and they certainly shouldn’t be mingling with my true friends. I’ve already had an online stalker due to info being out there where anyone can find it.
    I dont’ want everything I write or every photo I share with my friends being out there being used for facebook‘s purposes.
    Etc Etc Etc….
    It’s just getting all too much…. eventually someone else will come up with a better idea I’m sure

    • http://www.WeightOffStaysOff.com Linda

      I have also had the same thoughts about Facebook. It seems whenever a posting is made somehow it comes from Facebook and spreads through the entire web. A lot of business people I have spoken to think along the same lines but my clients feel Facebook is the best thing to happen since God created the world. Go figure.

  • http://inetbrokerage.com Guest

    I deleted it because there was no seperation of Family, business and Friends. Well the problem is still there but I returned anyway due to the fact I just enjoy seeing so many old friends and I also get a kick out of seeing how dooped they are by the mainstream liberal media and how brainwashed and blinded they are. It’s really sad.

  • http://www.carladaly.com Carla Daly

    Yes, deleted my account recently and after about a month I weakened and re- activated it! I felt I wast too much time on Facebook that is the reason I deleted my account.

  • Guest

    Yes it is.

    Why do I or anyone else ‘need’ a facebook account, only junkies have a ‘need’ and that’s for heroin, which is just like a facebook account to those that are hooked. I haven’t got one and I’ll never have one, just the same as I have no mobile phone.

    I actually do face to face with human beings, does anyone else in this day and age even know what it means to talk with others ?

  • Guest

    I made sure that privacy is on only friends and only add friends who I share silly drivel with in real life. Keep the posts criptic so that only people who know me know what I am talking about. Never do I share facebook with work or business aquaintances.. I know people who open a second account for those people.

  • http://www.bbsport.info Josep

    I usually use facebook to promote my business, for this, facebook is a powerful tool, I considered time ago to delete my personal account, but finally I didn’t.

    Actually , you are the owner of your privacy, you have to be aware about what you have to show or share in Internet or not, I mean, if you have a photo and share with your friends in internet , you have to be aware this photo can travel over Internet for the rest of your life.

    Be careful with the information you share on Facebook, do not show your smart car, yourexcellent house or your paradise vacation place, there are outside too much eyes looking around.

  • Guest

    I deleted everything on my profile…

    Facebook is not the future of the web, it’s just another trend soon to be replaced by something else…

  • Mike

    I haven’t deleted my account, but don’t update it either. Don’t post pictures there, Don’t make comments on anyones wall’s anymore. So, my profile is as good as dead – I still keep the account as there is a number of people who send me messages in private there.

    Twitter is used like an extended and public SMS service, that’s it and nothing more.

    But honestly I believe that we are near a corner where people will be looking around, wondering where to go now. Facebook had it’s turn, now we are all waiting for the next big thing to come out.

  • Karen

    I think they have it coming, after spreading all the “MySpace is dead” rumors. Forget Facebook, it is boring anyway. I don’t want to know what my friends ate while lying on the couch last night or what they watched on TV! And I certainly don’t want my 3rd grade teacher following my band.

  • Guest

    Even better than deleting a Facebook account is not having one to start with.
    Those that know me & need to contact me can email, phone, snail mail or SMS.
    As the controllers change the rules & security settings so often, it’s so much safer not to use it.
    I haven’t seen or heard from people I was at school with in close to 30 years – and don’t care to.
    I would not allow the people I work with access to any of it – what I do when not at work is nothing to do with them.

  • Guest

    I didn’t like how every single girl I talked to or dated would inspect each and every female friend or comment on my facebook. I got in more arguments with women over “Who the hell is that?” than I can handle. Change your privacy settings to prevent this, or just deny you even have one and it turns into accusations of “hiding something”. These types of sites are just a bunch of drama. Leave them for the people who are so desperate for friends and attention they have to build a page to display their life to everyone.

  • Melissa

    Yes, deleted. Friends, colleagues, and all others can find me on Twitter. FB took too much time to manage me information. Facebook became more of a head game of privacy skirting when I think to be social online remains fundamentally about communication — and for me, in my very humble opinion, it’s more about the heart of the crowd, the insight of the crowd. Not about the crowd getting screwed.

  • Guest

    Deleting my account? Why should I have one at all? Family and friends and colleagues in real life are enough.

