Iron Man JARVIS App Comes to iOS

    September 11, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Hardware manufacturers and content creators have been touting “second screen experiences” for quite a while now, but nothing so far has surpassed the interactivity of Twitter and chat apps. Now, Marvel has tried its hand at making a second screen experience, leveraging the popular Iron Man franchise to do it.

Marvel this week released a JARVIS app for iPhone and iPad. The app simulates J.A.R.V.I.S., Iron Man Tony Stark’s artificially intelligent butler in the Iron Man and Avengers movies. The voice is the same as the one from the movies, being voiced by actor Paul Bettany. The app can recognize voice commands to check the weather, post to social media, set alarms, read the time, and set appointments.

The app also has an “interactive” gallery of Iron Man armors for fans to peruse. It will also somehow be able to “sync” with Blu-ray players to be used as a voice remote. Doing so with Iron Man 3 on Blu-ray will unlock some type of exclusive content. A short trailer for the app created by Marvel previews the look of the software and a few of its capabilities:

  • david vallence

    too bad the app is egocentric. meaning only available to america. what? there is no-one outside ‘merica’ who wouldn’t like this app

  • Karl Varga

    Amazing looking App… as long as you live in the US… shame the rest of us are excluded.

  • Kenpachi

    I know right, this is crap!why not just make one App Store for all so that every1 can benifit

  • Dave

    How do I access the settings to change my location or access my network?? No help offered yet from apple or Marvel due to infancy from release date. Anyone know? It worked fine after I set it up, but then lost my network and now I can’t get weather, etc. I do not want to delete and re-download as I unlocked all of the suits on a fluke without the DVD. If anyone can help me access the location and network settings, I would be glad to give you the answer to unlock the suits (Mark 1 – 42)!!

    • Kenya

      How did you unlock all of the suits? I was using a Redbox DVD which usually strips away the extras. I was surprised to find most of the extras.

  • Dave

    OK – never mind. I figured it out. You have to drag the alarm and reminder icon around the circle to set it.

    • Dave

      And you have to reboot your phone to access network if it can’t find it.

  • Tony

    I paid and downloaded the app but nothing works what can I do?