  • Guest

    why delete something people seem to enjoy …who cares isn’t there honestly more concerning issues on the planet then the facebook be deleted what has it done to concern me ..an if i don’t want someone to know something there is never a place i would post something of concern…this being said i have connected with ol friends an found people i have not talked in a while an that part i do like it is far more benefical to keep it then destroy …but someone wants to act like it did something wrong when it is the operaters of the facebook in question maybe they should get fired for changing all the settings an screwing people around how about that …lol privacy issues who the hell cares if you posted it you never wanted to stay private anyway …does it matter? NO not to me an the thousands of people like me who use it everyday to communicate …how about quit messing the system up an let people keep there private settings an quit changing eveything an freaking us out how about that eh…fire the jerks who have nothing better to do then hack an play stupid games an ruin the reasons for fun….why not do that instead an find the real culprits instead of ruining the rest of us who enjoy something …police it properly you won’t have issues with wondering if you should delete a simply thing like facebook

  • Ellie

    And I don’t miss it.

    The tipping point for me was not being able to hide my name, location, martial status, and friends from developers and FB’s partners. I don’t want anyone having access to that information unless I choose to provide it. I also don’t want photos of my kid everywhere.

    I am on LinkedIn since that network is all business-related and my work is published online anyway. But personal stuff should be personal and I don’t think FB had my best interests in mind anymore.

    A few close friends say they miss me, but what they really miss is the easy photo sharing.

    I was spending an hour a day on there and it’s time I just don’t have anymore.

  • Morph

    We don’t know but could you please stop sending all this as email newsletter! Please!!!

    • Guest

      Unsubscribe. Duh.

  • Mike

    …was having a FB profile in the first place. I’m amazed at the level of respect I afford anyone who’s managed to never have a profile in the first place. It’s one thing to delete it, but another to never have been suckered into it in at all.

    Betty White was classic on SNL. Her opening monologue and comments on FB summed up my feelings better than I’ve ever read or heard from anyone else.

    FB has become a part-time job for some people, and the burden is tremendous. I can’t keep up with all the half-friends and part-time associates who send me emails, etc., and then get offended if I don’t post a reply in 30 seconds. I would love to delete my account and never look back, but once you’re there, it’s hard to take your account away without people wondering what happened to you.

    But, no fad lasts forever and I’m sure we’ll only have to deal with the burden of Facebook for a few more years before it goes the way of the CB radio…

  • http://www.oanfxclub.com orabi ibrahim abdullah

    and a chance to start knowing each others world wide from a closer view and the privacu is a concern depending on your choice abd believes but face book really is a great product lets just all keep things normal and dont overexagrate our feelings and every one can control the privacy limit he needs in his page even if face book share it there is no problem as long as you keep your special believes controlling what you post in it .
    i think it is a great product really and five stars thumb up :)

  • Cole Davis

    I have always found emails a more effective method of communicating with people, as groups or as individuals, than the social network. I only did it because a group of associates told me it was necessary for coordinating our activiities. And yes, for that purpose, as a group, it was quite good.

    But generally, it is useless. Even with my best friends, I don’t care about their mood at any partiicular time of day. I don’t want to get invitations to play some electronic game or other.

    When I found that somebody had hijacked my name to send spam to friends, I finally decided to delete it. A friend of mine, of half my age, did it several months ago.

  • Guest

    I got tired of all the “junk” that people would send me. I don’t want to play Farmville. I don’t want to make people I don’t know friends of mine. Faceboom serves those who want to have a “persona” on the web. I see no other practicality to it or MySpace either, for that matter….

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Saint-Louis-MO/BIN95com-Industrial-Training/114801785207038 Guest

    This article/discussion reminds me a lot of Fox news. :>) Stats can be very misleading when the presenter wants them to. When you consider the increase of deleted accounts it is only useful if the chart also showed the increase in Facebook accounts. The amount of deleted accounts is only a infinitesimal fraction of the total accounts, and only a fraction of the new accounts created.

    1st, if your account info is not suitable for the public, your boss, you must correct that. Assuming I am now talking to a webpronews subscriber, who is interested in gaining more internet presence. (if I wasn

    • Chris Crum

      I had not intention of misleading anybody. It’s not about trying to say that Facebook is shrinking. It’s about existing users evaluating their position on whether or not to stay. There is no doubt in my mind that Facebook will continue to grow as its presence is felt across the web more and more as sites and apps continue to integrate it in different ways.

      By the way, it’s not a chart of deleted accounts. It’s a chart showing people searching for the phrase “delete facebook account.” To your point, it does appear that there has been facebook%20account&cmpt=q”>an uptick in the query “start facebook account” as well.

  • http://www.gatewaycc.edu Guest

    I’ve definitely considered deleting my profile due to the privacy and general content changes that have take place over the last year or so. However, I’ve decided to keep my profile for the time being, basically because of the connections I have with close friends and family members that I don’t generally communicate with electronically otherwise.

    • Guest

      I have deleted an old facebook account as they never used to allow more than one email address. I find facebook Interesting, I discovered a friend was heading for surgery I might not have had the chance to even say hello or good bye. For that alone, facebook is worth the trouble. I agree that the constant emails and invitations to this game or that is annoying, but I think it is a small price to pay to keep it free and ensure that I have a connection to my friends.

  • http://dreamtraining.blogspot.com Man from Modesto

    I have considered deleting my FB account, yes.

    At there recent conference, attendees were given RFID badges, which then recorded and tracked each of their stops at the convention.

    Basically, FB is RFID-ready.

    We all MUST resist the agenda of secret societies and power-mongers. These sick elitists honestly believe that satan will one day take power of the earth, and so they need to set up a one-world government in order for satan to take power.

    They want to establish a cashless, rfid society. Then, anyone who resists, is simply disconnected from the grid- “turned off”. You will not be able to buy or sell, work or eat, travel or rent.

  • http://www.gene-ballou.info Gene Ballou

    Cool article, great comments… let me wade into the fray…

    I recently deleted my MySpace Musician’s profile because I got fed up with the crappy, obnoxious ads. MySpace has turned into a gigantic spam factory, and it’s just not worth it to me.

    FaceBook, on the other hand, is where I meet friends and family. My niece recently announced her engagement, and later her wedding, on FB. I have dozens of friends and family on my list, most of whom I’m lightly acquainted with, but some of whom I consider good friends – and I keep in touch with them on FB.

    FB has not (yet) taken the low-road of pushy, obnoxious ads. Yes, the apps are annoying to me, but that I can deal with. And privacy? Anyone who expects any real privacy on the internet is deluded, plain and simple. Do what you think you need to, but the bottom line is if you don’t want it shared by others, DON’T SHARE IT YOURSELF.

    So I guess I’ll keep my FB until something better comes along.

    • http://www.kewltubes.com Diane

      I agree with what Gene said, I gave up on MySpace a long time ago because I was receiving way too much spam. I do not deal with that on FB. I have 139 friends of whom are friends and family. I love FB, it’s a great place to keep in touch with them all. AND people are stupid, nothing on the internet is private. DUH.
      If you don’t want everyone to know about something, DON’T share it on the internet. ANYWHERE.
      The only people pissed about FB are those that talk about things they don’t want others to know, or they are ticked off because their kids are posting so much information about themselves, etc… No matter where you go on the internet your information is NOT private.
      I just don’t share anything online that I don’t want everyone to know about. Simple as that.

  • http://www.troisj.com Jacques

    .. 2 times before and came back as a friend posted pics she wanted me to see…. hm, next time I will decline, as I’m in-active now for more than a month and it almost feels ‘liberating’ – no constant stream (and I only had 70 ‘friends’…) of updates and invites. Some good links, but mainly useless and… immature indeed. So I only read about the privacy debacle as an outsider and it feels good not being affected – or forced to change all the settings – again.
    If you’re brave, check this out: http://www.suicidemachine.org/ (hacked, but back soon) – do a search about what they offer (incl. FB cease & desist).
    I stay on LI – which so far has been much more beneficial to me (in more than one way).

  • http://itsmyurls.com/body-rockin Body-Rockin.com

    Facebook does that more quickly than any social site I have ever been on and usually at the whims of users who just hate or have a vendetta against another users and report every thing they can until FB gets enough complaints and they delete you.

    I know some models girls on there been deleted 2 or 3 times on the same day and had not done diddly to warrant that..some girls on their 6th, 7th or more profiles, while others it seems based on who you are in the same industry never get deleted, example the Playboy Pages with over 1 million fans, they never delete but others users similar to PB in just about exact content in sites get deleted without a heartbeat passing…so it seems a who you are thing…and if the rules for adult content are for all users then FB should practice fair and equal treatment and not sway the rules for some while rampantly deleting any one else…I myself am similar to PB and actually followed their example on how I ran my Pages but still got deleted 5 times doing nothing no different than they did.

    FB is great site and models and folks in my industry are joining as fast as any one else but get deleted reasons none can really explain because every one I know that has did their best to follow all FB rules regarding porn and photo’s posted, but still get deleted…while others do not.

  • David

    Just articles like this one explains the bizarre thing of Facebook! “Do i dare to quit??!” I just didn’t want to be a part of it anymore. I think it has gone to far when a computer program on the internet takes so much control of ones social life and people even fear to leave because the risk of being forgotten offline. I draw my line there.

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